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Security question workaround 100% working

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Security question workaround 100% working

Veseli's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 04:56 PM | #1
So, uh, ill be quick and to the point.

If you get locked out, dont panic. Customer service is swamped at the moment so dont expect much there (unless you got a lot of spare time and willing to go thought all the $$ for the phonebill and hassle).

Its important to note that this can only be done on the computer where you originally created your SW:ToR account.

(also pray that you have autocomplete turned on in your browser options)

First - reset your password (on SwTOR website go to login, and then click "forgot your password", insert your email name and get a password reset).

1) create a new SW:ToR account on the website and go that subsection where you fill out the brand new security questions
2) as there are 5 security questions, you have 5 brackets for your answers, keep in mind that autocomplete remembered ONLY 1 for each bracket as you wrote em down in your original account
3) click on each of those empty brackets and then type each letter (i.e. a, b, c, d, etc) and see which one the autocomplete catches and offers you a complete word. WRITE EM DOWN, one of em is your missing answer (or even better, copy paste it into Word, Wordpad or whatever).
4) log out of your temporary new acc, go back into the old one and insert the pass you had there and VOILA!

Credit for this goes to some dude who wrote it before in another topic but i cant find it atm (and im in a hurry to go and play, just stopped here to write it down for you guys n gals).

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12.24.2011 , 06:33 AM | #2

Seriously, a 1000 thanks to you! I've waited 2 hours on Bio's crappy support line, and got nothing, and than found your post via google and voila! I can finally play! Thanks again!
Deus lo vult!