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Profile of an Inquisitor.....

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Profile of an Inquisitor.....

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12.13.2011 , 02:47 PM | #1
Name: Treozen
Class: Sith Inquisitor /Sorcerer

Personality Assessment:
Thoughts on Good and Evil:
Treozen doesn’t consider himself “evil”, nor “good” – for Treozen, these are pitiful labels lesser beings attach to themselves to give their actions meaning. Treozen believes all actions are alignment-neutral, and it’s a matter of perspective and personal choice. Essentially Treozen believes it’s a complete waste of time to label actions one or the other since it’s all relative anyway.

About “The Force”
Similar to good and evil, Treozen doesn’t aspire to the concept of the “dark” and “light” side of the force – In fact, Treozen maintains that the Jedi invented the very idea of a so-called “dark side” in an attempt to limit the abilities of force-sensitive beings through fear and misinformation. Rather, Treozen believes the force is an all powerful force of nature – it’s oblivious to “dark” or “light” and all those force sensitive enough to use it have access to the full range of its power (assuming they are brave enough). Treozen cannot understand the Jedi infatuation and fear of the so-called “dark side”.

Thoughts on the Jedi
In general, Treozen believes the Jedi to be cowards, some of whom have, likely by accident, managed to scrape together just enough power to be bothersome. Treozen believes the entire Jedi infrastructure is little more than a way to create mindless sheep – all following the same codes and spouting off about morality and justice, while being too afraid to fully explore their own talents. Treozen actually feels sorry for the Jedi – they’ll never know their true power, experience the thrill of raw unrestrained Force. They are like virtuoso musicians given only tambourines to play with…….its sort of sad. Treozen blames the Jedi Order / Council for the lack of truly brilliant Force users – controlling Force sensitives from a young age, bending their minds and limiting their potential. Treozen looks at the Jedi as confused and persecuted brothers and sisters that have been so thoroughly brainwashed, that they don’t even realize how much they have been controlled and manipulated – thus Treozen views it as mercy when he kills one.

Thoughts on the Empire
Treozen views the Empire as a necessary “factor” - it is a tool to be used, to be put to work for you when the need arises. Treozen has no particular love for the Empire but recognizes that like all powers of reasonable size, it pays to handle with care. While outwardly an ally and sometimes agent, Treozen is truly allied only to those helpful in pursuit of his own agenda – the increase of his own power and influence. To that end, Treozen uses the Empire to further his ambition but often has misgivings over what he perceives as the Empire’s crude and imprecise application of military force.

On gaining Power
Treozen subscribes to the idea that power equals survival – those with, survive, those with the most survive best and those without, perish. Treozen doesn’t believe that power corrupts – Treozen has suggested that such accusations come only from those lacking the ambition and internal fortitude necessary to become powerful themselves. Treozen also believes that it is not necessarily the raw power you command that’s important, but how you use what you have and that true power has more to do with how you manipulate people than it does how you manipulate The Force.

About Style
Treozen would characterize himself as a scalpel, as opposed to the Empire’s “blunt instrument”. He prefers to operate in the background; pulling the strings, using cats-paws and making alliances based on convenience rather than shared morality. Treozen does have a well defined idea of loyalty however, and once his word is given, it can be relied upon. A favored phrase is “Patience itself is a power like no other” – Treozen is quite content to maneuver his pieces over the long term to reach his ultimate goals – often aligning himself with opposing sides from one year to the next, depending on which best serves his purpose. Providing you are within Treozens “circle of trust”, you can expect to receive honest, candid and reliable information and assistance – the downside however is that you can also expect to receive swift retaliation for any betrayal, the results of which are most often dire, permanent, and fatal.

What Drives Treozen?
It would be nice to tell a tale of a poor orphan that escaped from tyranny and pledged to one day to become powerful and reclaim his birthright…..or some other sob-story , but the fact is that Treozen grew up in relative comfort. It is true that his parents were agents of the Empire and so often gone from home and ultimately they died on a mission – somehow a stuffed-Jawa doll ended up crammed into the Hyperdrive cooling vent and well…….accidents happen. As a result Treozen was moved to board at a Empire training academy for junior apprentices - a lucky turn of events since his parents had previously refused to let him attend. Treozen almost missed his opportunity to transfer to a exclusive higher school of learning but three of the 6 council judges in charge of admission came down with a rare case of Koriban Fever, leaving only the other three to pick admissions, and again in a coincidental stroke of luck, they admitted Treozen despite the fact he lacked the”Proper Breeding”. It was here that Treozen found his calling – Power and Influence. Treozen is driven by an insatiable desire to control the world around him with absolute impunity and exact his design and order on the populace – nothing more, nothing less. He doesn’t see this as evil, maniacal, egotistical or madness – its simply the right thing to do, someone has to do it, and it may as well be him.

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12.13.2011 , 05:13 PM | #2
I think this will be a better place to put up your character.
I used to be Standard Edition, till I took a CE to the knee.
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