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The Foundation of All Desire

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10.14.2014 , 04:41 AM | #1
Notes and Disclaimers: Master Liatrix is my Jedi sentinel, and all other characters are gratefully borrowed from our lovely SWTOR universe. There maybe SPOILERY elements to those who have not yet participated in the JEDI KNIGHT storyline. Features Lord Scourge and Jedi Knight, SIS agents Jonas Balker, and Theron Shan, as well as Grandmaster Satele Shan. Sort of a sequel to my first story, The Well of Undying. (Sorry, I know it’s been a long while…)
Feed back is welcome. Enjoy!

The Foundation of All Desire (Part One)
By: Lunafox

Master Liatrix hesitated outside the Jedi Council Chamber on Tython. She’d been there many times before—as an apprentice, a young Jedi Knight, and many times as a seasoned commander and Jedi Master. A feeling of dread coiled inside of her like a pit viper waiting to strike.

Liatrix closed her eyes, summoning a cloak of shadow to enshroud her mind. Melancholy replaced her dread and brought with it the semblance of peace. It was a false peace, but it was enough to secure her secrets. She had so many of them now—some she could barely admit even to herself. Nothing could change the fact that the secrets were in fact her truths. It began with one secret long ago. One secret begets many, and secrets are, after all, the first cousins of lies.

No matter how tense or dark the past had been, she had always been lauded for her service to the Republic. The darker decisions she’d made were explained away under the guise of military strategy—a firm hand was needed to lead…to triumph. She had saved millions of lives and had a hand in redeeming the Jedi who had fallen prey to the dark side.

Only darkness can fight darkness…

Even after the year spent under The Emperor’s control, she hadn’t felt so unnerved to face The Council as she did now. She was told, the evil deeds she’d done during this time, weren’t her fault. She had been absolved and welcomed back into the fold, before delivering the severest of blows against the Empire. She was younger then, her secrets fewer and easier to hide, especially amid the stunning victories.

Liatrix pushed against the cold steel of the council door and slipped inside. She paused a moment, expecting to see the entire Jedi Council seated before her, but was met only by the Grand Master, Satele Shan.

“Master Liatrix. Thank you for coming.”

Liatrix remained placid and nodded. “Forgive me, I thought the rest of the Council would be joining us.”

“I thought it would be best if we spoke privately.”

“Very well. I sense something is worrying you.” Said Liatrix.

“Indeed.” Satele nodded. “I’ll get right to the point. I’ve seen some troubling changes in you Liatrix. You haven’t been yourself.”

“I assure you, I’m fine. I don’t know what exactly has prompted you to worry, but there’s no need.”

“I’m concerned, that you’re spending too much time in the company of your Sith companion, and that his views might be rubbing off on you. I see the two of you together, so often.” Said Satele.

“It’s true. We do spend a lot of time together, but it’s for a good reason. I’m teaching Lord Scourge how to fit into our world. It’s not as if the Sith would welcome him back with open arms after what happened. He’s considered a traitor in his world and met with suspicion, even hatred, in ours. It’s difficult to give up a life you’ve known for over three hundred years, to start over.”

“I can’t deny that, however, I believe he’s dangerous, Liatrix. He’s shown no interest in becoming a Jedi, and in the few times we’ve spoken, I’ve noticed his eloquence. I see the effect of his words on you. They carry a lot of weight. The power of the dark side is subtle and seductive and some Jedi lose their way before they even realize it. When I see the two of you together, I wonder, who is the pupil and who is the master.”

“Lord Scourge and I, share our ideas as equals. Two sides of the same coin, if you will. We don’t always agree, but I think that’s perfectly natural, given who we are. In fact, he once said to me, that most of what he’s learned about the force was from the Jedi. Surely, that should give you some peace of mind?”

The Grand Master stood in silent contemplation and turned her gaze up slowly. “I sense you are walking a very dangerous path.”

“I always have,” Liatrix smiled, trying for her most reassuring expression. “But I haven’t failed you yet.”

“Do be careful. The Council and the Republic rely on you.”

“I’ll be fine.” Said Master Liatrix.

Satele Shan nodded, and backed away, wordlessly excusing Liatrix from the meeting. She watched the young Jedi Master slip out of the council chamber, the door closing behind her with a soft groan.

The Grand Master waited silently until she no longer felt Liatrix’s presence close by. She tugged down the hem of her tunic and glanced over her shoulder. The private entrance at the back of the chamber creaked open, seemingly on cue, and a tall shadow fell across the glossy marble floor.

“Did you get all of that Agent Balkar?” Said Satele.

“Jonas.” The handsome SIS agent corrected. He liked to be informal if he could swing it. “And yeah. I did.”

“Do you have anything for me yet? I’ve had several disturbing visions, but nothing concrete. The future is always in motion.”

Jonas shook his head. “Nothing solid. I have my people running checks on a few bank leads, security satellite footage, ship rentals, that sort of thing.”

“Get back to me the minute you have something. I’m concerned. Something isn’t right and I have to find out what it is. Before it’s too late.” Said Satele.

“I gotta get ready to move. I’ll be keeping my eyes on her.”

“Thank you, agent.”

A week later, SIS Agent Jonas Balkar had tracked Master Liatrix to a cushy Coruscant condominium. To call it ‘cushy’ was an understatement. The condo was the sort purchased by senators and other wealthy uppity-ups, not Jedi. Not even the Hero of Tython and holder of the Republic Cross of Glory. Most Jedi barely had lunch money. He shook his head. She had to be visiting someone important. Hardly a crime.

Much of the building was faced with rose-bronze tinted glass and had it’s own private landing pad. A small one, but a landing pad none the less—a rare luxury on fast-paced, crowded Coruscant. The balcony, with its jungle-like assortment of plants and fountains, was ideal to drown out the city’s hustle and bustle. Balkar thought on his tiny three room hole-in-the-wall by comparison and winced. He never spent much time there anyway.

He took up his jawa juice and took a swig from the mug. I’m rusty at this. It had been a long time since he’d personally surveilled a subject. There were agents under him, who usually saw to this brand of investigation, leaving him to the more exciting jobs. If it hadn’t been the Grand Master of the Jedi herself asking this of him, he’d have wondered who he had pissed off to get stuck with this detail. He peered through his hi-res macro binoculars. Master Liatrix was back at the condo, and she wasn’t alone—finally something of interest. His holo went off. Damn it.

“Master Satele. I’m sorry. This isn’t a good time.”

“Anything to report, Agent?”

“My apologies. It takes time, and I do have a reputation of being thorough.” Said Balkar.

