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TOR: continuing to fall short

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TOR: continuing to fall short

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06.19.2014 , 07:35 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Daekarus View Post
Game looks pretty good considering it's dead. You guys really need to give up on that particular falsehood, it damages your credibility.
Yep yep.

And for the "OMG it's bleeding out in the player base!" ummm.. no.. it's not....though the PvP servers are on a slow persistent decline. It's actually been a stable player activity level for the last year. Sure, it has it's post patch spikes and corresponding lulls.... but the one being.... game has a stable player base. The PvP servers are not as that lends to the PvE servers seeing modest growth, offsetting the continued PvP decline, and honestly that is what I would expect to see in an MMO that is essentially a PvE game with some PvP.
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06.19.2014 , 07:42 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Daekarus View Post
Game looks pretty good considering it's dead. You guys really need to give up on that particular falsehood, it damages your credibility.
I agree. Indeed, it's laughable to see people tell us the game is dead on the forums. You cannot post on the forums unless you sub. They do, therefore they still sub, so to declare the game dead is a contradiction in terms. If THESE people say the game is dead, what does that say about subs who don't post such condemnation, or better, those who don't bother to post on forums.

One of our collective problems is that we are not privy to sub or revenue numbers. We simply do not know, so people, particularly the naysayers, will guess. They believe they have some sort of inside scoop because they read a gaming rag's editorial or peruse a proxy statement as if they understand what is being said. It's like reading tea leaves. These people have no more knowledge of what is going on than anyone else, yet they are convinced they have some sort of secret insider pulse on the state of the game.

And if you dare to point out the paucity of their knowledge, it's all, "You're a fanboi!" because you don't agree with their negativism and point out that they really don't know anything worthwhile. I wish we really DID have stats that were meaningful, but that wish does not compel me to make stuff up, which is a lot of what we see here.

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06.19.2014 , 07:51 PM | #23
Well, in all fairness there was a point where subscriptions were dropping at a substantial rate, based on public postings of those numbers by EA as well as Bioware comments, and there were still plenty of folks that denied it was happening.

So there has been a bit of hyperbole on both sides of the fence in that respect.

I personally feel the game is in a pretty healthy state ATM, but could be healthier. I think the player base has stabilized for the most part, but could be climbing much faster....just my singular view. I think it has lost some regular players and subs since the 2 mil f2p/south of 500k sub release, scuttlebut now is 10 million registered players, 1 mil regular, 350k sub.

I think the game is far from dead....but to be fair it was on it's way to a fairly dramatic crash before the original dev team left the company. Since then the new dev team has turned things around IMO.

...though they do still make mistakes from time to time.

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06.19.2014 , 08:01 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by BuriDogshin View Post
How about this for a possible answer:

"Because every player is looking for something different, and some people want what other people would hate."
Good lord. Someone who gets it?!

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06.19.2014 , 08:41 PM | #25
Call me simple, naive, lame, I suck, whatever. But I like the game. I don't understand much of it but I'm learning. I'm bumbed at the cartel pack ratio and how I can fork over tons of cash without getting even 1 of the advertised "potential" products. I'm not talking about 1 or 2 packs. I'm talking about many many 24x packs. Sure get a lot of crafting items . Big items, very rare...I guess the things I want are "super rare"

That animosity aside, I like the game and the stories. Lag sucks but that can happen for various reasons I'm told.

I notice many ******* players in chat and many of the good players I really could learn from are on planets I am no where near ready for.

I got to thinking about what many of you have been saying. If I was a developer for swtor, what would I do? You can't make everybody happy but you can make the silent majortity fulfilled. Maybe they are?

I love this game. And I'm sure by the time I've done all the classes and stories, they will have more content, (maybe even classes) . Maybe not. I just want a damn Rancor mount! Hahahaha

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06.19.2014 , 08:49 PM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by ShatteredVision View Post
I thought that was a pretty fair assessment, OP.

To be perfectly honest, other than Asheron's Call (my first), this is by far the funnest mmo I've played. I've had a blast in this game, particularly because I play mostly solo. The problem, however, is the same that it's always been. This is, by far, the worst game I've ever played in terms of developer management. It is an abject failure in that regard. It's a damned joke, really.

