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Do not install the Serial Key App!

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Do not install the Serial Key App!

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12.23.2011 , 01:37 PM | #1
Well what can I say? I’ve been to hell and back and seen the devil for my own eyes. He calls himself Bioware Customer Services. Yes it’s a catchy name.

So I get SWTOR and it asks me to create an account. It asks me if I would like to set up a Security Key as it increases account security, so I’m like “Sure thing whatever, I have an iPhone, I’ll download the app.” I pair the phone app to my account, set it all up and play the game. YAY!

A couple of days later I get a new iPhone as I’m due an upgrade, so naturally I have to reinstall all my apps to my new phone. No prob. Launch up SWTOR Security Key app... uh oh, it’s asking me to pair the phone up as if doing it for the first time. OK no sweat what do you need? My serial number? Hmm it seems the only way I can find my serial number is by logging onto my account... but I need my security key to do that, which only my phone can provide me... when it’s paired. What?? OK, so I’m stuck. After googling around and reading a few forums and discover I have to phone up Bioware.
I live in UK so I call up the UK number... no response. Not even an engaged tone, it’s as if the number doesn’t exist. Hmm, OK I’ll try the alternative EU number (looks like a London number (020)). Same thing. OK I guess I’ll have to ring the US toll free number which isn’t toll free for me because I’m calling internationally. I use my wits and use Skype as it’s free on there. Yay me.

Doesn’t make a connection so I try again... same thing. Is something wrong with my Skype? No, I’ll try again. Ooh yay I got through. No wait it’s just a robot saying “Sorry we’re extremely busy, try again later” *Automatically hangs up*. GAARRHH!! OK keep trying... 17th time finally gets me through and put into a queue. Alright we’re getting somewhere now!

So I wait... and wait... and wait for a godamn hour and a half! Someone picks up and asks me what the problem is.

Me: “I need my serial number because my iphone app is asking me for it before it will give me my security key to let me log back in”
CS: “OK I’m just gonna put you on hold for a while, sir.”
Me: “......”

*15 minutes later*

CS: “OK, sir here is your serial number: blah blah blah.
Me: “Cool thanks! Could you just hold on the line while I do this?”
CS: “Sure.”

*I input serial number into phone. Phone now asking me for an activation code.*

Me: “OK, it’s now asking me for an activation code.”
CS: “I’m sorry sir, we cannot provide you with that over the phone. You’ll have to email providing them with a form of identification.
Me: “What like a scan of my driving licence?”
CS: “Yes, sir.”
Me: “Umm... OK.”

*Hangs up*

Feeling too tired to write a bloody email and feeling this is not the right answer as all the forums (including SWTOR’s official twitter account!) indicate I need to ring up Bioware customer services to sort the problem out... not write an email, I decide to go to bed.

So next day I try calling Bioware again, but this time I think to myself, instead of trying to re-pair my phone app to my account, let me just try to get the security key removed altogether. You see I have this strange feeling that even if I got the activation code, the phone will just spit out a message saying the account is already paired up with another phone (my old one which is now erased) so it won’t pair this one up. I came to this conclusion after reading a few forums about people unsuccessfully trying to migrate their ‘serial key giver’ from their phone to their dongle, or vice versa.

I ring and get put straight into the queue this time. Hmm maybe the lines have died down a bit? Yes a little bit, I only had to wait 30 mins this time to get through to someone (what a joke).

Me: “Wanna reset my security key.”
CS: “OK gotta put you through to security key dept.”

(Why the guy I rang yesterday didn’t suggest this? I’ll never know.)

*I Hold for an hour and a half*

To the credit of the security dept, when the guy I spoke to picked up, he was incredibly friendly and understood exactly the ‘limbo’ situation I was stuck in (probably had lots of people that day), and we had a little laugh and joke about its awfulness. Anyway I finally thought I was getting somewhere as he would reset my security key once he had my account details loaded up on his end. I gave him my email address, then suddenly.... *Skype cuts off* NOOOO!!!!! WHHYYYY??!! Skype cut off at 1hr 59 seconds. Is this some sort of Skype measure?? Can’t have a phone call more than 2hrs before ringing back again?? I don’t know.

I thought well I’ve given the guy my email address, so maybe he’ll email me with something.... *wait 10 mins*... no. I have to call CS again. It’s the only option I’ve got.

In queue for half an hour. Someone picks up. “I’ve been cut off and need to be put through to security key reset dept. Oh and BTW I’d been on hold for 1hr 30 mins just before that happened.” She was shocked I told her this, even saying “Just give me a minute I need to digest this. You were on hold for THAT LONG?? I’m so sorry on behalf of Bioware, but unfortunately I can only put you through to them again and hopefully you’ll have better luck than holding for 1 and a half hours this time!”

*I wait on hold for 1hr 20 mins*

(OK I think I’ve got 10 mins to sort this out before Skype cuts me off again. GO!)

