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Time to vote for Gunslinger/Sniper Q&A (due for 6-6-2014)

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Time to vote for Gunslinger/Sniper Q&A (due for 6-6-2014)
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06.01.2014 , 07:40 AM | #1
EDIT: Voting closed
Please respond in here about the formulation of questions. If you have a better formulation please share it with the rest of us so we can get the best questions possible.
Please note that I have tried to formulate the questions as 'whinyless' as possible while still naming the issues we face. I noticed that questions with to much QQ in it tends to get lesser quality answers.

EDIT2: I have finalized the questions. If I I see any need to edit the questions before Eric responds in this thread I will do so (based on future replies in this thread)

I want to thank everyone in here for the constructive thinking, providing and voting on questions. Especially thanks to VdFExarKun (Kryyc) for the input about the PvP-question.


Gunslinger class Q&A
PVE Question:
The coming patch 2.8 will bring a few changes to the double proc relicbug and several buffs to other classes. We fear that in the recent patches preceding 2.8 and 2.8 itself the DPS gap will be widened between several classes.
We do understand that gunslingers are bringing some defensive capabilities for ourselves and a great cooldown for the raid in the form of scramblingfield. These defensive capabilities and the universal playstyle of the gunslinger might have the potential to keep us in the raiding teams. But taking a gunslinger in a raid team will lower the raid DPS and we might get changed out for higher level content just like shadows, sages or even commandos in the past.
The only exception to this is playing Engineering/Saboteur and exploit gamemechanics to drop all Scatterbombs on one location which is a highly controversial playstyle.

Does the combat team believe that a gunslingers defensive and raid utility capabilities are enough to compensate for the relatively low sustained single target damage and overall AOE damage without "exploiting" Scatter Bombs? If not, what changes do you have in mind and what timeframe can we expect those changes to occur?

PvP Question:
It is a well-known established fact that Gunslingers/Snipers have survival issues in arena's and most classes see them as a free kill or at the very least the class to focus first even over (healing) commandos or sages. With the sometimes deflected legshot and nerved flashbang we are dead in the water the moment we are out of cover. We know and understand that essentially you feel we need a new button and that you're hesitant to create new skills at this time. Unfortunately this puts our class in a difficult situation and we don't feel as if that is a suitable situation. For example what kind of time frame would a survival boost be implemented, by your comments so far it's going to be later rather than sooner. And in the meantime can we look forward to a temporary solution like an increase of the amount of absorb by shieldprobe/defensecreen or a ‘Cover Screen’ (SS/MM) against melee damage too?
How will you address the survivability issues which gunslingers currently are facing in Arenas?

Wildcard question:
In the previous round of questions for Snipers, the combat team stated their dissatisfaction with the Engineering/Saboteur specialization. Noting long cooldowns on core abilities, single target limit on Interrogation Probe/Shock Charge and the energy management mechanics which all contributed to a clunky rotation and playstyle. Furthermore both in PvE and PvP Scatterbombs are highly controversial. PvP'ers are capable of one-shotting people with 10 mines but have to sacrifice their survival hightail for damage. PvE'ers face the issue of scatterbombs making up for about 20% of all damage done and a melee requirement. While the damage output is nice for the saboteur gunslinger, the combat team stated it was not intended to be used as such.
What has the combat team drawn up since the previous set of answers for resolving these issues present in the Engineering/Saboteur specialization while keeping the AoE-ness of our spec? Related to this, can we expect an official brainstorm thread where devs and the community can work together to discus possible changes?

Some random notes and concerns:
- MM/SS is currently lacking decent fillers while we are still being forced to use Flyby/OS on single targets
- DPS wize MM/SS is feeling to dependent on critting. (Even when considering its our burst dps tree)
- Both PvE and PvP setbonuses are feeling lackluster and mostly are considered to be non valuable
- The usefulness of alacrity is better after 2.0 but somehow the impact still feels small
- DoTs and Wounding Shots by other gunslingers and scoundrels are consuming the casters stacks of Hemoorhaging blast
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06.01.2014 , 08:13 AM | #2
Good job dude, someone had to get this started. Wasn't sure when our submission date was.

The wildcard one would get my vote but I feel it needs a slight alteration regarding the scatter bombs/covered escape. What you've put is not wrong but I would like to get it in that as pvp'ers we have to make a choice between using covered escape for survival which means a damage nerf (essentially) or for wall banging (which means a survival nerf). I'd like to add in another couple of things too but I doubt many others would, the plasma probe for example. It's a pain in both pvp and pve with being static for it's duration but at the same time I don't want it's static nature changed because the utility it provides in pvp is very good.

