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Please offer a smaller-sized, lower cost guild flagship for smaller guilds.

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Please offer a smaller-sized, lower cost guild flagship for smaller guilds.

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11.26.2014 , 12:07 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by DEATHICIDE View Post
The whole need for 50 members thing is sort of silly anyhow.

On B Colony, you have to wonder just how many of these guilds could even exist at the same time without running out of players.

This set up pretty much is destined to end up with the same one or two guilds ruling everything.

50 active members is pretty insane, even 25 feels a bit large.

Also, 50,000,000 ????

Sounds good in theory, but without the player base, this is pretty much destined to become a two party race unless there is an option for smaller guilds, along with a price tag that doesn't make everyone throw their hands up and say not worth the time.
50 million is not really that hard to get, the 50 player limit is a tad ridiculous but with alts can fill up fairly fast honestly. Honestly, I see very little need for the guild flagship, because all it is is housing that a guild master would be better off either just buying a regular stronghold for, or just using their personal one and giving everyone a key to. The guild flagship really offers no bonuses that would actually be beneficial past Conquest and Conquest is largely a sink that pays less than you have to pay in for. The flagship doesn't come with its own flashpoint spawns, no operation stuff and no PvE/PvP vendors or terminals to use so why use it other than bragging rights?