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Looking to buy crafting matts

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Looking to buy crafting matts

TheJanitor's Avatar

06.27.2014 , 05:32 PM | #1
So I'm looking to buy various crafting matts in bulk and the GTN is either missing these matts or selling them at such huge mark up that I'm not buying them, so I have come here list what I'm looking for and the price for them.

Grade 2 Underworld Metal -10k/unit
Krayt Dragon Scales
Grade 3 Underworld Metal -10k/unit
Grade 4 Underworld Metal -15k/unit

So if you have any of these lieing around and want to avoid the GTN fees, etc, send me an ingame mail to TheJanitor. If you want, you can COD small shipment of these items, but if you wish to send me stacks of these, lets talk first cause while I do need a lot, I dont need stacks upon stacks.

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