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Help me need suggestions

letmeinbeta's Avatar

05.31.2014 , 02:18 PM | #1
As far as Empire AND republic sides go. Pick one from each that has the best story In your opinion. Im going to be doing PvE and wondering Class when you hit level 10 to also choose.

thank you

Adric_the_Red's Avatar

05.31.2014 , 04:21 PM | #2
Different people like different things. Just because one person says they like something, doesn't necessarily mean you will like it. Odds are some folks will tell you a particularl class story is great, and others will say it ... is awful.

Try them and decide for yourself which one(s) you like.
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05.31.2014 , 06:34 PM | #3
that was so very helpful. yes people have different opinions but ill bet theres one class that rises above the rest

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05.31.2014 , 07:28 PM | #4
Everyone says Agent's storyline. I was not all that impressed, i enjoyed my inquisitor's story a lot more myself. Everyone seems to hate the bounty hunter one, and I liked it So far I do like the empire ones a lot more than the republic ones, not really into the whole goodie two shoes unicorn rainbow feel that side seems to give off most of the time....

Kufuffelupagus's Avatar

06.01.2014 , 01:35 AM | #5
For me personally, I disliked Consular and Trooper the most. I'm liking Warrior and Agent, Inquisitor was a good storyline, I agree. Smuggler had great one-liners

For AC of each, depends on what you want your role to be in group content, if you're doing any.

Marstrike's Avatar

06.01.2014 , 02:55 AM | #6
This is not my personal opinion but rather what seems to be the general opinion with some of mine thrown in

I have described the classes without highlighting current balance issues as these do change. So "INB4" XYZ is better at XYZ blah blah.

Personally i would recommend the Jedi Sentinel and Imperial Sniper. If you are only doing PvE then these are both excellent classes for straight up damage as a DPS role. They are also opposites in terms of one is melee the other is ranged, one is a force user the other is not and the obvious one is imp the other is not.

Jedi Knight is often regarded as an epic "Star Wars" tale. It has everything in it that you would expect and as such many regard it as the best republic side story (or the game). It is also regarded as the "main" story and content seems to flow around it. The voice acting, companions and aesthetics are also good (imo).

If your planning to play PvE then both advanced classes are good. The jedi guardian can either be a tank or damage dealer, this can also be changed at anytime you like. Which ever one you chose the class is always desirable to endgame groups should you venture into that. The jedi sentinel is a pure damage dealing class with access to different damage spec's, in terms of melee damage its potential (burst/sustain) is second to none, because of this you will also be viable to endgame groups.

Imperial agent is often regarded as the best story and people have been saying that since launch. I actually haven't played through it all myself but from what i've seen it is qutie interesting and a big change from "you can use the force, go here and save/destroy this person because they are trying to save/destroy this planet". Im not a big fan of the voice acting but the aesthetics are brilliant and i greatly prefer them to the smuggler.

Again both advanced classes are good in and viable in PvE. The operative can be a healer or close range damage dealer with great burst potential. Healing operatives are often regarded as the best in the game due to their ability to move a lot with minimal cast timers. The sniper is a "turret" style ranged damage dealer, you do not move a lot but rather sit back behind cover putting in some very hard hits.

Anyway i recommended those classes based on the assumption that you will just be doing leveling PvE or flashpoints etc as you did not mention operations or PvP. If you do want to venture into those game modes then the Sentinel and Sniper are more than capable however, you may want to have a think on the other two advanced classes as they allow for alternative specs (tanking and healing).
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Cawyden's Avatar

06.01.2014 , 07:11 AM | #7
For republic side I would go with Jedi Knight too. The story is interesting, has some unexpected twists, funny and sad moments and feels epic.

Concerning the advanced class I only played as a sentinel until level 55, my guardian is only level 21. Guardian can be DPS and tank, so if you like to play as a tank you should take guardian as sentinels have only DPS trees.

On imperial side I would say Agent too, because the story is exciting and has interesting twists too. Normally at the end of each chapter you have different options how to proceed and these decisions have some impact on the further story and further options you can have, and it has kind of three different endings (but don't expect them to be adressed in Makeb or later story lines).

As advanced class you can be a sniper or operative. As a sniper you have ranged combat and you are less moving, the operative is more closed combat with knives and using stealth and can be healer too. As sniper you can only be DPS. I like both advanced classes, so I think it depends on how you like to play.
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06.01.2014 , 09:19 AM | #8
Favourites: Jedi Knight, Sith Warrior, Smuggler

Least Favourite: Consular

*I had to sort of push myself to finish Consular A2 and just ended up grouping for Consular Voss and Corellia
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06.02.2014 , 01:20 AM | #9
I tried to play the consular male but i honestly cannot stand the voice acting. When i do eventually get round to trying that class again it will most likely be female.
"The wolf does not concern himself with the opinion of sheep"
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