“I do realize. Any news?”

“No. With a bit of finagling, though, I managed to get a secure viewing location. Had to call in a few favors.” Balkar glanced about the empty Valor-class cruiser, conveniently moored across from the condominiums.

“You’re on Coruscant?” Said Satele.

“For now.” His brows furrowed. “I’m sorry Master Satele. I have a situation. Gotta run.”


“Jonas out.”

He clipped off the holo and slid it back into his pocket. “Now what are you up to Master Liatrix?” He muttered to himself, as he focused his macro binoculars on the windows.

Master Liatrix faced the window, a bedroom window, from what he could see. She wore an elegant black gown—an expensive one he guessed, given the way the material skimmed her body. “Mmm, shimmer silk. Got to be.” The last time he’d felt that material run through his fingers was when he spent a night with a set of blue skinned Twi’lek triplets on Nar Shadaa a few months back on his previous assignment.

Hutts kept a lot of gorgeous women, but none of them held a candle to this young human Jedi woman he was stalking—er surveilling, he corrected himself.

She turned to face her as yet unseen companion. Even from where he watched, he could see she was beaming.

Lucky guy whoever he is.

Balkar’s gaze swept over her fine featured profile, then lower to the side swell of creamy breast skimmed by the watery material of her gown. If he had to guess, he would say it was Corellian. Corellian designers fashioned some of the most seductive clothes in the galaxy. He shifted uncomfortably, his trousers tightening, in places you don’t want them tightening during work hours. He’d been working entirely too much lately. Coruscant simply didn’t have the same night life, as Nar Shadaa.

What he saw next made him kick over his jawa juice, and nearly drop his macro binoculars.

A Sith Lord…not just any Sith Lord, but Lord Scourge, the former Wrath of the Emperor stood before her, clad only in his undershorts. Even though the Grand Master suspected the Jedi’s Sith companion of being involved somehow, Balkar would never have guessed in a million light years, what he was about to be privy to.

Watching Liatrix and the Sith wasn’t enough anymore. Without taking his eyes off the Jedi’s bedroom window, he rummaged through his equipment bag, until he found his parabolic listening device. He shoved the earphones on his head, and set the device up, using one hand. After the crackle of the static cleared, their voices came in loud and clear.

“Simply looking at you, is torment enough. Do you not tire of pursuing this pointless course of action?” Said Lord Scourge.

The Jedi took a few steps closer to the hulking Sith and peered up at him. “It’s not pointless to me. Please try…”

“Only because it is you, that asks.” Scourge murmured. He nudged her sepia coloured hair away from her face and regarded her for a long time. The backs of his thick red skinned fingers skimmed the perfect side swell of breast Balker had spied earlier. The Jedi closed her eyes, her lips softly pursed, in anticipation of a kiss. The Sith Lord bent and pressed his mouth to hers, the kiss tremulous—far softer than such a powerful man could be expected to deliver. The Jedi’s hands ran over his ribcage to his sinewy muscled back, small pale fingers kneading the Sith’s scarlet flesh.

Liatrix drew back, just enough to allow the dress to fall in an ebony ring around her feet before the pair became a tangle of limbs again.

A chorus of moans, sighs and growls sounded through Balkar’s headset. The SIS agent drew a deep breath and held it for several beats, leaning forward, as he watched the couple’s exchange heat up.

Lord Scourge swept the Jedi into his arms, carrying her the short distance to the bed. He set her down gingerly and took care to keep his weight off of her.

“This job isn’t without its perks,” Balkar mumbled to himself and smirked. Then, for the second time in an hour Balker kicked his jawa juice mug and jumped.

“What the…” He started and fumbled the macro binoculars. An angry growl vibrated through his headset, and then the sound of shattering glass, splintering wood. The agent refocused. The Sith Lord seethed, teeth gritted in pain, his hands and arms bloody to the elbows. He paced the condo like an injured jagalor.

To Balkar’s disappointment, Master Liatrix had wrapped up in a robe and wept before the Sith Lord. “I’m so sorry.”

“I told you it was a pointless exercise. I can’t do this. No matter how much I desire it.”

Liatrix winced. “You need kolto.”

“No, what I need, is to stop torturing myself. Even if we had succeeded, what do you plan to do about the good doctor?” He sneered.

“The only thing I can do. I’m not worried about my husband right now. I love you. I need you. I want, you.”

Balkar whistled low and long.

“Buying this stronghold…I was foolhardy.” The Sith growled.

“No. It’s the best thing we could have done. At least we can be alone together now.”

Lord Scourge shook his head. “And that’s going so well isn’t it.”

The Jedi winced as she dabbed at the Sith’s cuts and picked out jags of glass. “These are deep, you’re going to bleed out, if we don’t get you kolto.”

“Do you think I even feel it?” Said Scourge. It’s not as if I can die.”

“All right. I admit it. This didn’t go quite as we planned.” Said Liatrix.

“You think?”

“We just need to do the ritual again. We need to disperse your pain even more. The city wasn’t enough. We need a planet. That should do it…perhaps even this one. Millions live here. Look how far we got this time.”

“And after that?” Said Lord Scourge.

“Another planet, if we need. The galaxy is full of them.”

“Perhaps, I should simply call you, My Lord Emperor, from now on.” Said Scourge.

Liatrix scowled. Scourge snatched her wrist and pulled her against him, his blood leaking onto her robe and skin, colouring it as red as his.

“Don’t pout Jedi. It was a compliment. Think of all you could do as Emperor.” Scourge pursed his lips, eyes gleaming, as he studied Liatrix.

“Well, as your Emperor…I can’t have you bleeding all over our rugs. House keeping already has their hands full. Let’s get that kolto.”

“As you command, My Lord Emperor.” The Sith Lord bowed, a mocking smirk lifting his lips.
The pair vanished from view. Balkar lowered his macro binoculars. “An adulterous Jedi…forbidden rituals. This just gets better and better.”

Jonas Balkar was sure of one thing: He had to meet the Jedi.

((To be continued…))

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10.20.2014 , 06:23 AM | #2
The Foundation of All Desire (Part Two)

Agent Jonas Balkar ran his hand over his jaw and decided he needed a shave. Better yet, he needed time in the refresher. Nothing like steam and jets of hot water to make a man feel like himself again. Over the last three days, he’d fortified his stakeout of the Coruscant condo—positioning sensors, monitors, and recording devices. He didn’t want to miss a thing.