Me: “Need to reset security key!”
CS: “OK need you to answer these security questions...”

*I Answer correctly*

CS: “Correct. OK security key is now reset. Have a nice day.”

Before I go I tell her the whole ordeal I went through. Well most of it anyway. Especially the part about the long *** queue times, which she is shocked about too. I assume that Bioware staff have no idea about the lengths of time many people are having to go through. I tell her my story in hopes that she’ll say something about it to her peers and spreading the word of what Bioware are putting people through. Maybe she’ll say something about it to her peers, maybe not. Honestly I don’t really care. I’m back in SWTOR in time for the Christmas hols! YAY!

*** Moral ***
Don’t set up a Security Key with your iPhone app unless you know you will never ever wipe it with a fresh install. Although I even read about people who merely synced their phone with iTunes before the app asked to be re-paired. So for the love of god just don’t use that piece of **** app!

If you have it installed and need to re-pair it. Call US customer services 1-855-467-9867 and ask to be put through to the Security Key Reset Dept, as the main dept can’t do it. When you get through to them have them reset your Security Key. Do not waste time asking for your serial number or activation code assuming you just need to re-pair your phone app to the account, as it won’t help (they might give you the serial number but probably not the activation code, and even then your phone will probably say you’ve already paired a phone to your account so you can’t do it again). Just focus on getting the damn Serial Key off your account!

Good luck!

Lexcyn's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 01:39 PM | #2
This is one of the reasons why I prefer a physical key and not the app.

The problem is every time you wipe your phone, you will get a new generated serial # for the key (the app does this for security reasons).

Also, I'm pretty sure they explain this to you in the app itself and also on the website.

Kormack_Solir's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 01:41 PM | #3
If you still have an old backup of your old phone it might be possible to restore it to your new phone long enough to log in and remove the old security key.
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JazzDemon's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 07:06 PM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Lexcyn View Post
The problem is every time you wipe your phone, you will get a new generated serial # for the key (the app does this for security reasons).
Are you saying that the iphone app (after reinstalled) will generate a new number? Because it doesn't. It simply asks for it. It requires you to type in the 7 digits.

Or are you saying that my SWTOR account will generate a new one for me when my phone is wiped? Well I couldn't get into my account to locate the information, whether it would be a newly generated serial or not.

Besides from what I gather the serial number is static, as I managed to get the information out of the 1st guy I spoke to.

Quote: Originally Posted by Kormack_Solir View Post
If you still have an old backup of your old phone it might be possible to restore it to your new phone long enough to log in and remove the old security key.
That may be true, I don't know as the last time I backed up was about a week ago. Way before I installed the Key app. Yes I take that as my own fault, but I also read about people backing up their phones, only to have the Key app reset to default asking for their serial number again, effectively locking them out of their accounts. It is my hope that if such people find themselves in this situation that this thread may be of some help to them.

vicviper's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 03:45 AM | #5
there are no amount of creds that BioWare or anyone can give you for having to go through with all this! I want to thank you for posting this as i wanted to use the app (switching from the physical) but im sure as h*** am not going to use it now! Again TYVM!

And Merry Christmas!

Rulyen's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 04:04 AM | #6
I would be careful with the apps even if you intend on keeping the same phone for a while. I installed mine, but now it's giving me Login Failed errors on the site and the launcher is telling me my authenticator code is wrong. Pushing 2.5 hours on the phone to get it removed. Plan on mentioning to the next person who picks up that its 4 AM, I want to go to bed, and if I have to wait too much longer, they're going to get an earful. Something as simple as having the stupid thing removed shouldn't take this long.
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Stormfaller's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 04:39 AM | #7
Thanks for posting this, could have used the info a little earlier though. :P After being hacked on my wow acc I was determent not to let that happen again, so I installed the app on my android. And as of yesterday Ive got the usual info is not correct when I try to log on to the game. They should really fix this since I dont have the time to be on hold for 2 hours the next 2 weeks and I would like to get some gaming done before school starts again.

Creedom's Avatar

12.25.2011 , 10:22 AM | #8
Thanks so much for posting this. As some have said, I have the physical dongle but wanted to get the iPhone app since I'm hearing it works now. But after reading this, I'm kind of regretting putting the damn thing on my account in the first place. Apparently, even with all the security features they put you through just to access your account, you cannot remove the security key from your account without calling customer support. Here's hoping my dongle doesn't die.

HammerHermann's Avatar

12.25.2011 , 01:27 PM | #9
Was going to install it as well. Won't now. Thanks for the feedback.

Mathaka's Avatar

12.25.2011 , 01:55 PM | #10
I am looking for a way to unbind my security Token App from My account ... My phone still works, so I can log in ... but honestly I dont feel very secure with this .. Can anyone tzell me how to unbind this token without calling CS, as long as you have got Access?
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