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Buying Commendations (Not for CC)

Drockter's Avatar

01.12.2015 , 10:30 PM | #1
With the changes coming in 3.0.2, there is significant discussion on the relevance of the older content. I have to agree with the sentiment. If the mission doesn't reward something useful, then there is much less incentive for players to redo that content.

However, I also agree that (to some extent), the mission rewards for a given mission should be appropriate to the level of that mission. Now, I don't want to rehash that debate here (there are plenty of threads already). I'd like to offer this suggestion as a way that older content can still be relevant.

In PvP you had the ability to buy Planetary Comms (at this point you might be able to buy Basic Comms, but to be honest.. I haven't looked). I think this should be expanded upon.

My suggestion is to allow us to exchange basic comms for elite comms, and elite for ultimate (without adjusting the weekly caps). I believe a fair conversion rate would be 5:1.

5 Basic = 1 Elite
5 Elite = 1 Ultimate

In this way, the player is still incentivized to run the new content to earn Ultimate Comms (much better return for time invested), but doesn't feel it is time wasted to run older content (or help others with missions that don't benefit them).

I recommend leaving the weekly caps in place. While I want to make running older content mean something, the idea isn't to replace the need to run end game content. Given the current caps... the 5 to 1 ratio would allow you to earn your weekly cap of elite from basics (if you ground through/saved up 1000 basics), those 200 elites could be turned into 40 Ultimates. That would be the max you could benefit from the exchange. Since the weekly cap was in place, you couldn't earn 200 Elite, trade them for 40 Ultimate, and then repeat. You would have earned your max of elite for the week.

While I do not mind running older content, based on the threads regarding the decision to remove Ultimate comms from all but NiM DF/DP will have an impact on the number of people running them. Which will make it more difficult for players to experience that content.


NemuriKyoshiro's Avatar

01.13.2015 , 07:47 PM | #2
Agree 100%.

Heat-Wave's Avatar

01.13.2015 , 10:36 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Drockter View Post
5 Basic = 1 Elite
5 Elite = 1 Ultimate

It is a good idea, but the conversion rate isn't good enough for me personally.

To convert 50 elites into 10 ultimates doesn't motivate me to run content just for elites. I wouldn't say no, since there are times you get random elites for this and that and I'd probably convert them just to do so, but I'm not going to queue for HM 60 FP earning 16 elites just to turn them into 3 ultimates.

Maybe a 2 to 1 ratio, 3 to 1 at the least.