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Ronyynn's Avatar

11.16.2014 , 10:47 PM | #1
I was thinking it would be a pretty cool idea if at the end of each story mission at each world you receive a item such as a light sabre or vibro sword, from your fallen (or beaten) enemy. To use as a collection in your stronghold. i was wondering what everyone else might think.

vulturefett's Avatar

11.17.2014 , 02:13 PM | #2
Yeah, I think there should me some more achievement type awards. *cough Voss shrine cough*

Da_pudding's Avatar

11.24.2014 , 02:31 PM | #3
yeah totally agree and maybe have dummy to store your old armour in like a display case

Silverspar's Avatar

11.24.2014 , 05:25 PM | #4
I trophy for the story class story arcs on each planet would be interesting.