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A sneak peek from James Ohlen

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12.23.2011 , 03:48 PM | #1
[James asked me to post this on his behalf; he's working hard on the content below! - Stephen]

A lot of people have been asking for more information on our future plans. What are we going to provide for players in terms of features and content? While we've given some information on what features we're working on, we haven't given much detail about content. We've said that we'll be providing new Flashpoints, Operations and Warzones. Now we'd like to give some more details on what they are.

Next month we're going to be releasing a new Flashpoint and an expanded Operation. The new Flashpoint involves a plague that could have significant repercussions across the galaxy. It takes place on a brand new world and involves some pretty epic battles. I can't go into much detail, but be prepared for something different. The expanded Operation takes the existing Karagga's Palace scenario and more than triples it in size. It includes three new boss monsters and some pretty epic set pieces. You won’t believe the last boss, so we’ve provided an image as a tease.

[See the screenshot on the Community Blog.]

We plan to continue releasing Flashpoints, Operations, Warzones and new game systems on a regular cadence. This patch coming early next year is only a taste of what is to come. Stay tuned for more announcements!

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12.23.2011 , 04:22 PM | #2
woot new stuff already


The Shadowlands

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12.23.2011 , 04:22 PM | #3
Great work! I think a lot of players were concerned that your production time for new content would be much greater than what you'd see from other MMO's because of the polish and more importantly - the voiceovers.
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12.23.2011 , 04:22 PM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by hpate View Post
woot new stuff already
Bioware knows how to please the people.
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12.23.2011 , 04:22 PM | #5
Awesome! And fourth.
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12.23.2011 , 04:23 PM | #6
How about letting us choose the warzone we want instead of having to play hutt ball 9/10 games.

Why do you go out of your way to prevent world pvp.

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12.23.2011 , 04:24 PM | #7
Wow, thats quick, i want updates as frequent as this!
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12.23.2011 , 04:24 PM | #8
It's really great to hear that even before people are really getting into the game you folks are pushing the limits on content creation, can't wait for this.

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12.23.2011 , 04:25 PM | #9
This is great news. Happy holidays Bioware!
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12.23.2011 , 04:25 PM | #10
Love the idea of new content - but what about bug fixes?

Following a person doesn't work.
Satele Shan has been small in JK quest on Tython.
Tons of quests you have to drop and reget to make them work.
Guild problems (we still have no guild leader - and it's been 3 days since I put in a ticket...)
Memory leaks on Taris...

and the list goes on and on...

I'm sorry, but if you guys want to compete with WoW - start fixing crap that shouldn't be broken.