I'll be around until shortly after housing, just because I'm curious. Really, I'm here because I don't particularly like any of the recent mmos that released. I'm praying to the gamer gods that Archeage will save me. Time will tell.

Also, if you've been through every server merge, you probably have the same feeling I do right now. The more it starts coming up, the more serious you have to take it. I don't mean that in the sense that I think it's going to happen. I mean more along the lines of the population dying again, across servers. I've seen lots of people brush worries aside recently, but if you think server populations are fine, you're lying to yourself.
i grouped up with a player on taris republic side sometime in 2012 and did some stuff a couple of times. lost track of him for a while and he came back to swtor sometime last year and since then i have not seen him on at all im hoping ill see him pop online again soon he's in my friends list republic side only don't think he has any imps. but it's also possible he has taken swtor of his pc. and there's two players on the empire side i added to my friends list and it has been so long since i have seen then online that they must not be playing anymore. so thats a little thing i see that makes me wonder how many other players that i have done heroics etc with that are no longer playing.

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06.19.2014 , 09:49 PM | #27
[Editted to delete my killer witticism. I must be getting old.]
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06.20.2014 , 01:01 AM | #28
I would have to agree with the op. though I'd say that TOR is a great massive single player game but for MMO the individual class stories being great but cant be continued after they are completed. I love Star Wars and TOR did have so much potential, not that its a totally bad game.......I just wish there was more freedom in the classes (i.e weapons, armor, etc.). Not to mention that the graphics they use doesn't seem to capture clothing and armor very well (I'm not very tech savvy so don't know a whole lot about this, so this is just my opinion....again). All the clothing and most of the armor seems like....well I'm wearing tights from pants to shirts. Some of the armor looks cool but still doesn't look like I'm wearing actual armor with plating (I hope this makes since)...perhaps that is why for some reason designers create those god awful over compensating shoulder guards (lol I'd really, really like to know why it is they make those shoulder guards like that. lol I mean really want to know drives me crazy not knowing why they think it looks cool. I don't know maybe I'm in the minority), plus there aren't a lot of robes per say (in my minds eye I'm picturing jedi robes like in the movies).

Like I stated up above the class stories a great to experience once they are done the individual stories are done. Its seems and this is just my opinion and observation of posts that the stories were so good that people want to continue each of those stories. Yet in a gaming since probably not going to happen at least for the individual story (though I could be wrong). And lets not forget the races, Star Wars universe is full of different races yet we can only play a few of them (I'm not including the crappy cyborg thing cause that isn't a race!). Yes, yes I know the whole speaking basic stupid thing, but there are easy ways around that and many, many other races out there that do speak basic.

As to the f2p thing that doesn't bother me cause then EVERYONE that can, can play and experience the Star Wars game. Though when it comes to adding content and well anything to the game, I don't really care how it effects them. Now that may seem mean and all but to me and this is just my opinion that if you don't pay or help support the game in any way, well you just are along for the ride (not that f2p don't have good ideas or that they are bad).
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06.20.2014 , 08:45 AM | #29
I guess in my experience a good MMORPG starts when you hit max level and in TOR it isn't long before you are sitting around say what now. I hope that the new expansion with the houses and guild ships and planetary control is really good, but if they do not roll out a new dungeon with 2-3 month they may be some issues.

I really don't blame the dev's i blame the upper management. IMO they do not support the Dev's with the resources they need. It seems the staff is so small and split into two areas 1) Cartel Market 2) everything else which mean content and issues like X-server is extremely slow or just pushed aside.

I will say the new team has done a much better job but their communication with certain play styles/ areas sucks as bad as ever.


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06.20.2014 , 08:53 AM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by Daekarus View Post
Game looks pretty good considering it's dead. You guys really need to give up on that particular falsehood, it damages your credibility.
Indeed, everytime I visit the starting areas they are loaded with players, dunno where the dying part of the game is at, maybe at level 55?
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