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Is SWTOR the only......

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08.17.2014 , 11:26 AM | #41
Haters gonna hate.

Despite the evidence to the contrary on whether or not the game is dying (4th most revenue producing MMO last year, Million + accounts logging in each month (no major change from previous years, even with players leaving, new are replacing them)

The sky is always falling... i find this amusing.

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08.17.2014 , 11:30 AM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by Comradebot View Post
From what I've heard, Rift isn't faring too hot. It may be profitable, but its subscription/player numbers are a fraction of even SWTOR's, and I've heard (though can't confirm personally) that most of the servers feel "dead" in terms of folks online at any given time.
Rift is popular because of it's excellent F2P system. But that's also a thorn in its side.
It shows the very ugly truth that if the developers are generous when it comes to restrictions, the average player is going to give them nothing in return while still playing the hell out of their game.

SWTOR is one of the few that managed to turn its fortunes around, but not the only one.
DDO originally launched as a sub only game too, and then performed so poorly that the devs took it offline for a few months and rebooted it as a F2P game. It was the pioneer of the F2P's on the western market and made some serious money. (It's also still alive today, though I haven't played it in years now)
Thanks for showing us you listen to our feedback, Bioware!
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08.17.2014 , 02:36 PM | #43
The game is increasingly getting better and gaining more players, with the release of Star Wars episode 7 next december the game will grow even more being the only Star Wars MMO.

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08.17.2014 , 02:55 PM | #44
Quote: Originally Posted by EpickFaill View Post
Is SWTOR the only game that was on the verge of dying and begun getting better till we reached the point when today SWTOR is in the top 5 most played subscription based games and has a really stable community?Is SWTOR the only mmo one of the only mmo's who got better and got back it's player base?
Please, everyone knows every MMO is on the verge of dying the moment it enters open beta.

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08.17.2014 , 03:33 PM | #45
Quote: Originally Posted by MSchuyler View Post
According to you. The fleet count seems to hover at 170+ players per instance and hasn't varied in three years. That BW had "too many servers" at one time does not mean "the game was dying." It means they had "too many servers." That's an example of taking a factoid and blowing it up into a major event. It's like predicting who will win the Super Bowl based on the results of the first exhibition game. (The Seahawks lost.) These folks who say, "Sorry, but you are wrong. The game was in very bad shape." are not showing any evidence. It's just part of their overall fantasy of belief taken from reading tea leaves, consulting the Oracle at Delphi (which said, "SW will undergo changes."), or paying Madam Zolar at the State Fair, who told them they had very pretty eyes.
I think you're deluding yourself pretty badly.

In the end, only BioWare/EA know their 100% accurate sub levels. The activity per server is what they use to determine the number of servers they need. For a few months after launch, servers were lively and filled with that initial rush of excitement. That didn't last even a year before most servers started to resemble ghost towns.

Server reductions - especially on the level TOR endured - is a pretty clear indicator of activity, even to those with the most rose-colored glasses you can find. I departed, myself, along with the mass exodus that took place mid 2012 (or thereabouts). I return a year later to find only a fraction of the original servers still existing. Sorry - but you're -seriously- deluded if you are trying to convince anyone that this means the game has 'always been fine'. That's a crock.

As I've returned, I see the improvements and am very impressed. The world still doesn't feel near as 'busy' as it used to at launch - but there is a lot more to do now, a lot more places for people to spread out, so I understand that could be the reason why so many zones feel empty.

Regardless, the important thing is that the game does seem to be doing well. There's been a lot of improvements, with more coming. I know a few friends who will come back thanks to player housing. Dunno if they will stay, but we will see. I can say my second trip into TOR has been a blast so far, and I am easily having as much fun as I did at launch.

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08.17.2014 , 05:20 PM | #46
I am glad to see that it seems most of the games defenders that were in denial early on seem to finally accept that the game did not do very well before the launch of the Market/F2P. And yes, I believe the game is doing MUCH better since, and has improved immensely since then.

That does not mean I think every choice made by the new team has been good for the game, and they have made their own mistakes IMO. But overall their performance is a HUGE improvement over the original dev team.

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08.18.2014 , 06:24 AM | #47
I have been with this game since beta and seen a lot. Game is doing ok BUT there is one hidden marketing thing many dont see. Yes game went to F2P to actually grow and earn money in long run. The reason why we have now few servers and a lot people is that many of them are f2p players or subs ran out.

The amount of people are not the way to conclude how game is doing. It is rather how many people are are spending real money on Cartel market. Thats where most of profit comes nowdays. We dont have figures about that but it is certainly better than it was back in 2012/03 where we had 2 major server merges. As long there are many people who are buying cartel coins game will do fine.
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I will say this. Video games have a business side as well as the creative side. This is necessary to function and only time will tell what the future of the game is.