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Helpful SWTOR apps for your smartphone.

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Helpful SWTOR apps for your smartphone.

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11.12.2014 , 07:47 AM | #1
Since getting my smartphone, I have been implementing as much swtor applications on my phone to assist me as possible. Below is a list of some of my apps I use or find useful. There are many apps available, some free and others come with a subscription or user fee. I personally only use the free apps.

* SWTORSK - ( also known as SWTOR SECURITY KEY).
I used to use my physical security key that came in with my collector's edition, but found this a lot simpler to use, as well as easier to read. A simple log on to website and call to Bioware was all that was needed to switch over.

Great for keeping up on the swtor forums when you are away from your computer.

This has a talent calculator, news, load share, and server status for you. This is a mediocre app. but is nice.

* SWTOR STATION (version 2.0.5)
This is a really nice app, and was just recently updated to include more items. It is broken into categories such as HOME, NEWS, SERVER STATUS, SEARCH, COMPANIONS, AND DATACRONS. It was nice, and now it is better than before. Though this app, you can track your datacrons on your different toons / alts. Check your companions for where you get them, their storyline history, what they like for affection, and what gifts they go for. I thought this was a decent app, then the app upgraded and it got a lot better.

This is a good app to have going when in a OPS group to get the ETERNITY VAULT puzzle down even quicker. Just set the puzzle on the app like it shows ingame, and it tells you which way or how many turns it takes to configure the puzzle.

These are only a few of my apps. What do you use ?
The outcome of the apps may be different on different phones. Your mileage may vary. I currently use a Samsung Galaxy S5 for my needs.

Hope this helps. May the force be with you.
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