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sith assassin or operative?

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sith assassin or operative?

orytang's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 08:00 PM | #1
i have a lv29 operative and a 12 assassin and i just cant decide which one i should main. i really like operative's stealth/melee style gameplay (concealment spec) and their secret agent feel. it seems like assassin is very similar (deception spec right now but i plan on going darkness for a tanking assassin). although im only lv12 so i dont know much about it yet. can anyone generalize their story and gameplay if their good or not? i mainly play for the story and feel so i would like to know what the armor looks like too. what do you suggest i should do?

Nague's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 10:25 PM | #2

choose between tanking or healing, what do you prefer doing?
Choose assassin if you orefer tanking over healing and operative otherwise.

You dont need to do it, but now you have the option to do the thing you prefer to do if dps isnt working out.

BobaTed's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 09:08 AM | #3
To offer the converse of Nague's post, would you be more annoyed if people demand that you heal, or if they demand you to tank?

...or, why not have two mains?

Edit: IMO, the main thing that Ops have over Assassins is that Ops don't have to wear skirts.