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Might 34 Hilt or Guardian 34 Hilt For Jugg Tank

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Might 34 Hilt or Guardian 34 Hilt For Jugg Tank

Methoxa's Avatar

08.02.2014 , 05:13 PM | #11
Guardian pvp setbonus would require you to exchange 2x 180 (or 186) armoring with crappy pvp ones that have less strength less endurance and most importantly less armour. All in all i would say exchanging 2 armorings will increase damage taken by atleast 10% while guardian leap heals you for 4k all 60seconds ( or whatever its cd is). Furhtermore you can only leap while not tanking a boss iff you do boss will move eventually cleave the raid. Moving a boss is a dps loss. In my eyes a weak theory even if you could leap on cd its selfheal is worse than the lost mitgation and lost dps on the boss ( leaping costs 1 gcd at least if you dont have to position the boss/add after it).

Min/Maxing is dependant on your raid, Thats all i wanted to say with my prior post. If your dps aren't the strongest then go dps armorings, if your healers arent the strongest go tankarmorings, if your doing 16m go tankarmorings. Because 3 dtps less is less important than having 100 hp more.