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Getting presented with a Qeue after DC.. not cool

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Getting presented with a Qeue after DC.. not cool

Knoeier's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 12:57 PM | #1
Sooo... the server stopped responding. I get thrown out the game.
I check my internet connection, it was working.
I immedeately try to log back in. Then the Launcher tells me no connection could be made. After about 1 minute i get back in and greeted with a 20 minute qeue.

Let me say that i understand why there are qeues. Balancing the population is a good idea.

Can't u guys like... tweak the system some more..
I suggest : extending the grace period for getting put back in when u dc ( whoever caused said dc )
I suggest : Letting higher people with higher level chars back onto the server quicker because they are more settled in.. If the idea is not to attrackt new players starting on a certain server, u don't have to let ppl in their mid 30's wait to log on..

Just my 2 cents...