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Conquest - Personal Rewards and Guild Rewards

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Conquest - Personal Rewards and Guild Rewards

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08.25.2014 , 08:56 AM | #11
lawl pvp wz's and ranked are where the conquest rewards are by FAR. can max a toon out easily in a mid length day of queuing.

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08.25.2014 , 09:50 AM | #12
Also, it's not top 10 guilds. This week, 30 guilds per server will get the guild reward. Even a small guild should be able to break the top 30 every now and then.

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08.25.2014 , 12:51 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by zufr View Post
Also, it's not top 10 guilds. This week, 30 guilds per server will get the guild reward. Even a small guild should be able to break the top 30 every now and then.
The bottom entries on the leaderboards on Red Eclipse are around 2.5 to 3 million points. The fastest sustainable way of getting points seems to be PvP, so let's assume it continues to be in future conquests. I don't PvP myself, so I don't have exact information on the length of the matches, but I'll assume you can complete about 5 of them per hour. That's 2500 conquest points per hour. Some planets give a 2x bonus, so make that 5000 points per hour. Reaching 2.5 million points requires 500 man-hours, equivalent to 13 people pulling a full working week doing nothing but PvP. With 50 people it's a much more reasonable two hours per day, but I wouldn't call a guild with 50 active members small anymore.

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08.25.2014 , 03:36 PM | #14
Just throwing this out there, on The Harbinger my guild on average had about 10-12 people on during prime time. Admittedly we were above average this last week with 2.9, and most of those 10-12 people have more alts than a sensible person should, but once we applied ourselves it was pretty within reach to make the board. We admittedly recruited and expanded our numbers when we decided to try for the top spot, but a small group of dedicated players should be able to hit the boards, as long as they're willing to put the time in.
Can't speak to how it is on other servers.
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08.25.2014 , 09:27 PM | #15
I did the cap in the first day..

It seems the best way to do your 'bit' mix it up.
Crafting hits big points.. aim at mk2 mk3 prefabs and warcraft
Bang up a dark project if u can get parts.... craft a set ir sets at a time
on your pets.. as they craft..

Do pvp if not many people on.. instant n fast.. pays well and get comms for decor too wich u place and get more xp.
Line up for flashpoints.. there is a flashpoint group finfer task.
Wait for the guild group questing.. do those too if you can.

I got my cap just pvp while i waiting on the crafting tbh.
If u have non guild alts with pets.. send them on resorse missions .. lvl2 too lvl 6.. tjis keeps your stocks up.

Get yourself the decorations for metal.. crystal .. bio from prefab vends.. they also produce resorses and they are bugged.. u can sometimes get a single pull.. but ive had up too 6 pulls an hour.
Its not much alone.. but add that to pet gathering.. gtn cheap resorse buying.. it keeps stocks higher so .. more crafting.

Put a gtn..mail..lockers..resorsers in the same room and you can literally jump pvp and fp from there n back.. collect resorses and build and sell all at same place. By putting ur non guilded alts in there.. you dont even need mail parts as you share a legecy locker.

Thats how some in our guild do it.

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08.25.2014 , 09:41 PM | #16
Small vs large.

Large guilds do not always have more active players.
Infact most are old. Our guild actively bumps long term non actives out or even ones who never ever help... simply if ur a loner.. why be guilded.

Ive been in huge guilds of 500 1000 etc yet only 20 are ever active 40 on a new update day..
Our guold is big.. yet even through this .. the actives were small and you still see same people. Its the dedication to work together and work to objectives that count more than numbers... through tnose who have been on we have got a few million in rep .. actually we lead at no one spot by several million now.

But there are bigger guilds than us and they are much lower.

Your house is a personal thing.. but aimed at community building.
The conquerer senario is guild based .. its about guilds and war and working and social achievments.

Fair is not always fair.. its just life.

Real world.. a tribe of 20 with spears would not conquer the untited states... they would not build a ship and travel to the moon.

It takes time.. manpower and resorses.
Its an unfortunate reality.. the more you have
The more likely the more you recieve.

Guild based world can work in 3 ways.
war... till only one is left.
soak... accumulate all people in game till one left.
share... a guild leader council that agrees to have even number
Guild members and all activities are shared.

What game have you ever seen share in?

So unfortunately.. big guilds are likely to dominate.
but dont give up..
as i said.. small fully active guilds can beat a huge inactive guild.
and remember.. weve all seen massive guilds die overnight through internal wars and bad leadership or dictatorships.

your chance is always current....

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11.20.2016 , 09:36 AM | #17
When you have a ship you put the ship in on the planet that has the warzone bonus and Gsf bonus. They are repeatable and you get bonus. The pve ones are not repeatable so no matter how many points they get from doing them, you can get more from wz and gsf.

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04.04.2018 , 11:20 AM | #18
Just a little feedback, although not too difficult in completing the personal CQ of 15k, the main gripe is how long it takes (lots of 250k cq's to be done etc.). Previous CQ used to be fun and I'd do the ones that i wanted every other week or so on multiple toons. This CQ i can only concentrate on one toon as most of the content is something i wouldnt usually do (some being absurb ie 500k for item to use). The way i look at this is Me personally will probably stop doing CQ as it is increasingly pushing me to do content i do not wish to do, i can live with heroics and FP's etc.. but the rewards are far too small. My time is better spent doing the weekly Master/Tact FPs etc.. as they are more rewarding than some decos and a 25/50k and some jawa junk.