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What ship to focus on first?

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08.12.2014 , 04:49 AM | #1
So after playing a few gsf games, getting to know the controls and objectives of each map, I've come to the conclusion that it's just badly balanced in the terms of who you're matched up against.

The majority of the time i notice I'm pushed against players who've invested a lot more time into their ships, which means i barely dent theres, while they're able to pretty much destroy me in seconds with the blaster alone, so I'm going to buy a cartel ship to get me a headstart so i don't have to trudge through the games feeling absolutely useless in order to upgrade my ship to be on-par with the majority.

Which ship would be the best option to buy first? I mean maybe i just suck ***, and this isn't for me, but i really want to enjoy it, and i do enjoy it to an extent, i just don't enjoy going up against a tank that can destroy me in seconds.

Would buying a cartel ship even provide a better game experience? I'd imagine they perform better than the basic starter ships after all, but am i wrong?

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08.12.2014 , 04:56 AM | #2
You just need to play more and try harder. Earning the requisition for your next ship might just be the beginner practice you need. Learn to drive Lada, so you can enjoy the Rolls
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08.12.2014 , 05:25 AM | #3
Some ships are may be a little under the par, but what you're gonna be good at depends mostly on your preference. Cartel ships are only going to get you some upgrades a little faster, but not much. Those guys are blasting you down so fast because they have practice, know how to evade and when to shoot, something you have yet to learn.

Bottom line: stick with it if you like it, ask questions, read tutorials, you'll get better
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08.12.2014 , 05:39 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by CLASSlFlED View Post
Would buying a cartel ship even provide a better game experience? I'd imagine they perform better than the basic starter ships after all, but am i wrong?
Yeah, you are. Cartel ships get requisition 10% faster than the rest, but they start with the same basic components, and no upgrades unlocked.

Now, what to focus on ? Well... at the beginning you have two ships, a T1 strike and a T1 scout.

-Strike fighters aren't really favoured by the meta, but the T1 strike is a pretty good ship for a beginner. What it lacks in offensive potential it makes up for in toughness, and it's fun to fly. The default components are also pretty good, except maybe the thruster (use regen or speed thruster) and reactor (use large, always)

-T1 scout needs a bit more work to get into a decent place but it can be a very strong ship overall, although most players tend to prefer the type 2, more focused on raw damage and less on utility.

-Gunships: well personally I hate them, but if you need the confidence boost, they're an easy way to get a big score at the end of the match. Just stand back, enjoy the fireworks, and hope you don't get focus fired too much. Use T1 or T3 gunship, T2 is messy.

-Bombers: bombers aren't particularly exciting or flashy but they're rather easy to play and they win matches (in domination). It's an asset for any team to have a few bombers in a domination match. Minelayers, the T1 bomber, are the best satellite defenders (and sometimes best attackers too), while drone carriers, the T2 bomber, provide support and can be used in deathmatch as well. Bombers also don't need many upgrades to be effective. There aren't any game-changers hidden behind 15k ship req walls.

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08.12.2014 , 10:23 AM | #5
Getting the 2.5k req bomber (Razorwire/Rampart) is what finally got me to a point where I felt confident and comfortable in GSF.

No, it's not flashy, nor maneuverable or fast, but it's sluggishness means you can get some practice on reaction time, it's size means that smaller ships will feel MUCH easier to get around obstacles with, and it's durability means you'll actually get to spend some time in a fight before you die.

Doing the weekly quest should be enough to get you at least close to having enough req to buy one, too.

Only things to worry about:

1. Coordinated players in fully upgraded strikes/scouts will still ruin your day. But that's just part of GSF: pre-mades in fully upgraded ships are going to have a significant advantage over anyone who isn't.

2. Gunships are very dangerous for bombers, as you're a big, slow moving target. To beat them with a bomber, you need to learn how to sneak up on them using obstacles for cover until you're in firing range. Then? Either they'll run, or they'll foolishy try to blast you with their rail gun, making for an easy kill and only moderate damage to you.

