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Looking for a RP guild,

NitsujSain's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 05:09 AM | #1
Good morning, afternoon, evening or whenever you're reading this

For the moment you can call me Nitsu, so hello all. I am currently looking for a RP guild for my Jedi Knight; name Janton, currently level 14 Jedi Sentential. Honestly that is the majority of what to say about him.

As far as the man behind the keyboard goes, I'm a 26 year old workaholic with a major love for MMO's and Star Wars. I would have been part of the beta but my PC sucked majorly back then. Due to my work schedule which is 12 hour shifts at night that run from 6PM to 6AM I really only have time to play between 7 and 10 AM and all night on my days off.

I understand breaking the forth wall is against code but it was needed to point out that I cannot play all day and that while I am eagerly enjoying The Old Republic I have other things going on in life, so please don't shoot me a line if you are just looking to bolster your roster.

Now this is my first play through and I would like to enjoy it with friends but it seems most of the people I meet are either rushing through and know everything already or simply don't care. I do however and want to explore the story.

I am going Light side as well so that would be nice if the guild agrees with my choices. I am a bit of a lone wolf and don't expect to have my hand held nor am I looking for power leveling. A guild that has a master/apprentice set up would be awesome if I could find such a thing. Lastly, I am not a PvP player. Never have been and honestly don't care to even try, so if that is the main focus of your guild I apologize but I am not your man.

I do realize that this is a bit jumbled up and I appreciate all who take the time to read it.

I look forward to your correspondence and may the force be with you