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Coruscant Skyrise Apartment Video

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Coruscant Skyrise Apartment Video
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06.14.2014 , 03:38 PM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by MadHobbit View Post
well hope this goes well, they are already rolling back at least 1 part of 2.8 due to underestimating the amount of CPU need for the 16 person gf, wonder how much of a cpu strain the housing will put on the servers?lets say 10k players per server, accessing their strongholds at once. seems a big undertaking, possible lot of lag for everyone
Probably will not be an issue. Strongholds should, if implemented correctly, be only two or three times as much load on the server as player starships - they will be instanced like starships but are more customizable, so there will be more data to retrieve to set the instance up. We haven't seen people going to their starships being much of a problem. Like with starships, there is not much interaction between Strongholds.

Groupfinder, on the other hand, is sort of the opposite of an instance - everyone queued for GF is has to be checked and potentially paired with everyone else in GF to form a group, and larger groups take a lot more checking and pairing. At one level, 16m GF it is like trying to find 16 kids in a class who all get along - it is a lot harder to do that than find 4 who do. And that's just part of the problem.
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