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Interested in PvP? Come group with me!

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Interested in PvP? Come group with me!

Honortyrant's Avatar

07.04.2014 , 05:14 AM | #1
If you play Imperial and are queuing solo most of the time, look me up. I'm always looking for new people to run with and if you are interested in PvP but don't believe you have the gear or skill then I am the perfect person to group with. I have experience with many classes and I can help anyone out with warzone strategies and class rotations, not to mention which gear to purchase with those precious comms.

I've only been on Ebon Hawk for a week, would be great to bolster my PvP friend's list some more and continue the fun I've been having in warzones.


Darkdust's Avatar

07.04.2014 , 09:03 AM | #2
I've seen Medical-Droid around, always glad to see another healer with me.

Unless you're on the opposing side...
Arkonor Joron
Nightscope Codewalker
Nefarious Intent - The Ebon Hawk

Armutso's Avatar

07.22.2014 , 07:45 PM | #3
Bath'salts is always looking for a group for pvp.