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Non-instanced content, huge component missing...

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Non-instanced content, huge component missing...

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08.05.2014 , 06:07 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by FoebaneCDW View Post
Current SWTOR design has world bosses that have zero motivating factors to go kill, why not load them with more interesting loot tables? Make people want to kill them, make people have a reason to do something, that's why a lot of people play.
But if they have something that makes them worth killing multiple times, they become camped and it'll be difficult to get a kill. I don't want to first spend half an hour gathering a group and then another two hours trying to find the boss to kill. If I could just summon the boss on demand, much like an instance, I'd be much more likely to go for them.
Quote: Originally Posted by FoebaneCDW View Post
Well I am not speculating, I've played basically every MMO since Ultima Online came out in 1996, and I have seen the difference between instance everything, some instance, and no instance. I played EQ when they invented instancing, It was a turning point in MMOs that some are just seeing the aggregate effect of. My suggestion is not an all or nothing, its a better balance of both.
And I've played Anarchy Online, which had non-instanced endgame raids for a long time. This had two negative effects.

Firstly, a certain group of people took control of the raids, and if you did something they didn't like, you wouldn't raid. Period. Attempted revolutions weren't consistent enough to matter.

Secondly, the raids were huge. 50+ people were not uncommon. The group in control of the raids at least had set up a point system which more or less guaranteed that you'd eventually get your item, but it still required participating every day for maybe two or three months. Add some extra months if you were ambitions enough to want more than one item, or gear up your alts too. And the items were of such power that there simply weren't any alternatives.

Eventually AO switched to instanced content, including one of the more popular endgame raids. While this opened it up for raiding guilds, players without guilds or in small guilds weren't really any better off. While they could form PUGs for the raids, items were generally flatrolled, meaning that the chances of getting one were slim. The droprate on the best item wasn't 100% either, and usually players wouldn't bother running the raid again on the same character after getting it, meaning that you were practically always rolling against 20 or so other players.

SW:TOR has managed to avoid the worst pitfalls I experienced in AO. Instanced content means it's available on demand, and I don't have to fight other players just to get access to it. Almost all non-vanity loot has a 100% droprate (save for a couple of cases where a single boss drops one of two items), and the amount scales up with group size, giving a reasonable chance of winning even in PUGs.

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08.05.2014 , 06:10 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by FoebaneCDW View Post
A lot of the responders are the kind of people who have driven the dumbing down of MMOs. There needs to be a safe place and guaranteed content for the Walmart players like you, that whine about competitive things, and there needs to be something more satisfying for the people who play the game like me, to be challenged and stimulated by interesting, mysterious, competitive content. Walmart players have become the majority, so we get games like we have today, original MMO design was so much better, it is a sad day.
What the hell are Wallmart players?
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Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
As theUndead mentioned, I can't exactly spell out all of our policies in depth, but that should hopefully cover your concerns.