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when is the stronghold lag being fixed?

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when is the stronghold lag being fixed?

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08.26.2014 , 05:26 AM | #41
I've had no lag at all in any of my strongholds, I did notice issues with ability delay for a while on the first day but other than that i've had smooth sailing.
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08.26.2014 , 05:36 AM | #42
Patch notes say now
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08.26.2014 , 02:33 PM | #43
That was my only point to those folks that were claiming this was something imagined by folks. The lag is real (though perhaps not as bad for some) and it is a known issue they are investigating.

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08.31.2014 , 09:49 PM | #45
Quote: Originally Posted by watermelonfan View Post
When I use the GTN in my stronghold I have to click the search button up to ten times. Some times I have to close the entire gtn or cargo gold tab just to get it working. This Is really annoying.
I only get that if its an empty search meaning 0 results came up. Then I'm free to set the price as high as I want. After I put up the item, my results show my item as the only result.
Quote: Originally Posted by watermelonfan View Post
In my opinion this defeats the purpose of having a stronghold. The convenience of having all the utilities all in one spot is the only thing I care about.
Amen to that. Utility was my only focus until I discovered Conquest Bonus boost; having that 100% completion on all 4 or just 3 strongholds is really important to save time in acquiring 35,000 conquest points per week.

Quote: Originally Posted by Edzew View Post
now i haven't noticed anything with my storage or gtn but im not saying its NOT there B^P i have noticed a lag in my mail and with the doors of my strongholds, also with the loading of items in my stronghold. i am constantly running into doors having to back up and go forward again for the doors to open... sometimes the doors still don't open B^P
I can attest to this door wonkiness. or Door lag. Stronghold door lag. I've experienced it, sometimes doors won't open, you stand in front of it, refuses to open or it opens once, quickly close, and a feeling there's a 10-second delay before it will open again.

Quote: Originally Posted by Darth_Wicked View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by watermelonfan View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Darth_Wicked View Post
Your lag is most likely related to the Columi / Rakata and Battlemaster / Centurion shells.

Dump them in the trash altogether; Your overall performance will improve.
That doesn't make any sense. Besides out of what you mentioned I only have one columi armor shell. Its really cool and unobtainable. I am not throwing it away.
Its awesomeness and rarity are bogging down your system. You would do well to destroy them altogether and get the new ones from the CM.

Much, much better.
I returned after a year of not playing. Still have some elite warhero shells, (with modifications in them) going to make a high-end level 50 bind on legacy set.

The Columi, Rakata, Battlemaster, WarHero and the rest, I vendored. I just really needed the cargo space. Adding sentiment to 1 year old gear was juxtaposed by the fact that I can stop playing swtor and never come back. So why hold on to all that sentimental-vendor trash taking up precious cargo space.

You know what this post reminds me of, a suggestion to bioware to make stronghold decorations, like statues that you can hang armor shells on them. Really would have been useful before I vendored everything.
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