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Which class story should I play next?

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Which class story should I play next?

Darth_Chaous's Avatar

06.12.2014 , 05:20 PM | #1
Hello this is my first time posting on the forums so I apologize if this is in the wrong place. Any ways I am trying to decide which class story I should work on next. I have played the inquisitor class (thoroughly enjoyed the inquisitors story) and got to lv 43 of jedi knight (before feeling a bit bored and having a hard time trying to focus on playing the class). So I was wondering what class has a good story that would be enjoyable and if you have a suggestion on what type of character I should use in that class ( for instance healer, tank, DMG).

Thank you for any answers you give.

MidichIorian's Avatar

06.12.2014 , 06:07 PM | #2
A lot (most?) people argue that the Agent story is the best. I'm not sure I'd like to agree with that, I personally find the Smuggler story to be more entertaining, but regardless, both the Agent and Smuggler classes have fun AC'es. Sniper gunslinger is a solid PvE DPS and scoundrel/operative is the best healer for most things in this game and certainly for PvP. Hence, both are great options in terms of story and viability of the AC'es.

Nazdika's Avatar

06.12.2014 , 06:21 PM | #3
Not sure what you are expecting here. Not like anyone can tell which story you will enjoy. Expect to be told the stories (i.e. spoilers)?

Generally speaking:
I liked all the stories, more or less. Middle part of consular least, I guess. Bounty hunter story gets somewhat repetitive. Agent is a good one, I personally liked trooper too, though that one is heavy on "good, honorable soldier" at least when played light sided. Smuggler I find pretty hilarious, though I hear people complaining about having to travel much for little reason in the last third. I did not mind, though. My vote would go to either smuggler or agent. Smuggler I play as slinger, and agent as medic. Just think this fits the story quite well. But YMMV.

Just some scrambled thoughts when I can't sleep Let us know what you want to read. Can give more info on the stories, but do not want to type up huge spoilers.

Darth_Chaous's Avatar

06.12.2014 , 07:17 PM | #4
Well what I'm looking for is mostly what people would suggest to try. I will make my own decisions if I like it when I try it. As it goes right now I have a smuggler I just started so I may try it for awhile. But I was just looking for what people find the most fun to play as so I can give it a try. So more or less I'm just getting a General opinion of what is fun to try. As for story I don't care about spoilers but would prefer not to get them. just a simple The Story Was Enjoyable is what I would look for.

Merouk's Avatar

06.12.2014 , 07:19 PM | #5
My impressions so far, without actual story spoilers:

- Imperial Agent - the story is about espionage and special ops, a bit a la James Bond in that there's a lot of flirting, but completely the opposite of Bourne Identity because you're not the most ****** person around (you are, it's just not so blatantly obvious). It's plot-heavy, with lots of twists, and if you play it light vs. dark vs. neutral, your choices matter and ultimately affect the ending. I'd recommend keeping a journal in notepad as you play, so you can make sense of past plot details that may return to haunt you.

- Sith Warrior - the story is about being an Enforcer for Sith Lords (Lord Baras, mostly) and he has hilarious dialogue whenever you talk to him. The dialogue is what makes this story great, and I definitely recommend hitting ESC during dialogue so that you can see and hear all the lines being delivered. If you play light-side, it's arguably better as you have to pretend to be a brute but in fact be nice, so there's quite a bit of sarcasm and irony in your lines.

- Jedi Knight - typical hero story, as you've seen, and the plot is quite a bit about your companion Kira, with a couple twists and funny moments in there that involve her. If you pick the more funny dialogue choices.

- Jedi Consular - I played this one as a female because the armor is all skirts. Also, the female voice seemed to fit better than the male for the "calm and composed" dialogue that you deliver if you play light-sided. Your attack abilities as a Consular aren't all that great, but the cutscene dialogue makes you look more powerful than Yoda at the Force. You'll be levitating huge things with no effort, and AOE Jedi mind trick with a single hand wave, which not even Yoda could AOE a whole room, so basically the cutscenes make you look like a super-Master. So that's where the fun is with this class story - the bad guys try to be bad, but you're, like, Superman (there's no kryptonite).

