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Guardians of Peace

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05.31.2014 , 04:28 PM | #1
[ Type: Immersive, lore-abiding, authentic Jedi Roleplay Guild | Recruitment Status: Closed | Size: Small ]
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It is the year eighteen after the Treaty of Coruscant.

After the war and Invasion of the Eternal Empire of Zakuul, the Republic is in shambles. The Jedi Council has fallen out of contact as the remaining Jedi are largely scattered all over the Galaxy.
Some have found refuge on planets, others have been stuck on Praxeum ships that have been badly damaged during the battles with the Zakuulan forces.

Even though the Order is in disarray, the remaining Jedi still see themselves as the Guardians of Peace in the Galaxy. They follow the will of the Force, keep the peace, fight for justice and are a beacon of light in the Galaxy under the wise guidance of the High Council of the Jedi Order.
While the Jedi Order's home may be Tython, the Jedi aren't restricted to it, the Auxiliary Jedi Temple on Coruscant or any other planet or location by being part of an Enclave but travel the Galaxy as regular members of the Jedi Order and help wherever they are needed in these trying times.

While not on assignments, Jedi are free to pursue their own studies and goals, in conjunction with or independently from one another. They never stray from their principles, however.
Depending on the individual Jedi, their activities may be in the fields of diplomacy, humanitarian or military aid, investigation, research, education or even simple administration.
Due to their independent nature, each Knight and Master usually has a small starship or at least a starfighter at their disposal to be able to travel to their assignments quickly. Padawans will always travel with their respective Master.

In all their duties Jedi strictly follow the Jedi Code as well as other rules of the Jedi Order, which might have them appear as slightly stubborn to non-Jedi. However, they are convinced that these philosophies and laws are essential to keeping the peace and welfare of the galaxy. They trust in the Light side of the Force with complete devotion and consequence which naturally puts them at odds with anyone who's tainted by darkness.

Although devoted members of the Jedi Order, they do not hesitate to serve the citizens of the Republic, the Alliance and beyond, request and lend support and resources to Republic Forces like Hazard Squad and others, as long as it doesn't contradict their beliefs, principles and moral values.

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05.31.2014 , 04:29 PM | #2
[OOC Information:

Jedi is a small, familiar Jedi Roleplay guild of like-minded immersive roleplayers on The Progenitor server in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

We roleplay (light-side) Jedi in compliance with Star Wars lore during the time of the Old Republic and strive to remain in-character and engage in authentic Jedi Order roleplay whenever we are online with our Jedi characters. Due to this, some might classify as hardcore or super-heavy roleplayers, but we don't care for those terms too much.
We roleplay the game. This means that our roleplay isn't restricted to Roleplay events, social roleplay situations and the likes. It encompasses all activities in the game, as long as they are fitting for the individual character. We expect our members to to remain in-character while they are logged onto their Jedi. This encompasses any in-game activities including but not limited to questing, levelling, flashpoints, operations, player versus player combat, galactic starfighting, and virtually anything one can do in the game (although some events, names and other information may be altered to be generic enough not to conflict with anybody else's roleplay or story). We also consider all locations to be roleplay locations.
The members of the Jedi guild focus mainly on spontanous roleplay with each other and other roleplayers we encounter, although we do hold planned events every now and then and encourage our members to prepare some events and stories of their own for their guildmates to participate in.
Our roleplay includes all the traditional Jedi activities including learning, teaching, conflict resolution (preferably non-violent - although sometimes violence regretfully can't be avoided), following the Force, solving mysteries guarding the peace and many others.

