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The Gauntlet has been Thrown: Sith Praxium Vs. The World

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The Gauntlet has been Thrown: Sith Praxium Vs. The World

Verain's Avatar

11.08.2014 , 01:59 AM | #11
I dunno if he'll be able to bring a full premade to some random server, but I mean, there is definitely attitude in the Prax posts too.
"The most despicable person on the GSF forum."

caederon's Avatar

11.08.2014 , 11:49 AM | #12
The problem(s) with this whole stupid series of posts is that Zaskar apparently carries some kind of vendetta and grudge against a whole server (hidden behind the spoiler tag in his post ) for...

1. ...apparently being too easy for him, since he "used to fly on BC but I got very bored with the 20 plus kills and no deaths all the time." and "Not a soul could lay a hit on my scout, your bombers died to my EMP pulse and rockets over and over."

2. people not listening to his advice in order to better their performance. Given the tone he takes on this forum, and in this very thread, I wouldn't listen to a word he had to say on anything because he comes off as someone who has a really high opinion of himself and thinks anyone else is "Friggin, snowflakes, the lot of you"

(I'm not sure what he has against snowflakes, or what that is meant to convey exactly, but I'm pretty sure it is supposed to be a disparaging name-call against the 'unwashed masses')

So, he derides a whole server's population (particularly singling out GSF pilots) as being worthless and makes grandiose claims about his own amazing skills. Now, I've flown 1900 or so matches on BC from January until present. I think it's fair to say that based on that amount of matches, I have a good basis to make judgements on the quality of play there. The current state of the server's GSF is that there are a lot of solid-to-excellent pilots there. The factions can be balanced, depending on whether the top guys who play both sides are split between them, but it skews in favor of the Imps these days. There are some groups that are displaying very good teamwork and coordination. If I were hand-picking a 'best of' roster of BC pilots, I'd have no trouble filling out a deadly 4-man, or full wing of 8-12.

I'd really like to know what name Zaskar flew under on BC, and when he was active there, to properly place his vitriolic lambasting of a whole server's GSF community into perspective, because I don't think he has a clue what he's talking about.

- Despon

Baron_FireStorm's Avatar

11.08.2014 , 01:03 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Verain View Post
So maybe that's just some cheerleader for their team, or a guild master, and he's saying he believes in his friends. Has that guy even situated himself such that you can take his claim seriously enough?
I'll gladly add that title to my collection. Soontir Fel the Cheerleader! You're damn right I believe in my team. These are some of the most outstanding individuals I have ever played with, in character and in skill.

Which is more than can be said about this joke, zaskar, who comes in trying to tarnish the name of an outstanding GSF community. How can you talk trash about a community you dont even fly in? If you want respect, you got to earn it. it isnt given by being a forum troll, which seems to be all you're really thought of to be. I havent seen one person post about what a great pilot you are. Teamwork makes the dream work. You should come over any Sunday night, you might learn a few things
-Soontir Fel
GSF Division, Sith Praxium

Begeren Colony

Verain's Avatar

11.08.2014 , 05:18 PM | #14
I mean, Zaskar does fly on a few servers, and he's definitely a solid pilot. He shows up casually and at events. His post here isn't a troll- it's a flame. And in his mind, you started it. That's objectively totally wrong, but he's definitely not trolling. Just like, so acidic.
"The most despicable person on the GSF forum."

zaskar's Avatar

11.08.2014 , 10:17 PM | #15
Someone had the gall to say "...I'd put our 12 best against anyone's 12 best and you can watch as your team gets destroyed by the definition of TEAMWORK....".

This has nothing to do with anything beyond the preposterous challenge made. If ANYONE said this, I would have done the same thing no matter who said it because, preposterous and internets. Not a troll. Not a flame.

I took up that challenge and took it somewhat seriously. To make it worth people's while I added a purse. I've got 27 participants via PMs from around the world plus Renegade saying they want play. I've already sent PMs back saying that Sith Praxium has declined. I will update the OP to reflect this.

I asked for PMs because I knew there would be people that would not want to post or could not post, but would want to compete. It also gave groups the chance to say "hey put down x and y and e and x, we want to come".

caederon's Avatar

11.09.2014 , 12:19 AM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by zaskar View Post
This has nothing to do with anything beyond the preposterous challenge made. If ANYONE said this, I would have done the same thing no matter who said it because, preposterous and internets. Not a troll. Not a flame.
The problem here is that your incendiary, self aggrandizing, whiny rant in your "You know what the problem with BC is? Do you really want to know?" post came first. Are you really surprised that when you slag the entire population of a server with insults, someone might come back with a defensive attitude? You still haven't said who you flew as on BC, and when. I'd really like to know, because it would be illuminating to know where your opinions came from.

- Despon

Drakkolich's Avatar

11.09.2014 , 12:30 AM | #17
Zaskar there is a very very large difference between these 2 scenarios.

If I say I am the best pilot in the world no one can beat me.


Someone tells me I'm terrible and no one should ever play with me and I respond I'm the best pilot in the world you can't beat me.

If you can't see the difference here, we have found the root of the problem.

Belittling people into them getting defensive and then perhaps over exaggerating is whats going on here.
Should Sith Praxium probably not have said they were the best 12 ever, absolutely. However you caused them to freak out as almost any one of us would. If you had perhaps apologized and said something like "I'm sure your guild isn't as bad as the players that I played with 4 months ago, I just wanted to express that I found that the server in general was very lack luster in skill when I played there. However saying that your 12 players are the best ever is perhaps a bit much right?" Do you think maybe they might have apologized back and everything would be fine?

Anyways just my thoughts on this whole situation, in my eyes you are making yourself look foolish.
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