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looking for a friendly helpful Guild then join us

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looking for a friendly helpful Guild then join us

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06.07.2014 , 10:18 AM | #1
The Covenant of the Jedi Exile is a friendly helpful guild.

We participate in Flashpoints, Heroics, Op's and help each other and all others within the swtor world.

We have a site at: thats free to join and members can submit there in game characters here and should they wish create a background story to

The Background :

The story of the Jedi Exile
A Return from Exile
During the Mandalorian Wars, many Jedi disobeyed the Jedi Council to follow Revan’s call to arms. But only one Jedi returned to face the Council’s judgment.
The Jedi Exile is said to have been one of Revan’s generals who enacted Revan’s fearful plan, of activating a superweapon called the Mass Shadow Generator. The Mass Shadow Generator destroyed not only the Mandalorian fleet, but most of the Republic ships and much of the planet Malachor Five.
Having lost all ability to feel the Force, the Exile accepted the Council’s sentence of banishment and left to wander the Outer Rim.
When she returned years later, the Jedi had all but vanished–slain by mysterious Sith assassins or driven into hiding. Simply by returning, the Exile became a target for these Sith and was hounded to the remote Peragus system. After meeting a mysterious Force-sensitive named Kreia at Peragus, the Exile began searching for any surviving Jedi Masters to discover what they knew.

While seeking out the last surviving Jedi Masters, the Jedi Exile had learned much. Although the Exile had been deafened to the Force, this condition was not a punishment by the Council for fighting in the Mandalorian Wars; it had been caused by the millions of deaths at the battle of Malachor Five. Knowing the Exile was haunted by Malachor, Kreia–taking up the mantle of Darth Traya again–returned to the planet.

The assassin Darth Sion also returned there to face the Exile, but he was defeated, persuaded to release his unnatural hold on life. Finally, the Exile dueled Darth Traya–who claimed that, despite her betrayal, there was no ill-will between them. To Traya, the Exile represented freedom from the Force, which Traya had come to despise. With Traya’s death, the Exile left Malachor Five for the last time, and the Sith Triumvirate was defeated.

The secret manipulations of the Sith Triumvirate following the Jedi Civil War almost destroyed the Republic. With infrastructure crumbling and the Jedi Order nearly extinct–its Masters almost entirely slain, and its younger members slowly emerging from hiding–the future seemed bleak. But the Jedi Exile and the other heroes of the Jedi Civil War would not see the Republic fall. With renewed treaties and alliances, trade gradually began to flow and the Republic military regained its strength.

Meanwhile, the Exile trained new Jedi recruits, forming a council of her companions who achieved mastery and welcoming others who came out of hiding. After years of slow but steady growth, the reborn Jedi Order made a triumphant return to its long-abandoned temple on Coruscant. But the Jedi Exile could not forget Darth Traya’s final warning, suggesting that evil remained in the Unknown Regions. With the Jedi Order flourishing, the Exile left the known galaxy to follow her former commander Revan into darkness.

Understanding the motivations behind the Jedi Exile's final actions to bring back the Jedi order, and peace back to the galactic republic. Jedi sage Dal'linia Garret created The Covenant of the Jedi Exile.