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Too much stuff

Kane_Ren's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 06:01 AM | #1
My ship is full of mods and the usual "can't sell that, may come in handy" gear and my personal inventory is quite high too.

Time to have a clearout right?

The most efficient way I reckon is to go to Coruscant and use the workbenches, lockbox and vendors under the tower to mod and sell. Is there a better way? or a more efficient one.

Lvl 23 sentinel alone and rich in Nar Shaddaa's red light district btw.
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Aethyriel's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 06:39 AM | #2
You don't need a workbench (wth where did you find those?!) to mod your items, just CTRL-right click on an item that can be modded and.. welll... mod it.

Further... I don't know what kind of gear you would like to keep, but you basically only keep stuff you like the look of and you can mod, everything else can be sold to the vendor or whatever. Mods work the same way, every item you get has mods of appropriate lv in them, so you don't need to keep mods around and you don't need to save them for future companions because their gear is scaled to the lv you get them, thus making the lowlv mods useless.

Still having problems not having enough room? All your crafting stuff can be taken to the bank, your crew will acess it automatically when you want to craft something, but most items you find you either use or sell or keep on the bank for future purposes (or until you find mods tht upgrade the item to be better than something you're currently wearing). You can also create a character to use as a bank and manage your stuff that way (you don't need to lv up in order to get to the fleet).

Hope that helps.