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Interested in RPing anytime? (Jung-Ma, preferably...)

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Interested in RPing anytime? (Jung-Ma, preferably...)

Corgi_Roo's Avatar

06.17.2014 , 09:30 AM | #1
First off, my character is a level twenty-nine Sith Sorcerer. I am on the server Jung-Ma. (Sorry everyone, but I am strictly unable to move due to me having friends and guilds on this server.)

My definition of an RP Partner:
Basically, you RP while doing quests etc, of course, I am a medium to heavy RPer while doing quests.

So, I guess I'll give you my character's back story:
(Please note: I still need to change my character's IG name.)

Her life was barely entertaining. The only thing to do on her planet was to kick sand around and throw it at giant mutated rat-like-things. She saw Sith Apprentices come and go as she sat there all day, all night, in the hot days and somewhat cold nights.
Her mother and father often said goodbye to her and I love you like most parents do, until one day, her parents never returned. It was said be that they ran a life of spice, dealing it from here to there. Then, the Republic caught them in their act.
When she turned twelve, the Republic discovered that she was force sensitive and took her off the planet known as Tatooine, to train her to become a Jedi.
Everyday now she repeated the Jedi code, yet she still felt something was missing. She wasn't like any of the others, well, except for two other people; she, however, knew they were falling towards the dark side. And soon she would too. When the Empire learned that many Jedi Trainees had defected, they were very pleased. They gave the young Sith Acolyte the name Hyalia, which meant To Crave. (Just Hyal.) She was faced with difficult trials on Korriban, but defeated them nonetheless. When she finished her last trial (leaving a scar behind) Hyalia did not want to be controlled by a master. Hyalia wanted to be free, like she had been all her life. And yes, she did get that wish; well, with a few blood-sheds and.. very life-threatening wounds that she obtained, but this was how she survived, using the force.
Haylia (Twenty-Nine) now wonders throughout the galaxy, seeking some place to call home, friends, and yes; someone who can guide her will.

(P.S, if you feel like I'm breaking RP rules, please tell me so I can fix 'em! (: )

sergiobac's Avatar

06.24.2014 , 01:56 AM | #2
Hey! I know it's kinda' late to respond to this post but if you're still interested in wanting to RP/Level with you, I'm down for it! I have a Marauder right now at thirty-six and it would be cool to start a RP with that character (Also to level because I haven't been on that character in weeks xD) I'm usually on around 5pm-3am Eastern Standard time