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New Legacy idea Bioware

Paladin_Xemo's Avatar

08.31.2014 , 09:01 PM | #1
So I was thinking, with new changes coming to the game, that increasing legacy levels with new player perks would be awesome. One of the things I was thinking about was in the Collections section when you buy a item unlock (weapons & Armor) include an option (at an optional higher CC cost) to unlock it was a Bound to Legacy piece.

So, for example, I wanted to unlock "Thunderburst Dual Cannon" for 200cc or unlock as BoL for 1000cc. You could make it so that it's a legacy 75 or 100 (legacy level not capped by character level).

This would give Players something to look forward to for legacy levels and perks for leveling Legacy as well as greatly diversifying the pool of BoL choices along with other Legacy level perks.

Those are just my 2cc, maybe other players might have suggestions for other cool Legacy Perks that BW/EA could consider.