The pvp question on your post, sure I'd vote for that. The issue with it though is the twitch stream on the 29th gave us an insight into what they currently think of survival and would we get to know anymore than what they've already said? I'm not sure, it's a difficult one. The phrasing of that question is very important.

The pve one....I think the pve'rs need to come up with a few more suggestions to choose from. Or is that going to be our only choice?
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06.01.2014 , 10:31 AM | #3
thanks for your response and input baine. I remembered that earlier today I came across someone who made a short writeup on the PvP question. Definitely agree that we must phrase it correctly. If someone has an other idea or things to edit feel free.
About your other request; I slightly edited the saboteur/engineer question according to your input.

Quote: Originally Posted by BaineOs View Post
The pve one....I think the pve'rs need to come up with a few more suggestions to choose from. Or is that going to be our only choice?
Don't forget that a lot of the question in the 'Other' tab have PvE elements in them too. We can write those towards PvE if needed since many of those are relevant for both styles. If needed we can make the O1 saboteur question a PvE question and get another wildcard one in.

PS: Can I assume you voted for the PvP4 and O1 questions Baine?
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06.01.2014 , 12:31 PM | #4
Yes for the O1 question but the pvp one I'll wait to see what other questions crop up. I'm not convinced such a question is going to provide much more information than what we have already.
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06.01.2014 , 07:07 PM | #5
(These are combined ideas for the Lethality spec suggested from other Snipers and Gunslingers)
Lethality spec has three liabilities for maximum DPS in a raid setting: The Takedown Proc from Cull (Currently at 45%), the Weakening Blast "bug" (Other Lethality Agents in a raid team can "eat" up the increased DoT damage from the user), and the Covered Escape's Corrosive Mine. Obviously, we can all agree that it does need some fixing, so maybe increase the TD proc to 100% (because most of the time, you'll get TD procs anyway. It's a slap in the face in a rare circumstance it does not proc), make Weakening Blast a self buff, and/or increase DoT damage to make up for the Corrosive Mine damage (About a 100 DPS from using the roll). I am definitely not suggesting we should get buffed because "ZOMG PYROTECH MERCS AND MADNESS SORCS 2STRONK. BUFF SNIPERS PLS", but rather suggesting improvements to make our DPS stay the same as it is without these liabilities.

Just FYI, I'm only speaking this for mainly PvE. Unfortunately, I can't think of a legitimate question from this reason. :/
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06.01.2014 , 08:53 PM | #6
16 or 18 seconds DoTs are too long for pvp. PvP DoTs should do all their dmg in 6 seconds or less. Snipers don't have the DPS burst superiority to justify their lack of defensive abilities. Snipers don't need "another button". Defenses should be added and increased as part of other existent abilities such as taking cover.

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06.02.2014 , 02:51 AM | #7
Hey there

Just wanted to give my two cents to the questions since my main is a gunslinger and I love it shooting peoples eyes out.

For PVE I would suggest another questions since it really bothers me atm:

With the fix of the double proc relic and the buffs of other calsses which are incoming in 2.8 the DPS gap between the class will be widened by a rather large margin and gunslingers are by far the weakest long tearm DPS class in the game. We do understand that we bring some defensive capabilities (at least with marksmen) for ourselfs and a great cooldown for the raid. This defensive capabilites and the universal playstyle of the gunslinger might have the potential to keep us in the raiding teams but taking a gunslinger in a raid team will lower the raid DPS and we might get changed out for higher level content just like shadows, sages or even commandos in the past. Playing as defacto melee without gap closer and exploiting game mechanics just to be on par with the other DPS players is not fun.

Is the combat team aware and is it intended that with the changes coming in 2.8 the gunslinger / snipers will be more behind in terms of sustained DPS and AoA DPS (all specs other then engineering) than any other class currently on live? Are our defensive skills meant to negate this lack of DPS or what do you intend to change to make up our loss of DPS in 2.8?

My vote yould be for the above question in PVE.
Other questions would be PVP4 and O1.

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06.02.2014 , 03:07 AM | #8
hello all
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not much to pick from. i'll go with - Q1



Other Question


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06.02.2014 , 03:42 AM | #9
Hello all,

my votes are PVE2, PVP4 and O6.
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06.02.2014 , 03:43 AM | #10
Another quick reminder: I love the suggestions that are coming to this thread. Please post them in the PvE-discussion thread or the PvP-discussion thread.

Keep this thread clean for the votes. Otherwise you make fire-breath's job of tracking the votes unnecessarily painful.