After twenty minutes in the refresher, Balkar emerged shaven and clean. He rubbed at his unruly dark hair with a towel, until it settled into the rugged devil-may-care style he came by naturally. He tugged on a clean shirt and cargo pants, as he checked the monitors.

The Sith and the Jedi meditated together, ate together, and debated their respective beliefs regarding The Force. While they made no more attempts at consummating their relationship, they were none-the-less stunningly tender toward one another, in their bed and out.

Balkar felt a twinge of emotion rise in him, as he watched the couple. Envy? Maybe. He was hard pressed to put an exact label on what the feeling was. Stuffing gobs of energy pudding into his mouth, he resumed his surveillance.
The Jedi Knight was dressed in an elegant black suit, smiling as the Sith Lord settled her cloak over her shoulders, to ward off the cool temperatures of a Coruscant morning.

“It’ll probably be a few days before I can get back again,” Liatrix said.

“I could…go with you,” Scourge offered.

Liatrix beamed. “Somehow, I think you’d be bored. Leeha said she had something important to share with me.”

“Perhaps one of her probe droids had a force vision,” Scourge mocked.

Liatrix swatted him and giggled. “I know she’s peculiar, but she might be on to something.” She turned to face Lord Scourge and set her hands over his chest. “When I get back, we need to plan our next move.”

“I have my doubts that it will work.”

“Each time, we’re getting a bit closer. I’m not about to give up on us yet.” Liatrix reached up and toyed with one of his tendril rings.

“Your persistence is your most admirable quality.” Scourge gazed down at the diminutive Jedi with blazing scarlet eyes.

“My persistence?” The Jedi’s eyebrow quirked up playfully.

“And the way the light caught your eyes in that first vision I had of you.”

The rosy hue of her cheeks deepened. “I wish I didn’t have to go.”

Lord Scourge clasped her chin between his fingers, tilting her head up. “Say the word, and we will vanish like smoke, and claim the life we desire.”

“I wish it were that simple.”

“It could be.” Lord Scourge leaned in and brushed his lips against hers.

Liatrix’s eyes fluttered to a close, as she basked in his tenderness.

He pulled back after a moment, jaw clenched, as if he were fighting intense pain.

“I’d give anything to give back what the Emperor took from you…from us.”

“I know. But know this, my Jedi, even if I can never claim you, touch you, or taste you, simply being with you, is enough.” Scourge rolled his thumb over her chin. “You should go.”

Liatrix nodded, and made her way to the elevator, their gazes still locked, even as the elevator doors came together.

Certain she could no longer hear him, Scourge threw his head back and roared. He lurched forward, steadying himself with a table. The Sith Lord’s eyes teared up, and sweat dotted his face. After a series of ragged breaths, Lord Scourge sank into the chesterfield and wiped his face with a black kerchief. He shuddered again and again before he managed to quell the pain that racked through him.

Balkar’s brows met. Physical contact with the Jedi knight, left the Sith in agony. He tugged on his boots and snatched up his leather jacket, before jogging toward the airlock elevator to continue his tail on the Jedi Master.

Master Liatrix navigated the morning rush with ease, drifting in and out of the throng of pedestrians on their way to work. She paused to window shop several times along the way. Balkar made a mental note of each display she’d stopped at, and tried to guess, what it was in each window, that had caught her eye. He liked to think he could guess at a woman’s personality, just by the jewellery that attracted her. Aureum cuff bracelets suggested a submissive woman…piercings anywhere suggested a dominant and controlling woman. Women with ankle and waist chains were flirty extroverts. He liked to guess, it was a game. Sometimes he was right, and sometimes he was surprised.

A necklace with scarlet tear-shaped gems set in platenite caught his eye, and for just a moment, he imagined the Jedi wearing it…and nothing else. Complicated jewellery, for a complicated woman. The idea amused him, as he continued trailing Master Liatrix.

The Jedi turned the corner and made her way toward Lemmy’s, a small but well-known Coruscant eatery, that claimed to be home to the best cup of Jawa Juice on the planet. Liatrix was about to go inside when a young female Nautolan stood and waved frantically from a corner table in the outdoor section. “Over here. Liatrix!”

The two women embraced each other in greeting, and then sat down at the corner table, the Nautolan had reserved for them.

“Leeha, it’s good to see you again.”

“I’ve missed you so much. You’re nearly impossible to get a hold of these days.” Said Leeha.

Liatrix nodded. “You know how it is…but I’m glad we finally get to catch up.”

“Me too. It’s been so long since everything that happened. I’ve missed you.” Said Leeha Narezz.

“I missed you too.”

Balkar sat at a table near the entrance with a copy of the morning paper, just far enough away, so as not to draw attention, but still close enough, to eavesdrop. The women reminisced about their past exploits and a trio of droids called the Meedees. A serving droid took their food order and brought them mugs of steaming Jawa juice while they waited.

“By the way, how is Jomar doing?” Said Liatrix.

“Great.” Leeha beamed. “In fact, we’re getting married next month, before he starts his new job on Ralltiir.”

“I’m so happy for you. Congratulations. I wish you both all the best,” Liatrix said.

“We have you to thank. You kept our secret from The Order. Without your understanding, they would have parted us, and we would have been miserable.”

“I refuse to accept that love is the path to the dark side.” Liatrix took a sip from her cup. "So what will Jomar be doing?”

“Infiltration. He’s always had a knack for it.”

“Not an easy life, for either of you.” Liatrix shifted in her chair, an unsettling haze shadowing her thoughts. She glanced about the cafe—a handsome man reading a paper a few tables over, a couple making their way inside the building, a pair of serving droids rolling down the aisle, dirty cups clanking and rattling on their trays. The morning air was a mix of exhaust from the rush hour traffic, jawa juice, and the flowers from the stand across the street. Nothing seemed amiss, but something wasn’t right. Leeha didn’t seem to notice.

“No, but it’s one that we’ve chosen. I’ll continue my work with the Meedees of course, help where I can…Anyways, on to the reason why I asked you here. I’d like you to be my matron of honour.” Said Leeha.

“Oh Leeha! I’d be honoured.” Liatrix's napkin slipped from her lap, and she bent to pick it up. Something sharp burned a trail across over her shoulder, slicing her clothes and her flesh. Leeha cried out and collapsed over the table with a thud. Jawa juice mingled with the growing pool of the Nautolan’s blood.

“Leeha!” Liatrix eased her friend to the floor and pushed over the metal table on its side for cover. Her shoulder stung and burned as she ignited her lightsaber.

