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can someone help me with my dilemma?

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can someone help me with my dilemma?

Chester_Swayze's Avatar

05.30.2014 , 07:39 PM | #1
So before I start, I want to state that I realize this is an ambitious undertaking, and I don't even really expect to come close to finishing it.... But I am a planner and I like to explore all of my possibilities. So from my quick little research, I came to notice that Republic/Empire classes are pretty much mimics of each other with slight variations (IE Knight/Warrior, Consular/Inquisitor, etc).
Now say for example, I wanted to create 4 of each on a server (4 republic/4 empire/8 total), and then have each classes inverse (again Knight/Warrior for example) as the other faction. So I'd have a Sentinel/Shadow as knight/consular, and Juggernaut/Sorceror as Warrior/Inquisitor.
So I guess my question is, if you had to decide, which way would you go? Like would you have the knight be a guardian and a warrior be the marauder? Like I stated I realize that they are mostly the same, but my logic is I would get to try the other specializations of the classes while also playing both factions and seeing the various stories.
My original setup/thought process is:

Knight - Sentinel
Consular - Shadow
Smuggler - Scoundrel
Trooper - Commando

Warrior - Juggernaut
Inquisitor - Sorcerer
Agent - Sniper
Bounty Hunter - Powertech

How would you guys set it up? Whether it be aesthetically or actually beneficial or whatever. Also I'm not 100% on the companions so I guess which companions pair up with which specialization?

Also like I said I realize I am probably not going to get them all, nor do I really want to get them all leveled but I am just curious and would like to try them all a little bit.

Thank you for any input

psandak's Avatar

05.30.2014 , 08:41 PM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by Chester_Swayze View Post
My original setup/thought process is:

Knight - Sentinel I did the Knight story as a Guardian and it felt right. Not saying the Sentinel isn't.
Consular - Shadow Just my opinion, but the Consular story is better suited to a Sage (especially Chapter 1)
Smuggler - Scoundrel
Trooper - Commando

Warrior - Juggernaut
Inquisitor - Sorcerer
Agent - Sniper
Bounty Hunter - Powertech
Everything else I have no opinion, but I've played the Smuggler (both scoundrel and slinger), Trooper (commando), Bounty Hunter (mercenary), and Inquisitor (assassin).
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05.31.2014 , 12:49 AM | #3
I pick a lot of the advanced classes based on the 'feel' of the story.

The smuggler story is sort of a run and gun treasure hunt and crime lord theme. So gunslinger just sort of 'fits'. Where the imperial agent is more of a cloak and dagger spy game, so operative fits the theme a bit.

Both kind of fit trooper, so focus on bounty hunter. Do you want to be more of a Boba Fett type with a lot of explosives and jetpack? Go powertech. Want a more aesthetic feel while wielding dual blasters? Take the mercenery.

For Sith Warrior, depends on which way you want to go. Is your character the type that just destroys anything in his path? Marauder. More reasoned and pragmatic times fit a juggernaut theme a bit better. Either goes well for Jedi, though guardian is slightly more to the story.

Both Inquisitor and Consular fit very close to the Sage/Sorcerer mold for their stories. Though probably a bit more for the Inquisitor since that is essentially the character's 'role' in the story - a seeker of secrets.

For the characters you can't decide upon, perhaps you can try to split your 'healy' and 'tanky' types up somewhat evenly - though that can't be done completely since there are three advanced classes that do each of those roles. So I might do something like this:

Jedi Guardian
Jedi Shadow

Sith Marauder
Sith Sorcerer
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JouerTue's Avatar

05.31.2014 , 01:01 AM | #4
i had your same idea..then i ended having jugg+guardian, sage+sorc, shadow+assassin, powertech+vanguard, scoundrel+operative, one commando and one sentinel. i don't like mercenary or gunslinger and sniper for aesthetical reasons and levelling the sentinel, while at endgame raiding it's awesome, was a pain due to not being able to fit another role, but i loved the other adv classes so just to be sure i got legacy gear sets for my doubles and i can go whatever class in whatever faction..i appreciated a lot the differences in the animations, and growing the same class in a different way from the previous one

swtonewbie's Avatar

05.31.2014 , 01:40 AM | #5
Well the story will be the same regardless of which AC you pick, so the choice would come down to which AC looks better with what animation. IMO these combos would be best

Sith Marauder: a lot of the animations are similar to the LOTRO champion class if you've ever played it. The weapon swings make you feel like the Marauder is relying on brute strength. One could even say that he is 'angry' when swinging his swords, kinda like how Luke flipped out and started going all berserk on Darth Vader. Just look at how a 1 handed Ravage works, now watch a dual wielded Ravage.

Sith Assassin: Darth Maul nuf said

Operative (Agent): popping out of stealth stabbing people multiple times with vibroknives then buttstroking them when your rifle.

Bounty Hunter Mercenary: Jango Fett

Jedi Guardian: the hold their sabers like a wiffle bat, i guess similar to the way Qui Gon holds it in the movies.

