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GSF jokes

armpatara's Avatar

11.05.2014 , 08:05 AM | #1
Since there are so many active, energetic, and humorous player around here, do your guys have any joke, funny moment, gag, or parody about GSF you can share?

Also, Anyone have movie "Gunsheep" or "Dude, where's tensor?"? I'd like to watch to watch them while I'm patching railgun holes on my scout.
Imperial "Carrier" Service : Scout Division
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ALaggyGrunt's Avatar

11.05.2014 , 12:44 PM | #2
They don't like gunships.
They fly lots of gunships.
But they don't like gunships.

Then there's basically any match where they put people who don't even know what barrel roll is against 2000+ game veterans.

Storm-Cutter's Avatar

11.06.2014 , 08:55 AM | #3
A scout built for MAX speed and evasion, and going full burn to a sat. Then cap the sat and get 30-40 points on the board before the enemy finally arrives.....- while I'm tucked up and cosy right underneath a fin. - That makes me laugh as the enemy come bumbling in, wondering where I am..... then realize and try to get in position - While I blow them form the sky - that always makes me smile.

and tanking in a scout.... picking up every enemy that fancies themselves, gathering several and then running at full chat back to my team-mates.....To have them pulverize the tail I've picked up, while I loop around and join in the carnage. - Yelling "It's a TRAP!" at the screen like it'll make a difference!

I can't wait for 12xp to end and get pack in the cockpit!
-Storm Cutter.
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