Another shot rang out, the bullet ricocheting off Liatrix’s lightsaber. The café’s bright yellow and white striped awnings kept her from seeing the neighboring building’s rooftops. The customers inside Lemmy’s screamed and retreated from their window seat booths.

For a moment time seemed to stop to a crawl, and then suddenly jerked into high speed. Liatrix caught sight of the handsome man from the corner of her eye. Instead of running for cover, he was urging people to get inside, or get down, blaster drawn as he moved toward Liatrix.

“Oh hell,” Balkar hissed. He pulled his blaster and moved half crouched to the back corner. He tugged the collar of his leather jacket and barked into his hidden comlink. “I need a medivac dispatched ASAP to Lemmy’s at these coordinates…I have one Nautolan female down—chest wound and another female injured. I need a perimeter, and a team scouring the rooftops. Yeah, it was a sniper. Can’t have gotten far. Balkar out.”

“Leeha…hang on, it’s going to be okay. I’m right here, stay with me.” The Jedi knight murmured. The dark stain spreading over Leeha’s tunic made it difficult to pinpoint exactly where the bullet had penetrated. Leeha blinked her inner lids slowly, her black eyes paling to a pearly haze. Liatrix prayed the round hadn’t hit one of Leeha’s hearts.

“Jomar…get Jomar.” She managed.

“Don’t talk. Save your strength. I’ll get him.”

“Agent Jonas Balkar, SIS. Medivac is on the way.” He scanned the area, careful to keep low. The teams were already arriving on the site, driving back curious onlookers.

“We have to keep air out of her chest…if her lungs collapse…we’ll lose her,” Liatrix said. She frowned, scanning for something non-porous to seal the wound with. I need plastite and some adhesive...” Liatrix drew a deep breath, as she tried to remember the lessons Doc insisted on teaching her. Someone dropped a first aid kit beside her. She glanced up at the astromech serving droid that had taken their orders earlier. “Thanks.”

Liatrix cut a square of plastite and positioned it over Leeha’s chest…fastening it with medical tape. Throwing off her cloak, she covered Leeha. “Here they come now. You’ll be just fine. The doctors will take good care of you, don’t you worry.” She turned to the attendants, “Call Jomar Chul. He’s her next of kin. She asked for him.”

“Will do, Master Jedi. Operators are on it now.”

The Medivac shuttle landed next to the café, kicking up papers, leaves and dust. Within moments, they had Leeha on a stretcher and on the shuttle.

“You knew something was going to happen didn’t you.” Said Liatrix.

Balkar shook his head. “No. Not a clue.”

“We need to find who did this.” Liatrix’s gaze met Balkar’s, “They might still be in the area.”

“Already on it. What we need now, is to get you out of here. You’re hurt.” Said Balkar. A short distance away, an unmarked shuttle was on standby.

“It’s not bad.” Liatrix countered. “Don’t worry. We need to track the assassin.”

“I do worry about you.” He murmured, thick brows knitted together. There was a note of tenderness to his voice Liatrix couldn’t account for. He pulled off his jacket and set it over her shoulders. Still warm, it smelled like spiced wine and Hutt cigars.

The Jedi stared at the SIS Agent. There was a peculiar familiarity in his demeanor, an intimacy, she couldn’t account for.
He cleared his throat. “I worry because I think that round was meant for you, Liatrix.” Balkar extended an upturned hand to her.
Liatrix narrowed her eyes and cocked her head. A moment passed before she reluctantly accepted his hand. Once on board the shuttle, Balkar barked orders to the pilot, and then slid in next to Liatrix. He leaned over, buckling her in like she was a small child.
“You’re safe now.” Said Balkar.

“I’m never safe, Agent.” Said the Jedi.

((to be continued…))

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10.26.2014 , 02:45 PM | #3
Goodness! I'm so curious as to what's going on! This is a great start!

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10.27.2014 , 02:44 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Charmedseed View Post
Goodness! I'm so curious as to what's going on! This is a great start!
He hee, thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far.

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10.29.2014 , 06:40 AM | #5
The Foundation of All Desire (Part Three)

Lord Scourge knelt before the pyre in his meditation chamber. The droning song of Coruscant’s traffic had faded long ago, replaced by the roar of the growing fire. Fire had always fascinated him—the complex beauty of it, with its roiling passion and insatiable appetite.

Like many children, his first experience with fire was a burn. He was only five or six years old then, but the memory was one that remained vibrant throughout his life. He remembered stalking a parade of shiny red ants, each the size of his baby finger. Fascinated, he followed the insects as they marched across the family’s yard. Each ant carried a large crumb or leaf on its back. The ants disappeared into a crack along the wall that fenced the property.

With the parade gone, Scourge prowled the yard, searching for something else to entertain him. His belly rumbled and his attention turned to the bulbous cooking pot his mother had set over the fire. He watched the flames curve around the base, blackening the metal. The fire seemed to beckon to him with curling golden fingers.

Across the yard, his mother drew water from the well, her back to him. He gravitated toward the fire with the slow certainty of a ship caught in a tractor beam. The shimmering air surrounding the fire warmed him. The smell of whatever his mother was boiling, teased another growl from his stomach.

Mesmerized by the undulating spears, he reached out, hoping to catch one. Scourge cried out. His mother appeared at his side. She seized his arm and plunged his hand into the pail of cold water she carried. The large spongy blisters on his palm turned a milky white as his skin cooled.

Lord Scourge focused on the memory of that first pain, and then the comfort of the water and soft wrappings his mother applied to protect his hand. He could almost remember her voice.

“My son, when we die, our souls become fire. Like us, the fire has many aspects. It can be used to warm a home, or cook a meal, but it can also destroy and inflict great pain.”

Her voice was a soothing balm, punctuated by the crackle of the fire. He watched her, with large red eyes.

“Fire is divinity, and must never be touched,” she continued, “It’s forbidden. The penalty for this, is to bear its mark on your flesh forever. Do you understand my little one?”

“Yes, Mama.”

“Good. The sting will fade soon enough. Try not to think on it.” She patted his hip and urged him to scurry off.

Next Lord Scourge remembered what followed her tender lesson. His father tore the wrappings from his hand and scolded his mother for coddling him.

“The Sith fight pain, with pain.” He growled. “You will learn. Put your hand out.”

Scourge’s hand shook, as he stuck it out. He looked up at his father with watery fearful eyes.

“Whimpering will make it worse,” His father warned.

The bantha leather strap cut across Scourge’s hand, effectively slicing open the blisters that dotted his palm. To his credit, he did not cry and stood as still as a statue.