Jedi Sage: you fling pebbles. rocks and unearth droid parts and fling them at people

Gunslinger: dual blasters

Trooper: this one can actually go both ways. Some people (like myself) may find a trooper with a rifle pretty bland, but its what you would expect a trooper to arm themselves with i guess. I just like assault cannons better then i do rifles.
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05.31.2014 , 07:44 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by swtonewbie View Post
Sith Assassin: Darth Maul nuf said.
Which is why they need to buff Deception. A Madness assassin is just a sorceror with stealth. A Deception assassin? Darth Maul plunging his saber into a jedi!
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Hoshkar's Avatar

05.31.2014 , 10:34 AM | #7
Bought cheap character server slot unlocks off the GTN, then I made 1 of every advance class. One of them goes darkside, the other lightside. You see the story from different responses that way. Some are pretty cool. Right now they are all sitting at 15-45. Glad I did it this way myself. There are still planets I have not yet done. A lot of missing achivements to be found. Some flashpoints I still haven't tried.

Having all these alts does come in handy with events as well. I can get 60-100 BBA contracts in 1 week. I was max faction only after 2 months. Also Master Crafter using all of them. Alts do come in handy, and there is nothing wrong with trying them all out, I even know some people who have 2+ of a single advance class, just cause they really like it. Good way to skip having to swap skill points as well. If you wanted to play the class a different way (tank one day, or DPS the next).

Tyrloch's Avatar

06.01.2014 , 10:19 AM | #8
I had the same idea. Although I have a 2nd wave of the other ACs also coming up.

My first goal was to get to 50/55 with on of each faction (took a break after 3 months so never got to level cap until I came back just before level cap was raised to 55). Sorcerer and Sentinel got there first.

then, finish Chapter 1 with each class, with the idea to use the other mirror AC (like you did).
Ended up with (as of now):
Sorcerer (now 55)
Juggernaut (now 55)
Sniper (now 55)
Mercenary (now 35)
Sentinel (now 55)
Shadow (now 55)
Vanguard (now 38)
Scoundrel (now 34)

Since I couldn't leave well enough alone, I started also leveling the other ACs also:
They are now between 15-30, and, yes, as above the Force users are leveling faster than the blaster lovers.

If I had to do it again, I think I would switch to Guardian and Marauder. There are a few times Guardian has a clear advantage with some fights over Sentinel. Not as many with Juggernaut/Marauder. I may have switched Sorcerer/Shadow to Assassin/Sage, too. The feel of JC is far more geared to a Sage. SI is slightly geared to Sorcerer, but not as much as JC is to Sage. Assassin still works , Shadow just didn't feel right for the story.

Forgettableone's Avatar

06.02.2014 , 11:03 AM | #9
The key to this is that, per server, you can max out (with bought slots) at 22 char slots. As such I've so far ground out:-

Imp side
55 LS Merc (M), 55 DS PT (M)
55 LS Mara (F), 55 DS Jug (M)
55 LS Sin (M), 55 DS Sorc (F)
55 LS Snipe (F), 55 DS Op (M)

Pub Side
55 LS Van (M)
55 LS Guard (M)
55 LS Sage (M), 55 LS Shad (F)
55 LS Scoun (M), 55 LS Slinger (M)

Mid Grinds
37 DS Mara (M), 37 DS Jug (F)
37 DS Merc (M), 37 LS Merc (F)
35 DS Snipe (M)
35 DS Slinger (F)
38 LS Sent (F)

With that lot (unless I've made a whoopsie somewhere) you've got each comp romance covered, LS and DS covered for each character class as well as male and female variations within it, each crafter type and a pile of mule toons for gathering mats on the cheap, and a couple of spares for testing specs/mucking about with.

Little tip that'll help you immensely - Spreadsheet everything (excel/googledocs whatever) -
I've got one for tracking chars - (level, gear level, planet coms, planet they're up to, their spec and their crew skills
The other tracks the companions:- a Y/N for maxed affection (and a note on favourite comp gift), gear type and level and lastly the "Grand Craft" list of what I've still got to buy/craft for the toons left to grind.

Lastly - I've found grinding them all up as DPS specs using Treek to be the easiest way to level, then just practice on a lower level FP if/when you change spec. Also if you've got a mind to do the achievements for each planet as you level - do all chars up to the end of (for example) Tatooine before a single one of them sets foot on Alderaan and alternate imp and pub to mix it up a bit so you don't go nuts.
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06.02.2014 , 02:19 PM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by Forgettableone View Post
Lastly - I've found grinding them all up as DPS specs using Treek to be the easiest way to level, then just practice on a lower level FP if/when you change spec. Also if you've got a mind to do the achievements for each planet as you level - do all chars up to the end of (for example) Tatooine before a single one of them sets foot on Alderaan and alternate imp and pub to mix it up a bit so you don't go nuts.
That seems kind of needless. And you still might go nuts regardless. Seems to me to be a better idea to get one or two max level characters first so it will be easier to fund your alts (especially for companion gifts - that gets pricey for low levels). Not to mention if you level one character at a time you open up the legacy unlocks and presence bonuses that lower level characters will benefit from the most. The legacy abilities are more useful to high levels, but the presence is mostly useful to low levels.
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