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12.23.2011 , 03:24 PM | #1
There is a wide variance of credits people are able to accumulate. I would like to know just how important the stims are for combat, outside of higher level npc's. It seems I spend a lot on stims because I always have one up when in combat. In any area, you are going to run into a few npc's at higher levels.

I started playing during the pre-order, and it seemed every slicer node I found wasn't working. And for other gathering nodes, there were so many other players gathering, it was hard to find one. That was my experience. In beta, I was able to keep up with gathering and slicing, even used my ship droid for some missions. And I still had enough credits at level 25 to train for my speeder.

I'm not spending any credits on crafting, or gear, or adding inventory space. Skills are getting expensive.

How much grinding are you guys doing, outside of the yard trash that has to be cleared when questing? That's another problem I've had. So many people doing the same quests and killing enemies that I need to kill if I want to keep up with leveling and looting.