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[The Ebon Hawk Server] Cathar/Smuggler RP Partnership

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[The Ebon Hawk Server] Cathar/Smuggler RP Partnership

CommanderHerman's Avatar

06.23.2014 , 03:03 AM | #1

My character's name is Mathaeus, now transferred and perminately on The Ebon Hawk server and I am interested in finding a suitable person that is advanced at RPing to be my RP partner. Such a position entails med-heavy RP all while adventuring and questing throughout the galaxy.

(Before I begin I would like to say this is just but a short condensed version of the entire story. A lot of detail was cut out so that people wouldn't have to read a long wall of text forever. I know time is precious!)

My storyline idea starts at the planet of Cathar. Mathaeus was a renowned, respected warrior in his tribe. Life was going swell. He had a potential mate and a bright future in sight. A jealous brother, Argaeus, also loved the woman of whom Mathaeus was interacting with. With an evil heart, spawned from the opposing genetics of morality that most Cathar had naturally developed, Argaeus killed Mathaeus's potential mate and framed the respected, esteemed warrior. Mathaeus was exiled, but Argaeus was not done yet. The jealous brother informed an exploring imperial squadron of Mathaeus's movements. Mathaeus was overwhelmed in an ambush and captured, eventually sold into slavery.

To those who may know, Male Cathar were not suitable slaves due to their animalistic aggressiveness and wild personalities, but his brother Argaeus paid a hefty price for it to be done. It was females who were the more gentle, submissive souls that were suitable as slaves. Hence why Juhani in KOTOR1 grew up in the city of Taris and was sold into slavery after the death of her parents in order to pay off their debts.

Moving on with the story, Mathaeus was eventually traded into Hutt control. Meanwhile, Argaeus had been discovered for his crimes on his home planet of Cathar and was exiled as well, but now that Mathaeus was gone, the chieftain of his tribe could not undo the process which had unfolded. Argaeus's current movements and endeavors are unknown. He had disappeared and discovered transport off planet.

Mathaeus, now the property of the Hutts, is being transported to the world of Coruscant and will be delivered to the Black Sun gang who have paid a handsome amount of credits for new slave merchandise. It is here that I would like the partnership to begin.

To those who are of smuggler class, this storyline was designed especially for you, and I prefer the RP partner to be a smuggler. I will accept smugglers around the level of my character which is 22 and will more than willing to help those who are interested level up if they want to make an entire character for this. I believe this to be a good idea that could provide lots of fun and good, flowing RP.

If it wasn't apparent already, I am trying to make a partnership similar to that of Han Solo and Chewbacca; two individuals who travel the galaxy and have lots of adventures together. The smuggler, whoever he/she is, will have been invited to the auctioning of slave trade in the Silent Sun Cantina in the Black Sun Territory to participate in the auction. It is there that the two characters will meet, and perhaps an escape attempt by the once honored, respected, and esteemed warrior from Cathar will occur, who will perhaps befriend anyone who attempts to aid him in his escape, for his past life can not be re-obtained, and a new path must be found.

Essentially, my character would become an additional companion for whoever the smuggler/RP partner is.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to responses! For those who are interested, either find me in game, add me and send me a /whisper when I come online, send me mail in game, or simply reply to this post with your character's information. We will role-play to test each other's ability and get to know one another to see if such a partnership is possible!

~Commander Herman.~

ExplosiveZozania's Avatar

11.04.2014 , 05:12 PM | #2
If you have not yet gotten any replies (and if this thread is even still valid for your interests) I personally think this sounds very interesting, and while I lack a smuggler I can always make one and level her to your level ASAP

CommanderHerman's Avatar

12.08.2014 , 08:50 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by ExplosiveZozania View Post
If you have not yet gotten any replies (and if this thread is even still valid for your interests) I personally think this sounds very interesting, and while I lack a smuggler I can always make one and level her to your level ASAP
Hey there. Thank you for your reply and your interest. I apologize if this is very late and delayed, but if you are still interested, feel free to make a smuggler character on The Ebon Hawk server and send me in game mail to my character Mathaeus

Hope to see you there soon.
~Commander Herman.~