After the fourth strike, an odd sensation took hold. His skin tingled. Like the heat from the fire, it spread from the center of his hand to his fingers, and then to his wrist. He forced all of his awareness on the spiny sensation that brought the blessed numbness. All perception vanished—no feeling or sound. Colour, scent, and taste, were gone. The numbness took it all away.

Lord Scourge had never been certain, how long his father intended to continue the lashing. His father raised the strap to strike at least once more, and then teetered and fell over, face first into the dirt. Scourge heard the growl of a lightsaber and then smelled burnt flesh. His mother, pierced his father’s torso with his own lightsaber—once for every strike, Scourge had endured. The red blade hissed, as it retracted into its hilt. His mother tucked the hilt under his father’s unmoving hand.

Scourge didn’t move or dare to breathe. His insides shook so much, he thought he’d fall over onto his father’s body. His mother lifted him, and carried him on her hip, into the house. She cleaned and bound his hand once more, and then held him in silence for a time. Soon after, they left that house and went to live with his grandparents. He could never look at fire again, without remembering that day. So much upheaval, all because he wanted to hold onto something untouchable.

His agony waned with the fire and brought him back to the present. With the numbness, came a semblance of peace that quelled the arousal his Jedi had awakened.

How like the fire she was—dazzling, warm and nurturing, but to touch her, wracked his body with the worst agony imaginable. He wondered how long either of them would last before pent up longing consumed them.
Even though she had only been away for a short time, he missed her keenly. Reaching across the Force he sought her connection. Through the Force, he could touch her, with no pain. He allowed his mind to wander, prowling her body’s landscape, with all its depths and peaks, until he was overcome with the sad fear, that this was all he would ever be capable of.

Then something peculiar happened. A seductive vision came to him…the Jedi splayed before him on a dark cloud, wearing only a necklace he had never seen before. He drew a deep breath, letting the vision unfurl. The sparkling red stones about her throat became droplets of blood that formed a river over her collar bone to her shoulder, marring the creamy pale flesh. The dark clouds thinned, revealing a vibrant world around her. An inky swathe of fear, pain and hatred curled over her wrists and ankles to bind her. Through these dark tendrils, she drew on all the life around her, reducing the world to an empty husk. Whispers sounded from the darkness.

~Walk the path of Vitiate~

He recognized the energy. It was one he had hoped would stay gone forever.

Scourge sensed a swell of fear and panic swirling around Liatrix. Something was terribly wrong. His eyes snapped open, and with a smooth motion, he unfurled to stand at his full height. The last of the meditation fire had faded to embers. He crossed the chamber, and snatched up his holocom. Tapping in the Jedi’s frequency, he paced as he awaited an answer.

His ire grew as each series of beeps asserted that the call was going unanswered. After the sing-song of beeps were firmly ingrained in his mind, he slapped the holocom against the table.

Why wasn’t she answering?

He stalked out of the condominium. Lines of traffic buzzed above him like the parade of red ants from his childhood. He drew up the hood of his cloak and took to the streets. He had to find her.


After a short flight, Jonas Balkar’s unmarked SIS shuttle dipped and landed in an underground hanger. Agent Balkar unbuckled his seatbelt and reached over to help Liatrix with hers, while the pilot secured the hanger.

“I’m fine agent. Believe it or not, I can actually manage a seat belt."

“Just trying to keep chivalry alive.”

“You’re one of a dying breed, Agent, but I promise you, I can manage.” The Jedi stood, and started down the narrow aisle.

“Jonas. Please.”

“All right…Jonas. Do you mind telling me where we are?”

“A secure location. No one will find us here.”

Liatrix narrowed her eyes.

“All right. It’s my place, but what I said is true enough. We can hole up here, until we figure out our next steps.”

“I know what our next steps are. I can’t stay here Agent…sorry, Jonas.”

“Let’s get some kolto for that shoulder. I know it’s gotta hurt. You’ve lost blood. Trust me, all right?”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?” Balkar’s brows pinched together and he set his hands on his hips.

“Because you’re keeping things from me. I have questions,” Liatrix said.

“Keeping things from people is sorta what I do…but I’ll make an exception for you. Shoot.”

“You said you didn’t know any of this would happen. How did you know my name? I know we’ve never met. And, you just happened to be right there, when a shooting takes place?”

“You’re the Hero of Tython, and what you did to the Sith Emperor…” Balkar whistled low. “That makes you famous.”

“Nice try but The Jedi Council never released my identity or that of my team. Everything that happened on Dromund Kaas is strictly classified.”

“Not to me.”

Liatrix sighed, and followed him through the narrow twisting passages of the stronghold until they stopped at a doorway.

“Then why did you think the round was meant for me, instead of my friend?”

“The trajectory. If you hadn’t bent over to pick up your napkin, you would be dead now.”

“Something doesn’t add up. You noticed that I dropped my napkin? Really?”

“Is that so hard to believe? You’re a beautiful woman.”

A rosy hue coloured the Jedi’s cheeks. “Well, thank you, but you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t quite believe you.”

“It’s the truth. I was sitting there, really hoping your friend would get called away, so I could say hello.” Said Balkar.
Balkar pushed open the heavy metal door, to reveal a small simply furnished apartment. An oversized monitor, computer systems, and an enormous chesterfield dominated the main room.

“I’d give you a tour, but this is pretty much it. Refresher is through there. Towels are in the locker. I reckon you’ll want to clean up a bit.”

Liatrix nodded. The metallic scent of blood crawled up her nose, and her hands were sticky and caked with dry blood.

“Thanks. I think I just might take you up on that, but I’d like to make a call first, there’s someone I really need to talk to.”

“Sure thing. I’ll get the med kit.” Said Jonas. He ducked out of the main room, into what Liatrix guessed must be his bedroom.

Liatrix patted down her pockets and frowned.

Jonas emerged from the back room, medkit in hand, and arched a brow. “What’s the matter?”

“I must have lost my holo in the scuffle.”

“It’s probably best to stay off the airwaves for a little while anyway, in case someone is monitoring you. I’ll set up a secure line after we get you looked after.”

“My whole life is in that stupid holo,” Liatrix grumbled.

“Can I get you a drink? Something to eat?”

“Maybe some tea, if you have it.” Said Liatrix.


“I guess I’ll go…clean up.” Liatrix pointed a thumb back at the room that housed the refresher.

“I’ll be right here waiting for you.”

When the sound of rushing water stopped, Balkar snatched up a clean t-shirt, and tracksuit pants from his laundry. He tapped at the door and leaned in close. “I have a change of clothes for you. I’ll just set them inside the door if you’re decent.”

