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I give up

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08.14.2014 , 06:05 PM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by Comradebot View Post
1. If we did break it into "tiers" it should only be two tiers: a "newbie" tier for your first five or so games, long enough to get you practice in actual combat and enough req to get a few upgrades. The other tier is everyone else.
2. Pre-mades of three or more people restricted to games where the opposing team will also have a pre-made.
3. Introduce rated GSF matches with significant rewards and incentives to be busy pew pewing other ambitious pilots and not poor folks in their first ever GSF game.
4. Cross server queues. Should go without saying, but if we were to start segregating the GSF players into different tiers or theoretical rated GSF games then we'd see queue times go up. Cross server queuing would help remedy that.
5. Pre-mades outside of rated GSF matches could be given reduced rewards. So you'd have an easier time winning, but you'll be seeing less reward for it.
1.: I'm against tiers in random PvP. A good tutorial would solve beginner's problems to some degree. Another, probably even more helpful function would be some sort of duel-mode or test-map with unlimited access to all ships, components and upgrades.
2.: There are people who want to play with their friends but aren't good players. If they meet another premade that consists of good players they would basically be punished for wanting to play together. I don't think that's the goal here. Also: queue times.
3.: I'd love to see ranked GSF but I'm against a rating system in "normal" GSF games. Ground-PvP has no rating system in non-ranked games so why should GSF have one? The main difference are the rewards. In ground game you actually improve your character, that is incentive for most palyers to play it, even if they aren't good. In GSF you ge absolutely nothing to improve your character and there is no motivation to play it other than GSF itself.
4.: Cross server queues qould be awesome (EU servers should even mix languages if there aren't enough players to form an one-language-group at night). Again, I'm against tiers and such things in random PvP.
5.: No. Not in any case someone should get punished for playing together with their friends. It's an MMO.