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Dread Forge Crafting Thread 2.8 Jung Ma

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Dread Forge Crafting Thread 2.8 Jung Ma

CaulderBenson's Avatar

06.26.2014 , 02:56 PM | #1
This thread will be for any guild to post, imp or pub, I'll try to keep it updated and current.

Materials for said items are as follows:

Either [2 x Mythra & 2 x Turadium] OR [2x Carbonic Crystal & 2x Primordial Artifact Fragment]
8 x Exotic Element Equalizer
8x Vial of Stabilized Isotope-5
2 x Mass Manipulation Generator


Advanced 34's

Advanced Reflex Barrel 34 - Xannakk
Advanced Skill Barrel 34 - Xannakk
Advanced Resolve Hilt 34 - Deronis,
Advanced Might Hilt 34 - Cobrainquisitor,


Dread Forged Relic of Focused Retribution - Cobrainquisitor
Dread Forged Relic of Serendipitous Assault - Cobrainquisitor


Dread Forged Stalker's MK-X Package - Harmonica
Dread Forged Field Medic's MK-X Package - Harmonica
Dread Forged Weaponmaster's MK-V Package - Harmonica
Dread Forged Combat Medic's MK-X Package - Harmonica
Dread Forged War Leader's MK-X Package - Ninta

Ear pieces

Dread Forged Field Tech's Device - Xannakk
Dread Forged Combat Medic's Device - Sovergn


Advanced Initiative Enhancement 34 - Cobrainquisitor
Advanced Adept Enhancement 34 - Scerra'cyon

Cost for all items from UMBRA: One mass or 500k or 5 isotopes.

Send all crafting requests for a specific item to the listed crafter.

If there are any other guilds who would like their info posted please do so.