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"[DAILY] Emerging Conflicts V" not always available for pick-up

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"[DAILY] Emerging Conflicts V" not always available for pick-up

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06.18.2014 , 04:12 PM | #1
It has happened to me many times now that I could not pick up the quest "[DAILY] Emerging Conflicts V" on my 55 character even though it is a daily quest. Thanks to a hint in this thread, I finally found out the cause of this.

Steps to reproduce:
  • Go to the PvE Priority Missions terminal on the fleet, as a level 55 character.
  • Make sure that your quest log is empty, or that you currently do not have the mission "[WEEKLY] Galactic Conflicts" (3x 55 HM FPs) in your quest log.
  • Check the quests offered by the terminal.

Expected result:
You should be able to see the following quests to accept:
  • [WEEKLY] Searching For Allies
  • [WEEKLY] Tactical Flashpoints
  • [WEEKLY] Galactic Conflicts
  • [DAILY] Galactic Conflicts
  • [DAILY] Emerging Conflicts V

Actual result:
You can see all of these quests except for the last one ([DAILY] Emerging Conflicts V).

Note that once you pick up the quest "[WEEKLY] Galactic Conflicts", the quest "[DAILY] Emerging Conflicts V" magically appears in the terminal and can be picked up. It seems that this quest requires the 55 HM FP quest to be in the quest log before allowing players to pick it up.

Note that this is happening both on Imperial and Republic side, on level 55 characters. I was able to reproduce it on all of my 55 characters, and asked two other players who were also able to reproduce it.
Please check if this behaviour is intended or if this can be considered a bug.