“That’s fine. Thank you,” Liatrix called back.

A cloud of steam escaped through the crack in the door, as he placed the clothing on the counter. He caught a glimpse of the Jedi’s body, moving behind the refresher’s frosted glass. The temptation to linger was strong, but he thought better of it, and backed out, shutting the door tight. He took a deep breath, and set about finding something, that would pass for tea in his apartment.

Reaching to the very back of his cupboards, he found some mint tea that one of his ex-girlfriends had left behind. He sniffed at the box, and decided it passed inspection.

The Jedi emerged from the refresher, just as he set down the mugs of mint tea, and a plate of sweet ration bars.

“I have to apologize, I wasn’t expecting company. Cupboards were a bit bare.”

“It looks lovely. It’s very thoughtful of you,” Said Liatrix.

She looked a bit lost in his clothing. She had rolled up the tracksuit pants to keep from dragging, and his shirt hung almost to her knees. A far cry from the elegant Jedi in the power suit he’d spied on that morning. Right now, she was adorable.

“Jonas?” Liatrix tilted her head. “Are you all right?”

“Oh, yeah, fine. Just a little distracted. Here’s your tea. If you have a seat, I can check your wound.”

She nodded and sat still as he swabbed her shoulder with kolto, and pasted a large thick bandage over it.

“You are very lucky.” Said Jonas.

“I feel guilty. Poor Leeha…I don’t even know if…she’s alive. I’d never seen her so happy…” Her lips pinched together.

“Have your tea. Relax. I’ll make a call.”

After a moment with his computer, Balkar took up his holo. “This is SIS Agent Jonas Balkar, I need an update on the condition of the shooting victim who was brought in this morning a Leeha…um…”

“Narezz.” Liatrix chimed in.

“Yes, Narezz.” He glanced over at Liatrix and mouthed his thanks. “All right, I’ll hold.”

Several moments passed, and then a familiar form appeared on the holo. “I’m Dr. Kimble…Doc. What can I do you for Agent?”

Liatrix sat up straighter and stared at the holo. She felt the blood drain from her face.

“I understand you’re the one who treated Leeha Narezz?” Balkar said.

“That’s right, just out of surgery now. She’s being taken to critical care, but I’d say the prognosis looks good. There’s another Jedi with her. Jomar…and a bunch of guards too.”

“That’s good news Doctor, glad to hear he made it over.”

“Listen, Agent, this might be an odd question, but do you have any idea, if Master Liatrix is all right? Leeha was asking about her before she went under.”

“Let me talk to him.” Liatrix shot up from the chesterfield. Her shoulder pained her and she winced.

Balkar passed the holo over.

“Hey, gorgeous! You had ol’ Doc pretty worried.”

“I wanted to call before, but I lost my holo in the scuffle. I’m all right, you don’t need to worry.”

“You know I do. Were you hurt? What are you wearing? I think I need to give you a physical. Make sure everything is where it should be.”

His lecherous tone made her blush. She averted her gaze. “Just a graze, really nothing at all.”

“I didn’t think you’d be back from Tython until the weekend. Your conference end early?”

“Uh, yes, as a matter of fact. Then Leeha got in touch, and we decided to meet up…then this happened.”

“I’ve missed you. I get off in about an hour.”

“About that…I don’t know when I’ll be able to get there. I’m under some sort of protective custody. We need to find the shooter, plan next steps.”

“Aw damn. I really wanted to see you.”

“I’ll get there as soon as I can. Promise.”

“Why do you think this happened? People don’t tend to get shot at for no reason.” Said Doc.

“It’s unclear. We don’t know enough yet. I have to go.”

“Trix baby? Love you.”

Liatrix turned her back to Balkar. “Love you too. Gotta run lover.” She clipped off the holo and turned around slowly.

Balkar leaned back in the chair across from the chesterfield, with his hands clasped behind his head, and his legs crossed at the ankles. Liatrix knew he’d heard everything, just from the crooked smile on his face.

“There’s someone else I need to call.” Said Liatrix.

“Go right on ahead,” Balkar drawled.

Liatrix frowned and crossed the room to put as much distance between her and the Agent as possible. She tapped in a frequency and waited.

“Where the hell have you been? I’ve been trying to contact you for hours. I must speak to you at once.”

Balkar immediately recognized the soft-spoken, yet irritated voice of Lord Scourge.

“Leeha was shot. The SIS think someone was trying to kill me. I wanted to call before, but we only just arrived at the secure location.”

“Are you injured?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“Don’t lie to me, I had a vision. I’ve been out looking for you.”

“I’m not, it was just a graze across my shoulder. I’ll live.” Said Liatrix.

“And your friend?”

“She’s in critical care, but she’s alive. Doc performed the surgery on her. He was surprised to see me back from the conference already.”

“You’ve seen him,” Scourge said flatly.

“No, just on the holo, the SIS Agent called the hospital for me.”

An audible sigh sounded over the holo.

“I told him, I didn’t know when I’ll be able to get back, I’m in protective custody for now.”

“Stay there if you must. We do need to speak…and it’s not something I care to discuss over the holo,” Scourge said.

“I’ll do everything I can. I don’t like this any more than you do.”

“You’re not alone,” Said Scourge.



Liatrix clipped off the holo. Her shoulders drooped, and her brows dipped sullenly.

“Sounds like you need a break. I never thought Jedi’s lives were that complicated.” Said Balkar.

“Obviously, you heard all that.” Said Liatrix. She passed the holo back to him and sank back into the chesterfield.
Balkar smiled slightly. She looked so comfortable in his clothing, one leg tucked up under herself on the chesterfield, and hugging a cushion.

“I’m a good listener…and we have some time to kill.”

“We really need to get to work.” Said Liatrix.

“I’ve got a team scouring the site, they’re doing everything possible at this point. For right now, you need to stay safe and rest. You’re staying the night. That’s an order.”

“I outrank you.” Said Liatrix.

“Are you really going to argue with me?”

Liatrix sighed. “No.”

“Like I said, I’m a pretty good listener.” Said Balkar.

((to be continued…))

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The Foundation of All Desire (Part Four)

When the Jedi Master didn’t answer, Jonas crossed the room and tapped a sequence of keys on his computer terminal. A keyboard ballad lilted through the apartment like a loving caress. Jonas knew that music worked wonders on getting women to loosen up and speak more freely. A couple of bottles of wine couldn’t hurt either, but he figured that would be too obvious. Hoping she wouldn’t suspect his motives at his choice of music, he puttered around, idly straitening up the messier areas of the apartment.