- Smuggler - I also played this one as a female, because the female voice actor for this class has a distinct accent that I thought went well with the snarky lines you sometimes deliver. The story is a series of misfortunes that you have to quick-think your way out of - Han Solo type stuff. What's fun is that you do kick *** relatively early on; initially you're one step behind your enemies but pretty soon you get smarter than them and THEY start falling into YOUR traps and getting furious while you just snicker and move on. Some of the one-liners that you deliver during cutscenes are hilarious, like, an Alderaan noble hits on you and invites you to dinner and then... and you cut in with "And then marriage, right? That's how it goes, right? And once we're married, half of this stuff will be mine, right?" and he chokes and runs away.

Darth_Chaous's Avatar

06.12.2014 , 07:32 PM | #6
Alright Thank you to all who have posted On this I think I have a good idea for what to mess with next though any further posts for anyone else who needs help with this would be appreciated. Just to keep this post open for those who need a good idea of characters to try.

Sithke's Avatar

06.12.2014 , 10:28 PM | #7
My personal favorite was the Bounty Hunter story. I went Merc. cause Ima healer. But yea, with BH you get to run around kill some people, and the dialogue is good. The male voice is epic(Not sure on female). The Knight is a good story if you want Anakin/Luke/Obi'wan type story. Meaning you can be like Luke and have tons of light, be like Obi and be more light than dark, but some dark(some dark coming from abusing force powers, death sticks guy, episode 2, and the scene where he says "These are not the droids you are looking for.") and than Anakin, where you start out as the famed hero, and fall from grace and become a dark jedi. I found the Agent to be good. Sorta like James Bond. I had a few fade to blacks with this class and my smugg. The smugg story has tons of witty dialogue and stuff. Its fun cause of all the attitude you can give, and because your living life by your own rules. The troop I found fun if you go dark. Sure, your companion hates it, but Im mean come on? Talking back to supeiors, giving witty remarks to orders. I havent played the Warrior/Couns. yet, but Ive heard Warrior is fun and Counsler is a tad... well, dry. The Inq is SO MUCH FUN! Very close second but BH tops the list. It never gets old sitting at my computer yelling "UNLIMETED POWER!!!" Lol. Yea. Bit of a spoiler, not big, you get to torture some people and you can zap them (zap zap) and they'll say stop it, and you can be an *** and say "Stop what?" while zapping them. the Companions are fun(Yay Khem!) and mainly I just like the whole arc. Baisically I like all the classes, and I plan to make a Warrior.(cant wait to see Lard Baras myself, teehee.) and I can try to make a Couns but I might not make it. I know you already said you did some of these, but this is for all you noobs!(No offense) So yea, that's my opionion(Lol cause screw spelling.).

Kantaso's Avatar

06.13.2014 , 08:17 AM | #8
I am having fun with my Trooper (Republic) and the Scoundrel (Republic) I am still trying to figure (Spoiler) out where the freaking treasure is located.
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06.16.2014 , 12:40 AM | #9
I had the same impression: enjoyed the Inquisitor story a lot(I think it really has the best personal touch, and feels most like a personal journey), and felt rather bored when I played a Jedi Knight.

(of course, six characters later, I started playing JK again, fully dark, and oh boy, am I having fun...)

I would go Sith Warrior, absolutely, without thinking. It is one of the best.

- Agent is very well-written, but if you go in with high expectations, you'll be disappointed: Agent's Hutta is one of the most boring starting stories, the real thing starts unfolding later.
- Bounty Hunter can be meh, but it has its moments(your opponent with painted eyes, however, is one of the worst I've ever met in the game). It's still head and shoulders above the Republic stories, though.
- Smuggler is probably the best Republic story, but I've experienced it only for the girls. They get the fun chasing Skavak, they get the fun sleeping with a guy who turns out to be a (spoiler!). But the guys get lots of action, too.

I enjoyed the Consular(enough to start playing it again), but it's a very hit-and-miss - it felt like a very, very personal journey for me, especially in chapter 1, but I played dark side-and-then-redemption, and I headcanoned lots of the events in my head.

Trooper and Jedi Knight are meh, plain and simple. Darkside versions are slightly more enjoyable, but the story sucks anyway.
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ImmortalLowlife's Avatar

06.16.2014 , 07:57 AM | #10
I loved the inquisitor story. The bounty hunter is good too. I think my overall fav story is the male smuggler tho. It's the one story that kept me LMAO from start to finish...not to mention the male smuggler gets to flirt with tons of npc's. The agent & Sith Warrior stories are definitely some of the best overall stories imo.
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