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Serious question for serious gamers...

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Serious question for serious gamers...

Torothin's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 09:59 AM | #1
How do I get my girlfriend to not make fun of me for playing SWTOR and is it possible to get her to play as well? How? Discuss!


12.23.2011 , 10:02 AM | #2
Watch some star wars movies and make her excited about the saga . Explain her that you are playing only for fun . and that you are a fan of the saga .
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Amaradaichi's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 10:03 AM | #3
Don't let it bother you, if someone thinks its worth trying making fun of it. If she likes gaming at all, and star wars as well, ask her to create a character on your account just to see how / if she likes it.
If she doesn't like it, she doesn't like it.
But at least she should accept that you like it and like playing it.
Keep cool!


Korizan's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 10:04 AM | #4
You are fighting a lost cause.

If they let you play your game then it is a win.

Bottom line you have to respect the things she does that you don't particularly like and she has to do the same for you.
You don't have to do everything together, in fact it is healthy to have your own space.

Anything short of that, get rid of her, cause you will not be happy.

CygnusMX's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 10:04 AM | #5
Let her make a charactor, If she refuses to make one your dead in the water lol.

As for making fun Id'e think its psychological warfare and shes actually angry about your gameing.

LilTikiBoy's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 10:05 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Torothin View Post
How do I get my girlfriend to not make fun of me for playing SWTOR and is it possible to get her to play as well? How? Discuss!
smack her darkside with your lightsaber!!

Zor_Prime's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 10:05 AM | #7
I say trade her in for a new girlfriend. And make sure your new one will fetch beer and make sammiches while you play.
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Shadysketchy's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 10:06 AM | #8
Tell her it's kind of like a sport

If she asks you if you're winning, and such, while you're playing; then it might be easy to get her interested, just sort of explain the game, and/or Star Wars to her a bit and see what happens

If she isn't interested in MMOs, or Star Wars at all, then she probably won't play it though; at least not for an extended period of time
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JKhayos's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 10:08 AM | #9
See, it's a complicated problem, with no easy solutions. On the Beta forums, we had a thread going where the OP was having similar problems. A common answer was to tell the gf "at least I'm not out in bars." It was reported to be effective. Additionally, a popular answer was "the more screaming she does in bed, the less she does outside the bed." Your mileage may vary.

Personally, I'd get her to understand the game's value to me and stop making fun of it. She may then get curious and you can get her hooked with minimal effort. But she won't try the game if she's got a sour attitude towards it. Good luck.

Tfoca's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 10:08 AM | #10
tell her to make you a sandwich and if she doesn't use the force on her