The Jedi are a veteran guild that has started in Star Wars Galaxies and has been roleplaying in Star Wars: The Old Republic on The Progenitor server since pre-launch. We used to recruit solely on a per-invitation basis after someone's roleplaying efforts have caught our eye, but we decided it may be time to open recruitment up a bit.
Unlike many other Jedi Roleplay guilds around, we do not roleplay a guild or an enclave in-character - we simply play regular members of the Jedi Order of various types that the Force just happens to lead together throughout the Galaxy.
Due to that our in-character rank structure mirrors that of the Jedi Order and is completely independent of our our-of-character guild rank structure. As a result our members may join, roleplay and progress into any of the regular ranks of the Jedi Order within reason (there is only one Grand Master, for example, and that's Satele Shan who is a NPC, so our members can't reach that), be it Jedi Initiate/Youngling (we have an Initiate Clan available for them), Jedi Padawan (only if they have another player character in the guild as their Master), Jedi Knight or Jedi Master, as long as they have the background knowledge and ability to portray such a rank during roleplay in a convincing manner.

Many of our members are experienced Jedi roleplayers. Some have been roleplaying Jedi in MMORPGs (Star Wars Galaxies, Clone Wars Adventures, Star Wars: The Old Republic) for many years, a select few even over a decade. Some have been members and even officers of other, well-known guilds on The Progenitor in the past.
We aren't looking solely for experienced veteran roleplayers, however. We welcome roleplayers of any experience level, ranging from players new to Star Wars and/or roleplay to experienced veterans.
One thing we do ask of you is the willingness to listen to your guildmates, to learn and to play by the rules the members of the Jedi guild play by. Our friendly, more experienced members will be more than happy to teach you the fine nuances of playing one of the most challenging roles to in the Star Wars Universe - that of a code-abiding Jedi.

We are looking for active, friendly, like-minded, dedicated and honest roleplayers to join us long-term in our Jedi roleplay activities.
We prefer quality over quantity in our members. Unlike some others, we do not look for prestige or aspire to become the biggest or most notorious guild on the server - we simply wish to participate in good, quality roleplay set in the Star Wars Universe at the time of the Old Republic in a friendly, overseeable enviroment.
Take note, however, that this also means our recruitment process is rather thorough and it may take a while until you are accepted into the guild on a probationary basis. This is done to ensure that you will be a good fit for our guild so the experience can be a wonderful one for both you and your fellow guild members to enjoy.

For more detailed information about the Jedi guild, the rules we play by and the expectations we have in our members, please visit our website.]

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07.27.2014 , 02:40 PM | #5
It has come to our attention that a guild called "Gaurdians of Peace" has recently popped up.

Please be careful not to mistake them for us as they aren't in any way affiliated with us and the name of their guild has been causing confusion with our applicants.

It seems they aren't really roleplayers either. We'd like to distance ourselves from them as we do not want their actions to reflect badly onto the Guardians of Peace.

We are sorry for the confusion this may have caused and thank you very much for your understanding!

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09.20.2014 , 07:22 AM | #6
Since many have been asking about it, after finally being able to catch up with the server timeline by roleplaying through the events of the Assault on Tython, the Guardians of Peace have now found refuge in an Auxiliary Jedi Temple.

Feel free to click here to read descriptions and see screenshots of our Guild Stronghold and it's individual rooms and areas.

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03.21.2016 , 11:56 AM | #7
Since we've finally finished our guild revamp and have advanced our roleplay into the time of the Events of Knights of the Fallen Empire, we're pleased to announce that recruitment is once again open for Jedi Knights and Masters that wish to join us.

Note that we aren't currently recruiting any Initiates until we hold further Initiate Clan classes, or Padawans (unless they have already arranged to be taken on as a Padawan learner by one of our member Knights or Masters), for our roleplay focuses mostly around Knights, Masters and their Padawans during these times.

We're very much looking forward to Your applications!

May the Force be with you!

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04.28.2016 , 01:36 PM | #8
Is the recruitment still open? I recently came back to the game after 5 months and would like to progress my character RP forward as my older guild went inactive during that time.
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05.10.2016 , 02:58 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by CommanderVintres View Post
Is the recruitment still open? I recently came back to the game after 5 months and would like to progress my character RP forward as my older guild went inactive during that time.
[S]Yes, recruitment is indeed still open for Knights and Masters.[/S]

Update: Unfortunately, the guild has gone inactive with too many members stopping to play and recruitment going too slow to refill the ranks.