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The Silver Gala Social RP - July 26th @ 10pm EST [JUNGMA]

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The Silver Gala Social RP - July 26th @ 10pm EST [JUNGMA]

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07.09.2014 , 11:44 AM | #1


Yalawari Institute for Archaeology is throwing their annual fundraising event; The Silver Gala. Said to be a neutral event, the richest and highest of nobility, scientists, lords and philanthropists are said to be in attendance in hopes of seeking trade,sharing knowledge and making alliances. The name of the event, dubbed the Silver Gala is priced at 20,000 credits, though special invitations have been sent out to many. On display the event is the Society's newest archaeological find, rumored to be one of Tulak Hord's many holocrons along with many of their Rakata artifact findings that will be on display.

Alongside the event's various raffles and auctions, the Institute has worked alongside the Dantooinian Theater Troupe to present it's newest drama that will make its debut during the event.

Founder Dr. Carth Yalawari and the Yalawari Institute for Archaeology cordially invite you to the 10th Annual Silver Gala.

Join us for an evening of learning benefiting research expanding across the galaxy.

JULY 26th, 2014 * 10:00pm EST
Tower of Prophecy on Voss
  • Open Bar
  • Dinner
  • Live Entertainment brought to you by the Dantooinian Theater Troupe
  • Raffles and live auctions

All proceeds to go to Yalawari Institute for Archaeology.

Please RSVP by July 23r.

Formal Attire is mandatory



Penumbral will be looking for up to 9 or so volunteers who would like to assist in being in the "play". The play, which will be between 15-20 minutes will be based on the lore and derived from the Legacy of Sith series. This is something new we'd love to share and experience with everyone who wishes to participate! Please note that should you volunteer, your role will require knowing your lines (not by memory) and staying in touch and of course...showing up on time and ready. Costumes will be provided to you.

Should you wish to play a role and/or donate pieces to the following costumes, we would be most grateful:

Narrator -

Naga Sadow - position filled
Marka Ragnos - position filled
Ludo Kresh -

Gav Daragon -
Jori Daragon -

Sith Guard x2
Sith Slave x2


The event is basically to bring everyone together with...a bit more class than the Grotto. Raffle funds will go to the volunteers and those who have contributed.

Please feel free to message Luniara if you'd like to contribute, be a part of the play, be a waiter or any kind of NPC. Otherwise, we hope to see you all there and hope everyone will be on their best behavior!
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