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Question about romances

Jesira's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 10:40 AM | #1
Hey I have a question about romances in this game, im playing an imperial agent and it seems like I have the opportunity to flirt with every other guy I come across in the game, so I was wondering if it effects your romance story arc with your companion if you choose these options in your missions with NPC's? (Sorry if this was answered somewhere before, I can't find a search function on these forums!!!)

Kopernicous's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 10:43 AM | #2
I usually choose the flirt options as well and so far does not seem to effect companion. I would assume if it did they would get negative affection points displayed like when you get them through the story. I am only a Lv 21 Sith Warrior/Marauder so I havent got alot of affection points on my companions yet to see if it even has a romance option.
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Silvercell's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 10:50 AM | #3
Yes Id like to know this too! I never flirted with other characters as I wanted to get approval from my companion character!

Misey's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 11:16 AM | #4
well I play as an Imperial Agent (male) and I'm lvl 32 atm with 7.2k affection with kaliyo and if you flirt with other gals she only dissaproves like 2/10 times so I say go ahead and flirt ya *** off and see what comes

Jesira's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 11:52 AM | #5
Kaliyo is weird, though when it comes to that stuff :[ For females, we have Vector who seems to be far more sensitive, as he is "good" alignment.

Kopernicous's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 12:21 PM | #6
I have Vette and basically seduced a Sith Lord on a quest to which I lost no Affection with Vette.
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Server The Constant (EST PVE)

ScarletBlaze's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 12:25 PM | #7
My friend has a smuggler and she said she flirted with someone in a cantina with her companion with her. It did cost her a point and he made a comment so it may just depend on the companion.
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Jesira's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 02:36 PM | #8
Costing points is easy to fix, but if they cause the romance arc to end permanently than we'd wanna steer clear of it, it's hard to tell if that can happen or not, though.

Evolvana's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 05:08 AM | #9
I would like to have an answer on that, too, I play a female imperial agent and I don't want to spoil my romance because of a flirt...

jmachate's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 10:52 AM | #10
I wont say how but based on responses from Kaliyo recently, you can kill that relationship.
Affection still goes up but the 'romance' is gone.