But I love my Rampart, still one of my favorite ships to fly. Great satellite defender, and in team deathmatch you can just move with the team laying mines to whack enemies who are too busy dogfighting your allies to avoid them. There's very little more satisfying than seeing one of your interdiction mines smack an annoying scout pilot and then you and your allies just obliterate him.

Throw on a co-pilot with hydrospanner, put your first req points into upgrading your shields and armor, and you'll be a beastly target that can absorb silly amounts of punishment. Avoid repeated gunship fire and wandering away from the team into a bunch of enemies, then going entire games without dying becomes not too uncommon.

Not to mention you can actually do some damage with those mines. Interdiction definitely, then the other should be either Seeker or Seismic. Seeker mines can be dodged, but you can spam them more than other mines and they have a really wide activation range, and tend to give lesser pilots serious issues dealing with.
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08.12.2014 , 10:56 AM | #6
I'd recommend the T2 Scout (Flashfire/Sting), the T3 Gunship (Jurgoran/Condor), the T1 Bomber (Razorwire/Rampart), or the T3 Bomber (Decimus/Sledgehammer).

Those ships tend to be the most forgiving.

On those ships, the best weapons to use to gain confidence are:

Burst Laser Cannons (available on the T2 Scout and T3 Gunship)
Cluster Missiles (available on the T2 Scout, T3 Gunship, and T3 Bomber)
Heavy Laser Cannons (available on the T1 Bomber and T3 Bomber)
Slug Railgun (available on the T3 Gunship)
Seismic Mines (available on the T1 Bomber)
Concussion Mines (available on the T1 Bomber and T3 Bomber)

I'd say that you should make a serious attempt at learning how to use Power Dive. It makes any ship (even the T3 Bomber) extremely slippery and hard to kill.

And before you focus on killing, the first thing to master is evading and making yourself a difficult target. Survival is hugely important when holding a node, and not being farmed is the best way to help your team win at Deathmatch.

Many Deathmatches are lost not because your team collectively failed to get enough kills, but because one or two players on your team got farmed over and over and over again.

If you make yourself a difficult target to kill, you'll find yourself being shot at less often, as the easier targets will be more preferable to aces and the like.
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08.12.2014 , 11:20 AM | #7
T3 GS not T2 Nemmy....

And you're wrong.... Attacking aces is much more fun than flying against noobs I remeber one TDM you were upgrading your Jugo on Shayd... I was on Leelu'tal, on her about half upgraded SportsDive. I enjoyed killing you And getting killed back Same with every ace I fly again... Killing Bot is so much more rewarding than killing some nameless noob
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08.12.2014 , 11:39 AM | #8
If its a cartel ship your after check your servers gtn you may find one at a decent price.

While i love my t2 scouts I think over all if your a new at this start with a strike it may be easier to handle.

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08.12.2014 , 11:58 AM | #9
GSF has a steep learning curve and takes a lot of practice.
don't worry too much about kill rate or death rate for now. this is pvp and you'll die... a lot -
focus instead on hit % and learning how to fly and target.

my 2 favorite ships - Novadive and Starguard (or blackbolt imp side) both are the starter ships. all ship types are viable just match the proper tactics to the ships types roll.
also, focus on leveling only 1 or 2 ships for now. spend your Req's wisely !! you'll lvl faster and see a real difference in effectiveness sooner.

check out the Galactic Starfighter Compendium - solid tips and advice for all ship types and and good ship builds as well.

I don't consider myself an Ace (whatever "Ace" means) but give me a stock nova or blackbolt and I'll give a veteran a run for their money. will I score a kill? probably not. likely not even scratch their shields but being a good pilot means being able to compete no matter what ship you fly.
(that said, I totally suck in a gunship - still can't get the hang of them - )

hope this helps and keep flying !

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08.12.2014 , 12:21 PM | #10
When I started playing I got wrecked by some really good pilots. So I bought the ships they had (buying with requisition, not cartel coins), because I thought that starting ships aren't as good as the ships you can buy.

Some months later I have to say, the most helpful thing of buying those ships was to know that they can perform so well and wanting to be that good. I also found out that experience/skill will decide the outcome of most battles (there are only few situations that are actually "impossible" to handle without gear). And, with improved skill, the starting ships perform far better than a new pilot usually expects them to do.