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The perils of Darth Squirrelcorpse: Light Side PVP Lightning Sorceress

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The perils of Darth Squirrelcorpse: Light Side PVP Lightning Sorceress

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06.09.2014 , 06:26 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by JP_Legatus View Post
Darth squirrel corpse +1 for awesome name
the only way he could have come up with that name is if he found a datacron that increased his awesome rating by 1000
people on the internet are only mean because they can get away with it

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06.09.2014 , 09:33 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by MusicRider View Post
I am sorry but I am not goona look on your keybinds and derive your rotaiton. If you want right it down. But commonly is:

When polarity and recklessness are up:
affliction->polarity->blast->ling strike->recklessness->force ling->chain ling->spam ling strike till blast off cd.->blast->ling strike-> see below for options

When polarity and recklessness are on cooldown:
affliction->blast->ling strike->crushing darkness (if bubbled or without bubble if not focussed)->force ling->chain ling->spam ling strike till blast off cd.->blast->ling strike->see below for options

Options on second blast->ling stirke in both cases:
a) affliction but gets blast and its proc and ling strike and its proc out of sync with affliction but maximises dps
b) usual FL->CL->ling strike spam till 1.5s before blast comes off gcd and then affliction and start from the beginning

Spamming LS is "better" cause you are saving shock for when you have to move.
Look man... To me, it's "this is the lightning bolt that stuns weak enemies and is instant," "this is the lightning bolt that channels and hurts a lot over time," "this is the lightning bolt that is really annoying because it takes half an eon to cast for one puny little zap, because she has to drop a woolen carpet piece down on the ground and scuff her feet on it first.." I have the default keybindings: one on the left, equals on the right and everything in-between in-between. If I want to use something that isn't there, I have to clicky with the mousey.

Except for "Affliction." I know that's the green one that looks like it isn't useful but actually does cool things if you spam everyone you see with it.

I appreciate the advice, but realize that I'm going to have to look all those things up and match the word with the cute little icon and figure out what they all are. If you give me advice that uses lots of letters, such as "you want to use this AOE because the CD is shorter than the DOT" then I'm probably going to have to do several Google searches before I figure it out.

But that is all part of the show. If I really knew what I was doing, this wouldn't be nearly as much fun.

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06.09.2014 , 09:38 AM | #13
OK, I looked one or two of those up and I don't have 'em yet. So I can't have 'em in my rotation yet. She's just a puny widdle level 22, wandering about Nar Shadaa. Because Nar Shadaa is, like, my favorite place in the game. It's like Vegas, but cheaper and with fewer people trying to sell you An Evening With Candy.

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06.10.2014 , 09:47 AM | #14
So I attempted to play a war zone or two last night, and up popped two DM's. I attempted to follow my DPS companions and do the rotation that had proven so effective in PvE.

It was not super effective.

Well... who needs those stinking rotations, anyway? Bah.

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06.11.2014 , 05:22 AM | #15
Yeah... rotations are for models on runways!

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06.12.2014 , 11:53 AM | #16
I called up my brother, the dog.

"I suck at DPS."

"Kill order: Weakest to strongest."



My first 'toon and only level 55, Ikki-puupuu, was a tank Jedi Guardian. So I'm running into WZ's immediately thinking of charging the biggest baddest bad guy of the bunch. This is what happens when you do that: Squirrelcorpse becomes Sorceresscorpse.


One nice thing (for me, anyway) about the 2.8 update was the free respec. This time I ignored the lousy recommendation and mostly charged my way up the Lightning tree, granting me my first taste of Chain Lightning.

Oh my God I love Chain Lightning. Running around Kuat Drive Yards (yes, I know, it's PvE... shaddap!), eliminating entire groups of Republic troopers in one shot... assuming, of course, the 3-second cast time doesn't lead the guy you're targeting to get killed by a teammate before you get the chance.

"The great thing about Chain Lightning," says my brother, the dog, "is when you get onto Voidstar and are defending a door, you just wait for everyone to Zerg Rush* the door, then drop that on them."


Dear God, please let Voidstar spawn up for me. And not Huttball. Please, no, not Huttball. I have no idea what I'm doing in Huttball. I don't know what ANY of these guys are doing in Huttball, frankly. I'm not sure they do, either. Maybe that's why we lost 6-0?

* I don't know how he knows this term. He's never even played Starcraft. Or Warcraft. Or any kind of Blizzard game. He didn't even play Diablo.

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06.14.2014 , 10:23 PM | #17
So, a quick update on everyone's favorite Varmint of the Sith.

I think I'm starting to get the hang of this!

It's not about damage, it's not about healing, it's not about capturing objectives, it's not about going from weakest to strongest, it's not about following the DPS guy around, it's not about any of those things. Like some zen truth hidden behind the curtain, it's about being all of them and none at the same time.

It's about being the girl behind the guy, the Sith manipulating everything just out of vision of the actual actors doing the real work, giving a push here and a shove there, the puppetmaster pulling the strings of the rest of the team.

The victory at the Ancient Hypergate, was a tight, tight battle between two nearly evenly matched squads.

Darth Squirrelcorpse was far from the best damage dealer. She was OK in healing. She wasn't really a player for objectives, and died far too often. But she medaled 9 times, because she was doing a little bit of everything, just behind the fray.

