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Tips and ways to make lots of credits in SWTOR!

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Tips and ways to make lots of credits in SWTOR!

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06.20.2014 , 07:32 PM | #1
Hello guys, i wanted to make a thread for the people that are new to this game and dont know how to make credits, etc.
This is a quick guide.

1. If you are new to this game and want to make credits, remember these things.
Buy low, sell high.
If its too good to be true, it probably is.
ALWAYS check the price on the item you are buying if you can get that item for a lower price, go for it.
Dont inflate the market, because you may end up paying for it.
Dont lowball others on the gtn, because the price will keep lowering.

2. Start out doing dailies, or if you are not 50-55 yet, get gathering crew skills.
Dailies are a grind, but you can get 7k to 9k credits depending on the daily.
Crew skills are something i will explain later in this post.

3. Packs and other cartel market items.
You can sell packs for around 200k-400k depending on the pack.
Or you can open it with a chance to get a rare item. (Not recommended, but pays off if you get a really good item.)
You can sell hypercrates, but those cost around 60$ in cartel coins.
Other cartel market items you can buy such as unlocks if you are not a sub, are expensive.

Moving on.

4. Crew skills.
Let me start this off.
You can have up to 5 companions crafting items or doing missions.
You can have 1 crew skill as free to play, 2 as preferred, and 3 as a sub. (3 is the max, and also you can buy extra crew skill slots on the gtn/cartel market.)
Let me go over the type of crew skills.
First crew skills, are gathering skills.
They are a skill that you can just go around on a planet and look for things to harvest.

Second crew skills, are crafting skills. (Only do crafting skills if you can have 3 crew skills)
They are a skill that you can use materials from other skills to make items.

Last type of crew skills, are mission skills.
They are a skill that you send your companions on missions for.

Well, theres your type of crew skills.
Research more about crew skills to learn more about it.

Well, theres your quick guide to making money in SWTOR!
Hope this helps!