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What ship to focus on first?

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08.12.2014 , 12:53 PM | #11
Play them all until you find one that feels substantially more "fun." You'll learn how they play and what they're capable of and be able to make a more informed decision. Any other suggestion will be "choose a ship that's popular in the meta," which is cool but if the end result is that you had fun, is irrelevant because playing a "good" ship may not be enjoyable. I know some people who absolutely loathe playing gunship or bomber. However, I have a blast playing gunship (Quarrel/Mangler) and battlescout (Sting/Flashfire). There's also games where I like idling, reading forums or watching a movie and the bomber fills that role really well (I'm actually not kidding, lol). My favorite ship is the Clarion/Imperium, but each ship has its strengths and weaknesses and I don't fly any other ship far more.

TL;DR: Play them all, they all get mastered faster that way, anyway!

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08.12.2014 , 02:17 PM | #12
First, the description of cartel ships as "mastered" is misleading, they have no upgrades when you buy them, they just get requisition bonus faster.

If you are willing to spend cartel coins, you should use it to convert some ship requisition to fleet requisition. This will allow you to try more ships, faster and upgrade the ships faster with dailies. The three "flavor" ships are the razorwire/rampart, mangler/quarrel, and sting/flashfire. I would buy the 2500 req minelayer (razorwire/rampart) and fly it first: they have the highest skill floor. Save the ship requisition and convert it too to get the 2500 req (mangler/quarrel), and finally the 5000 req (sting/flashfire). These 3 ships are cheap and good and will provide 5 quality ships with variety on your bar (counting the starter ships) for much less than the cost of a cartel ship. That way you can try them all to see what you like and understand what other pilots are doing.

Also, Nemarus gave excellent advice about learning evasive flying.

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08.13.2014 , 01:30 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Nemarus View Post
I'd say that you should make a serious attempt at learning how to use Power Dive. It makes any ship (even the T3 Bomber) extremely slippery and hard to kill.
Another good choice for your engine are the retro thrusters. Their cooldown is 5 seconds longer than power dive but they have the advantage of not changing your facing direction. Depending on situation you can use them
- for increased maneuverability in 1v1 dogfights.
- to get behind someone who is chasing you.
- in almost the same way as you use distortion field.
- as an emergency brake.

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08.13.2014 , 01:05 PM | #14
Power dive only works if you're constantly aware of the map, and what's directly in front of and below you. Lots of times (I just got slugged), you have about 0.2 seconds between your knowing you need it and your needing it. If you don't pay attention to this, you're going to crash a lot.

Newbie-friendly build:
Novadive/Laser Cannon/Distortion Field. Laser cannon are good out to 5km and the tracking penalty on them isn't very bad, so you've got a reasonably wide and very deep kill-zone. I went targeting telemetry/concentrated fire on my first one, which made that ship evil. Rockets add more firepower against things right in front of you and make you useful against charged plating, but run out fast. Damage or range capacitors will be more newbie friendly, because the +10% damage/range doesn't come with the extra power cost of a frequency capacitor.

Rapids are kind of usable, but not newbie-friendly. They're good for two things:
1: "Oh, look, newbie with rapids-owwdied." This only works if you know how to get inside 2km and stay pointed at your target at that range.
2: Chasing drone bombers and noob minelayers (they drop mines while under fire) around sats.