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Welcome to Game Update 2.9: Galactic Strongholds Early Access!

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Welcome to Game Update 2.9: Galactic Strongholds Early Access!
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Sith-Viscera's Avatar

08.20.2014 , 06:24 AM | #11
I'm with the others, best thing about The Stronghold is, the Legacy storage. I mean like some of the others said, there is no interactive chairs, so u cant sit, cant lay on beds. Sure you have some Decor. Vendors but that's all you can interact with or at least so far, that i know of. Also there is that whole travel vid to your stronghold, which shows player walking into it, but where is your ship, 'cause it isn't on that big docking pad. We should be able to land our ship on the docking pad and then go inside SH and look out the window and see it there on the dock, but no dice.

We should be able to travel to the planet that its on just like any other time. Once we get with in the planet's atmosphere, then that vid should take over showing our ships fly to and landing on the dock and us getting out just like any other time. We should be able to leave as such too. But Nooooo.

Also i am not grinding all my alts to get 1.75m and 2.25m several times to unlock doors in a home i already bought.
That's like going to a car lot to buy a Brand New Car, you pay 25k for this BNC, they bring it out to ya and you see no windows and no tires and then you hear a guy say "1.5m for windows and tires." Ok, you pay it and finally you get into that BNC and no Steering wheel, you hear once again, "1.2m and that would take care of everything." I mean Would you pay that? I know i wouldn't. Do not get me wrong i had no problem with the rooms that were 40k or 25k or 10k, Hell or even 250k but those others HELL NO! I got all the rooms i want, need and or desire.

Until they make more furniture interactive and make it where we can land and launch to and from the docking pad and lower the prices way down on those unlocked rooms, this whole stronghold things is nothing but a MONEY PIT and A TIME KILLER.

It may be good for those that RP, but for folks like my self, not so much......
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Starglitter's Avatar

08.20.2014 , 06:25 AM | #12
Guess having played so many MMORPGs with housing before, it has set the bar way too high for this offering and as a result I am terribly disappointed, and having to pay to open every room in the mediocre house is ridiculous and abusive. I even payed to unlocl the door to the stairway in the house, only to find I had to pay to unlock the door at the top of the stairs... I told myself, you could not possibly be serious!

The placement of furniture and stuff is at best ackward, since instruction on how to do things were scarce at best, it was a guessing game until the odd mechanics were deciphered. It would have been easier if you could have gone down a listing of all the items you could place and upon clicking them being shown the places it could go, insted of clicking on a hook and discovering what could go there, really short sighted in design. The hook system used for this is truly inferior to the great majority of other games, but guess kindergarden development and Bioware are obviously related. Most games lets you place anything anyware in the floor space, and the better ones are three dimensional too, but hey, what can we expect from one of the most expensive subscription games in the business?

Then the acquiring of "furniture" and crafting, could we make this even more annoying bioware?

Well I waiting since December for this, and after all this waiting, this is what Bioware had to show...



jymevans's Avatar

08.20.2014 , 08:10 AM | #13
issues activating strong hold .. my management window is blank

jymevans's Avatar

08.20.2014 , 08:13 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Zaytrin View Post
Gkaruk, I ran into the same issue. Find the Strongholds area in your fleet and use the terminal for Nar Shadaa. This should let you activate it free of cost and allow you to travel there.
I am having the same issue ..but I went to the Fleet Directory and it is all blank except the Guild ship ..not sure how to activate it...

KamikazeRC's Avatar

08.20.2014 , 08:31 AM | #15
I see potential in the strongholds if the devs continue to upgrade the system.

My question is are we going to get (or how do we get) all the promised trophies (to decorate with) for the achievements already completed over the last few years prior to the strongholds release?

jymevans's Avatar

08.20.2014 , 08:47 AM | #16
OH! ... okay .. I see .. you have to go to the planet in question .. and unlock it there .. got it ..

mizura's Avatar

08.20.2014 , 11:16 AM | #17
I like most of the update but i wish that the flagships weren't so pricy. some of the small guilds cant afford it :/
oooh blasty

Yaakovben's Avatar

08.20.2014 , 11:27 AM | #18
It looks good for subscribers...I am one!

But really what's sad is the guild ship issues. It cost 50 million credits. It seems a bit high, ok. I was looking forward to this but it would seem I need 3 other players to work with me. Fine, but some things will never be open to me unless my guild is one of the top 10. That's not likely to happen.

I am a causal player. I have a job and life I live and don't get enough time to play enough to build up my guild that much. The cost will take me a year at best to make the 50 million credits, unless I snag the perfect item to sell on the Galactic Market.

I am kind of sad by the issues I mentioned. I still love the game and all the features you have added. I work a lowly job and will earn enough over time to get stuff to furnish my Stronghold, but no way can I get enough to build my guild ship let alone furnish it. It almost makes me want to dump my guild and join a larger one who has all the clout and credit to do all extra fun stuff of being a powerful guild!

Thanks again for all the hard work. I really can't say much bad stuff, I know how things go. But the cost and ranking regarding guilds is beyond my skill to do. I'm just not that good of a player. I love to play, but it's not my life!



08.20.2014 , 11:28 AM | #19
Thanks for the new content! I'm enjoying it

Nmyownworld's Avatar

08.20.2014 , 12:37 PM | #20
My perspective: SWTOR is the first MMO I've played, so I looked at GS with no expectations about player housing.

I wasn't going to purchase the Tatooine Stronghold. After getting, and going to, one of the other Strongholds, the freebies I received made me realize that the only thing still missing from the Tat GS is a training droid. So, I bought the Tat SH.

Congratulations to the entire team involved in the Tatooine Stronghold. It's everything presented in the SWTOR Twitch stream. I enjoy being there, and I've moved all of my toons to Tat. I love the view, the openness, the details -- balloon going across the sky, sandcrawler going across the ground, all of it. Well done! Maybe one of these days the structures I can see on the surrounding cliffs will become unlockable (hint, hint). The only thing missing is a Training dummy. I'd really like to get a Training dummy in my GS.

I fumbled with using the decorations provided. It's one thing to read how to decorate, another thing to do it. But, I was able to figure it out fairly quickly. My thanks to Dulfy and Tor-Decorating.

I like that there's a variety of ways to get decorations.

Thank you for putting the GTN on the Cartel Market at a not out of this world price.

Overall, I'm enjoying my Tatooine Stronghold. There are a few decorations I'd like to get, but I'll get them gradually, as I play. I did some decorating, primarily with the free decorations, and a few I crafted prefabs to get.

Good job. I look forward to experiencing how Stronghold possibilities grow in future.

edited to add: In Strongholds I can give companions gifts, and use the GTN with them just like on a planet or Fleet. Yes! Thank you! Add companion conversations in a GS and it'll be companion perfect.