Didn't do it right at first. At first, she charged into the fray on the wrong side of the screen, trying to get off a chain lightning and some zaps here and there to interrupt her opponents' inevitable capture. But even with all the defenses up, going over there is a dangerous bid that is not for solo squirrel carrion.

Throwing Chain Lightning into the Ancient Hypergate's center chamber, on the other hand, now that's some real fun. She could work well from the relative safety of her own side's gate, working near the entrance to the center chamber to help keep the chamber safe for her own team and dangerous for the other side. A little heal for the tank here, an interrupt for the opponent trying to capture there. Someone's attacking me? Pop up the shield and draw him into hostile territory, where he finds himself suddenly outnumbered and in trouble!

There may be some use for this class in PvP yet...

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06.21.2014 , 11:30 PM | #18
So you're playing in a PVP warzone, and even though you seem to be slightly better matched than your opponent, it seems the battle is almost always going your opponent's way, as if an unseen hand is pushing all the odds in your opponents' favor, working behind the scenes to wreck your team and boost your opponent. But who? Where? How?

You may just yet have been owned by a Zap Witch.

Almost level 28, and playing a light side Zap Witch is getting interesting, now. Well... actually... It's always been interesting hopping onto Flashpoints and here, this hooded Sith of purple lightning and black arts going light. She's all the way up to Light II, now. I think there are light Jedi who haven't hit that by this level. Anyway.

Spotted a level 44 Jedi Shadow on Tatooine while doing class missions, and reported it to the general chat.

"Is he ganking?" someone asked.

"A level 44 Jedi Shadow is hanging around an Imp level 27 quest area and you're asking if he's ganking? What do you think he's doing?"

Oddly, he kept his distance from my squishy little Zap Witch. I wonder why?

I've abandoned's recommendations for now, and am instead barging my way as high up the Zap skill tree as fast as possible. This has proven to be a good move. I don't really need a 2% boost to Alacrity as much as I need, say, a skill that causes Chain Lightning to automatically cooldown and fire without cast time if you use the "rub your hair with a balloon first" 1.5-second cast time Lightning Strike. Or a skill that blinds if the bubble pops. Or a skill that causes Force Lightning (seriously, why do they even putting lightning in their names?) to channel 2x as fast IF you are attacking someone with Affliction and Lightning Strike first.

Oh, so that's why Dulfy says to use the lousy Lightning Strike. Noted.

Playing PVP has become more fun. MUCH more fun. I now see why Zap Witch is called a "support" class. What's been frustrating has been folks saying, "If you play it right, it's very effective," without ever really detailing what that means. But I think I understand now.

When you're playing a tank or healer or one of the tougher DPS classes, there's a thing you do regardless of situation. That's your role, that thing you do. Tank? Find the toughest guy in the opponent and get him to hit you instead of others. Heal? Keep the tank alive. DPS? Take out the trash in flashpoints, and just generally kill anything that moves in PVP.

There's no such simplistic plan for a Zap Witch. Zap Witch has incredible flexibility -- jack of all trades, master of none -- but isn't great at any one thing. She won't out-heal a real healer, she won't out-DPS a good DPS, and she'll get flattened in less than half a second if she aggros; there's a reason "Run Away!" is an early ability for her.

But as she gains levels she gets these abilities that help her to survive by hook and by crook, many of which can be applied to her teammates. And she gets these attacks that are great at dragging opponents down to her level -- and beneath her teammates' level. This truly is the class of The Emperor.

She waits for the battle to be engaged, first. Once the battle is engaged, she pops bubbles on teammates, so that right off the bat, they last longer. Chain lightning to bring down the health of the opposition, perhaps. Does someone need healing already? Should a time-lapse damage ability be applied to the toughest bad guy, or an area-of-effect on the crowd of trash? Is someone attacking her and she needs to use abilities she's saved up to help her evade? Do it! Then reassess again, and act.

She is particularly effective on Novare Coast. Novare Coast often ends up being a collection of small skirmishes in a tight area. The Zap Witch gets just outside of that area, where she's just beyond the engagement. Pops bubbles on her teammates, and then throws some Chain Lightning on the foes, who -- packed into a tight area -- all get a real charge out of it. Heh. Heh. Heheheheh. MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA...



Anyway. If you see my Lord Darth Squirrelcorpse Varmint out on the Bastion server, feel free to say hi! Unless you're Republic, in which case, don't be shy like that level 44 Jedi Shadow was... Feel free to gank her.

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06.22.2014 , 05:15 AM | #19
You have a great style in writing. I enjoy your "blog" very much. It almost reads like an "journey-novel". Thank you.

*Subscribes thread*
<S-key to victory> Because quad wheel is always better than dual wheel.

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06.22.2014 , 08:47 PM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by AlrikFassbauer View Post
You have a great style in writing. I enjoy your "blog" very much. It almost reads like an "journey-novel". Thank you.

*Subscribes thread*
Thank you! I'm enjoying writing it. I'm enjoying the challenge of making PvP work on her, too.

I'm getting better at it.

And I think that leaderboard shows an oddity. Look at Squirrelcorpse's numbers, compared with the number of medals she has. This has happened several times now... I have no idea what those medals are for. What I do know is that the team she joined was losing before she showed up...