Her gaze was fixed on one of his paintings—a pretty and vibrant landscape of a beach. The longing in her eyes suggested that she wished she was there, and probably with someone. He didn’t have to guess who but was having trouble imagining the Sith Lord in swim trunks.

“Judging from those two calls, I’d say they’re pretty important to you—Doc and Lord Scourge.”

His voice broke whatever spell the painting had over her, and her dark blue eyes fixed on him.

“Attachment is forbidden to a Jedi,” she murmured.

“But that hasn’t stopped you, has it.” He sat down at the opposite end of the couch and put his feet up on the small cafe table.

Her gaze didn’t waver and had a note of sadness to it. It also looked like she was trying to decide whether or not she could, or should, trust him.

“No. I suppose it hasn’t. That’s just the programmed answer we all say.” She dropped her gaze and pinched at the corner of the cushion on her lap. “We say it over and over like that’s going to make it true.”

“So what’s the story there…if you don’t mind me asking.” Said Balkar.

“The story is, that over the years, I’ve become a professional liar. I should sign up for the SIS.” She said with a slight smirk, which quickly faded into melancholy again.

“Cute,” Jonas chuckled. Following her lead, his amusement turned serious. He said nothing, hoping that the silence would make her feel awkward enough to fill it.

“Well, I suppose it all started on Balmorra when I had to—no. No, it goes back further than that, the beginning of it. Back at the Academy on Tython, when I was a Padawan, I was put in the position of spying on a couple of my classmates. Their masters suspected them of having a secret romantic attachment. I talked to them, and sure enough, it was true. Even though I didn’t like the girl…I decided to keep their secret. I’ve never believed that love or attachment is the path to the dark side. I kept that belief a secret because I knew I wouldn’t advance if I didn’t. I’ve been lying for years. I kept Leeha and Jomar’s relationship a secret too. Love isn’t evil.”

“You sound like you have doubts.” Said Balkar.

Liatrix sighed. “Sometimes, when I think about everything that’s happened. Maybe love isn’t evil, but what you’re willing to do for it, can be.”

“You mentioned Balmorra…what happened there?”

“It’s where I met Doc.” She smiled, the corners of her eyes crinkling with fondness. “I have to admit, I fell pretty easily to his charms. I wasn’t used to that kind of attention from a man, and I have to say I liked it,” she giggled. “My apprentice, Kira, having spent a lot of time on Nar Shadaa was used to men behaving that way. She thought he was sleazy, and reminded us every moment of that fact.”

Balkar turned to face her better, and nodded, silently urging her to continue.

“Long story short, we were in the thick of the war, and it felt like all of the Council’s hopes were pinned on me. I went day to day, never knowing if I would wake up tomorrow. I started thinking, that, if I was going to die, I wanted to live before I did. I wanted to experience everything. So, I let myself fall in love with Doc, and eventually we got married. If anyone knows how to live, it’s Doc. He knows all the best places to go, has connections everywhere…and he spoiled me. I was happy.”

“Was? But you’re not anymore?” Balkar urged.

She shook her head and looked down. “Because I’ve realized that I love someone else more. He’s my world, and I would do anything for him.”

“Lord Scourge?”

The Jedi nodded and met his gaze.

“I sense there’s a problem.” Said Balkar.

“You could say that. Lord Scourge is immortal. He’s over three centuries old. The Emperor did some sort of alchemy on him…he’s immortal, but he can’t feel anything. His senses are just memories now. I do nothing but hurt him and that’s the last thing I want to do.”

“Isn’t there anything that can be done?”

“If there is, I don’t know what. I’ve been searching for ways. I thought I’d found a solution, but it was a lie, made up by the Emperor.” She shook her head. “I almost died trying to get this holocron on Korriban. If it wasn’t for Scourge and Doc and the rest of my team, I’d be dead. I did things I’m not proud of. I did it all for him…for us.”

“What sort of things?” Said Balkar.

“It’s complicated. I risked a mission The Council gave me, in order to lure in a Sith apprentice to help me get on Korriban and find what I needed.”

“Must’ve been some payoff you promised.”

Liatrix nodded. “But I never had any intention of keeping that promise. In fact…” She drew a deep breath. “I knew to get what I needed, there would have to be a sacrifice.”

Balkar rubbed at his jaw, his gaze riveted on the Jedi. A thread was beginning to form in his mind, linking all of the information he’d assembled in his dossier about her for the Grand Master of the Jedi Council. The picture was becoming clearer.

“I killed the Sith. I failed to get the holocron. I almost died, and I convinced my crew to cover it up, and I’m lying to my husband because I don’t want to hurt him either.”

Balkar rubbed at his forehead. “Why do I have the feeling that not everyone knows the whole story?”

“That’s because only one other person knows it all. Two now, I suppose.” She looked at him meaningfully. “You’re a damn good spy. You got me to confess to my crimes, without lifting a finger.”

Balkar drew a deep breath and ran his hand through his hair. With this admission, she would be stripped of her title and her position, and kicked from the order. He closed his eyes for a moment and steepled his hands against his face. The Grand Master is expecting a report any day now.

“Oh hell. That’s quite a confession.” He sighed.

“I suppose it’s a good thing you’re not spying on me then. You’re very easy to talk to. Too easy. I can see that you’d have a real knack for being an agent,” Liatrix said.

He nodded and smiled, his lips tight.

“I see your opinion of me has changed. I’m not who you thought I was, am I.”

“Just processing it all. Hell of a thing you’ve told me.” Balkar scooted closer to her, and took her hand in his, and gave it a squeeze. “I’m glad you did, though.” He held her hand and looked over at her. He wanted to kiss her. He didn’t dare.

Her eyes were glossy with burgeoning tears. She met his gaze, and the tears spilled down her cheeks. “I’ve made a real mess of things. I don’t even know how to fix it anymore. I’m tired of having to fix things,” her voice quavered.

He reached up and brushed a tear from her cheek with the backs of his fingers. “Hey now, it’s okay. Shhhh.” He drew her close and held her. She was warm and soft and smelled like sweet Corellian apples. He closed his eyes and breathed her in. He caressed the back of her head, her hair silky as it skimmed under his fingers.

His brows furrowed, as a small voice in his mind reprimanded him.

Jonas…what the hell are you doing? She’s just admitted to murder and breaking every Jedi rule going, and you’re sniffing her hair? Snap. Out. Of. It. Think man. Think.

