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New to tanking?

guitarman_mason's Avatar

07.14.2014 , 10:57 AM | #1
I'll just make this short and sweet, I'm used to being a DPS and was wondering what would be the best class to start tanking with? I'm kinda deciding between Vanguard and Jugg!

Thanks swtor fam!

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07.14.2014 , 12:51 PM | #2
Comes down to your play style and how much you like to/want to manage.

Have the highest base Damage Reduction (DR) of any tank in the game.
Only have to worry about three proc based abilities; flamethrower, rocket punch and heat blast.
Have 1real CD for defense which when used adds 25% to their DR . Also have something that reduces accuracy by 30% for things in it. And finally has a health regen style defensive.

Second highest base DR of any tanks.
Have more to manage; armor debuff, crushing blow DR buff, force scream's defensive component (absorb shield I think), Retalite's defensive buff.
More worthwhile defensives; saber ward, saber reflect, Endure Pain, and one more which name is slipping but gives 30 or 40% DR on use for a few seconds.

Do not think I am missing anything super important from a tank point of view for the two classes. If I am I am sure someone will point them out. Each of the tank classes are strong in their own right and each can tank any of the content in the game, so the choice of which to play comes down to your style and how it fits with the above information.
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07.14.2014 , 01:27 PM | #3
I think Vanguard/Powertech is easier to pick-up and run with, simply because there is less to learn. The extra toys the Guardian/Jugg bring to the table require knowledge of attack-type and damage-type to be truly effective. That being said, you should plan on learning these differences anyway.
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07.15.2014 , 04:18 AM | #4
After making all 3 and doing a little bit of end game tanking, heres a very brief summary of VG/PTs and Juggs/Guardians (put in republic terms)


Almost all mitigation is passive, the only thing to worry about is using energy blast on cooldown.
Easy resource management
Procs are for increased DPS (and by extension, threat)
Ranged Capabilities, large number of AoE attacks, grapple, and Hold the Line make holding aggro on large numbers of groups easy.
Only class with a ranged taunt, allowing you to grab a clump of enemies up to 30m away.

Minimal defensive cooldowns (energy shield, Kolto overload, shoulder cannon + riot gas) with weaknesses built into 3/4 of them:
Kolto Overload requires you to drop below 35% to work, so if you pop it at the wrong time, you can end up with it on cooldown when you need it.
Shoulder Cannon is needed for threat in the beginning of the fight, so you can't get the 20% heal from it until 2 mins into the fight
Riot Gas requires the target to stay in it for it to work, meaning you cant use it on large groups of spread out ranged enemies.

Very hard to kill, when played correctly is considered the toughest tank out there (KBNs numbers)
Large number of defensive cooldowns, with almost all of them working on everything.
Has group utility with the AoE taunt giving a damage shield to allies.
Procs are for resource management

Not using Blade Storm on cooldown significantly reduces survivability
Overly reliant on the defense stat for procs
Resource Management requires being attacked
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