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So when are the Deathmatch cap ship guns getting turned back on?

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So when are the Deathmatch cap ship guns getting turned back on?

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08.12.2014 , 05:58 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by RatPoison View Post
Hence why the suggested addition of a mercy rule which could be activated by a player initiated command and vote (not far unlike the vote kick system that we had(?) in the pvp ground game), or by a preset difference in scores for not only TDM, but also Domination. Just because a team is getting their *** whooped doesn't mean it needs to be dragged out to the end of a match. I know I don't take any great pleasure in stomping new pilots into the pavement, and would be absolutely fine if they could vote to end the match. I opine this as a far better result than simply reminding them of their plight with death after death till the match ends.
Important question: How are newbies supposed to know how to vote to end the match?

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08.13.2014 , 08:33 AM | #22
I don't really see asking for nuances to concepts that aren't being implemented or even well received to be necessarily important. We can dream up anything to satiate your question, but there's not much point to the hypothetical.

The vote kick system in PVP was toggled through and voted in via the chat box. Morphing the existing system to accommodate this aspect would potentially be a simple route, however, we can dream up anything we'd like as an alternative as well. For example, hitting escape and having an added option in the window to vote to end the match early, obviously a non-vote would be against, and it can be stipulated that 75% of the team would need to vote to end the match.

But again, we can make up any of the nuances we'd like... and hash out the hypotheticals. To me, that's less important until there is evidence the concept itself is an acceptable solution or addition.
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