She sobbed for a long time before finally pulling away. “I’m sorry Jonas. I don’t know what came over me. I shouldn’t…I shouldn’t have done this.” Dabbing at her eyes, she drew a deep staggered breath and sat up straighter. “There is no emotion…there is peace…” When her affirmation rang hollow, she buried her face in her hands and started to sob anew.

Gently, he reached out and drew her hands away from her face and tilted his head, to peek at her.

“I don’t believe it anymore. There’s only pain,” She sniffled.

He pulled a soft kerchief from his pocket and dabbed at her cheek, before pressing the fabric square in her hand.

“Sounds to me, like you’ve been holding all this inside for, who knows how long. It’s not like the Jedi equip you to handle emotions, they just teach you to repress and ignore them. You can only do that for so long before it eats you alive,” Balkar said.

Her lower lip quivered, and she nodded. He reached out and caressed the pouty swell of her lower lip with his thumb.
“Everything is going to be okay,” he whispered.

She dabbed at her face and swallowed hard. “I’m going to splash some water on my face if that’s all right.”

“Of course, it is sweetheart. I’ll get us some more of that tea. We both seem to have survived it, and then I’ll order something for dinner from the kitchens. Sound good?” He clasped the tip of her chin and grinned lopsidedly.

“It means a lot to me…that you listened…that you didn’t judge me.”

“Told you I’m a good listener. Go on, get washed up. I’ll have that tea in a jiff.”

She smiled through her tears and scurried off into the refresher.

He ordered dinner, wine, and desserts from the SIS complex’s kitchens. He was also plenty firm with them, that this dinner had to be perfect.

You’re falling for her. This won’t end well.

He mentally swatted away the small voice like a gnat and set about brewing more of the stale mint tea.
Liatrix emerged from the refresher room, rubbing at her arms, goose pimples rashing her skin.

“It gets chilly in here at night…let me start a fire.” He punched in a code on his console, and within seconds, a roaring fire filled the granite hearth. Balker found a throw blanket and arranged it over her shoulders and nestled the cup of tea in her hands.


“Much. Thanks,” she said.

After dinner, they sat on the floor in front of the flames, enjoying slices of Alderaanian Chocolate Ribbon Cake and wine.

“I just realized, that you know all my secrets, and I know nothing about you. So…is there anyone special, Jonas?” Liatrix took a sip of her wine.

“No.” He shook his head. “There was someone, a long time ago, but work carried us in different directions. And then she was killed in action. We never really did anything about it, and then it was too late.”

“I’m sorry. I never meant to bring up anything unpleasant.”

“No, it’s fine. It was a long time ago, and I have good memories. My line of work typically isn’t conducive to having anything long term.”

“It sounds like a pretty empty existence.”

“Maybe that’s what we have in common. The things we have to do, give us too little in return.” Said Jonas.

“Have you ever thought about getting reassigned? Do something a little more…stable?”

“No. No one ever leaves the SIS…not really. It’s like the Huttese Mafia…you’re in for life. What about you? Have you thought about leaving The Order?”

“I’d be lying if I said no. I’ve probably thought about it more than I should.”

“So why don’t you?”

“To do what? I may not agree with everything I’ve been taught, but it does give me a purpose. The Republic needs me. I can’t just walk away from that.”

“I get it. We’re both creatures trapped by duty.” He held out his wine glass, and tapped it against hers, the clink between them speaking the sadness of their toast.

“It’s been a long stressful day…” She straightened her blanket and fluffed a pillow on the couch.

“Oh no, you’re not sleeping out here. Take the bed. I insist,” said Balkar.

Liatrix shook her head, “This is fine.”

“I’m not going to take no for an answer, Master Jedi. Come on, I’ll walk you.”

“I suppose I can’t argue with that.”

Balkar draped his arm over her shoulder and guided her toward his room. He couldn’t help but notice how nicely she fit against him as they moved. He wanted to test that fit, with several other positions—under, over, sideways, standing against a wall…

“Agent you’re blushing,” Said Liatrix.

“The wine does that to me,” He chuckled.

The Jedi lifted a brow and gave him a matter-of-fact stare.

“You don’t actually expect me to admit to what was going through my mind just now,” Said Balkar.

“I think I have an idea. I recognize that impish glint in your eyes.” She slipped into the room and took a quick look around. It was definitely a single man’s bedroom. Conveniently located mood lighting, music player, a small bar, and a large bed, dressed in black shimmer silk. The room was as decadent as any she’d seen in the hotels she’d stayed in with Doc.

Balkar chuckled, “I see there is no keeping anything from you.”

“Good night Agent.”

He was about to turn away to leave when the impulse seized him. He whirled about and pulled her against him. His mouth crushed against hers, and he could taste the sweetness of wine and chocolate between them. She returned his kiss, her lips soft and pliant, and then her body stiffened. She pulled away, her eyes wide, and lips still parted. Her lower lip quivered as if she wanted to speak, but no words came.

“I’m not going to apologize. I’ve been wanting to do that ever since I laid eyes on you,” Balkar took a deep breath, and stalked out of the room, the doors sliding closed behind him.

He felt hot. He continued through the sitting room, straight out to the small balcony. The cold night air pressed against his face. He took a deep breath and held it, his gaze fixing on the cityscape before him. He gripped the railing tight and leaned forward.

Aw hell Jonas. You idiot.

He scowled at the small voice in his head and brought the heel of his palm down hard against the railing. He could feel the metal vibrations stir against his skin. He ran his hand through his hair and sighed.

You’ve gone and done it now…What am I gonna do? I must be out of my mind.

He closed his eyes and hung his head. He didn’t sense her coming up behind him.

“You’re going to get a chill if you stay out here like this.” Liatrix settled the blanket over his shoulders and tilted her head to peek up at his expression. “Come inside. Lie down next to me, and we’ll just talk until we fall asleep. We have work to do tomorrow,” she urged.

He nodded sheepishly and followed her inside.

Yup, he was in trouble.


Far across the city, Lord Scourge gritted his teeth and ignited his lightsaber. “You fools,” he hissed.

((to be continued))

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Awwww, snap. Looks like things are about to get real.

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Quote: Originally Posted by Charmedseed View Post
Awwww, snap. Looks like things are about to get real.
Indeed, I'm giddy about it. I can't wait to get cracking on the next installment. Also glad you're still with me!

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Have to say I'm really loving this so far and can't wait to see where it goes.

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Quote: Originally Posted by CarinaBenton View Post
Have to say I'm really loving this so far and can't wait to see where it goes.
Thanks so much! The encouragement means a lot. I'm having a ball writing, and it's always my hope that everyone reading it is too.