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What Gets Your Goat In GSF?

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11.06.2014 , 06:38 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Jasa View Post
For me number one is unbalanced matches. I have no problem flying on underdog team somedays I even prefer losing horribly to completely effortless victory, but I hate it when experienced players who I know have mastered ships stack bombers/gunships/T2 scouts againts clearly weaker team. I think it is happening more and more these days. When on underdog team I have almost always tried to give it my best shot no matter what the odds are, but lately I have just started to give up every now and then. Soon I will probably start leaving those matches before they even start in order to deny enemy pilots even slighest possibility of challange. I can't really blame enemy pilots for doing it, because mostly it's group finder issue and even I do it sometimes when I just want to fly certain ship no matter what for some random reason. Also I know in the end it really wouldn't make much of difference even if they all flew worst possible ship with worst possible build It's just one thing that I hate more than anything else in gsf.

Trash talking. I especially remember one TDM when I was in premade with 2 or 3 other players and one of them who is pretty experienced pilot kept complaining and blaming noobs for most of the match.. our premade carried the match, but we lost 49-50. I can't but think that if that one guy had focused on enemies instead of chatting we would have won it.
I agree wholeheartedly, on all counts.

I left my first matches ever today. 2 of them, in the pre-match screen. One on impside because I was with nothing but two shippers (which I was impside till the start of the week) against a team with some big-name aces (I shan't name those names, but some of the best pilots on the server). Were I in the right mood I would have played it for the ultra-nightmare mode challenge (well, impossible, really, but probably fun and educational) and see what I can do with a sting that doesn't even have all the components I want yet against that brick wall, but I was in more of a '**** it' mood and left.

The other, the opposite. Repside, q up into a good team, opposition is a bunch of two-shippers. I was in more of the mood I should have been in for the previous fight, and that looked boring as hell.

Plus I have to think, sometimes you're probably fighting alts of experienced players. You can often tell. But if they're new players and just get utterly hammered, how many will re-q?

On the trash talk: Anyone that does it needs to grow the **** up. I always look at their performance. It's usually very poor. Not always, but usually. But even if they're an ace, they should know better than to set that tone in the chat and community.
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11.07.2014 , 02:35 AM | #32
Bombers dropping mines on spawn-points in TDM.

Gunships vaping pilots from their hyperspace entries in TDM.

Players that cannot kill anything unless they're using their burst laser scout, gunship, or bomber while shooting at low-skill, under-geared opponents and then complain when you completely wipe the floor with them in your Rycer or Star-guard.

Then they accuse you of hacking after logging over into the opposing factions /gsf channel and again, you wipe the floor with their poor accusations.

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11.07.2014 , 05:42 AM | #33
I hate it when I work through missile breaks to sab probe someone and then someone sea-gulls the target
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11.07.2014 , 06:06 AM | #34

Playing against it is *********** irritating.

Playing with it is irritating and embarrassing. I don't want my internet connection having a retard moment to win for me.
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11.07.2014 , 09:18 AM | #35
1) Unbalanced matches. I hate being on the stomping side even more than being on the stomped side but both are a waste of my time. Most of the time just bad matchmaking.

2) Que syncing premades. 8 on voice chat stacking sting, gunships and bombers vs pug. See above but this is intentional (and used to be very common on JC). This makes me RAGE.

3) The sab probe bug. I can't take the clearly superior slow on the T5 of sab probes because a glitch causes the probes to stop working if I do. Very annoying.

4) Wall-o-gunships. Doesn't matter which side, or which game, or how the match is going. This is a dogfighting game, not a duck shoot or a game of chicken.

5) Non-utillity cooldowns and RNG based defense. I really hate moves like TT, blaster overcharge, distortion field, ect. Burst is all fine and good, but these moves feel almost like cheating to me, like an offensive CD from the ground game. I swapped out my spare fuel tank for TT recently on my blackbolt and holy crap, its so much easier to get kills with that ability. I haven't gotten any better as a pilot, i'm just stacking the odds in my favor via a button click. Booooring. Same for the double missile break on distortion field. I respect those pilots who know how to fly, who rarely need missile lock breaks because they know how to do a manual power dive. And I myself never rely on distortion field (run shields to engines instead) because I prefer to dodge (or get vaped) based on my skill as a pilot not RNG. If i'm approaching a gunship, I do a real corkscrew (Or as one guy named it the Demitrov Roll ;p) and rarely get hit even if its head on from 15km. Distortion field is a lame workaround for actual pilot skill.

^ pardon the rant but there is a reason I don't do groundside pvp anymore and it annoys me to see similar mechanics define the GSF meta.
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