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Zinda Kent just one shot me.

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Zinda Kent just one shot me.

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05.14.2014 , 08:33 AM | #21
MMO content that is difficult the first time you try it? An enemy that requires a strategy beyond "press 1 a lot, 2 occasionally?" Inconceivable!

Yeah, happened to me the first time too, and the second and third, most likely. Repair, go back, make sure the cooldown on heroic moment is done, try again. I try to take out the adds while my companion keeps the target busy, when it's just two against one the fight is usually over pretty quickly.

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05.14.2014 , 08:47 AM | #22
Kryptonite. Use it.
B e a n s o u p
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05.14.2014 , 09:31 AM | #23
Killed her just now. Her adds die quickly and when you interrupt her big attacks, she isn't much of a fight. Healing companion helps too.

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05.14.2014 , 11:08 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by Reno_Tarshil View Post
Did you try saying No?
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05.14.2014 , 01:52 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by Khevar View Post
From Dulfy

You probably just missed an interrupt.

And if you're having trouble with the henchman, wait until you try the Kinpin bounties.
Well, for the first time since all Bounty events I done two kingpins (Voss/Dromund Kaas) this week, solo even, and they didn't give me half as much grief as Zinda Kent. Missing an interrupt? Hell, I get thrown all over and my interupts are on constant CD to break the stuns she throws on me.

Plus I got Terminated twice now in a row AFTER throwing the carbo freeze grenade... which is a killer because after you thrown it, target becomes imune before frozen BUT can still deal damage itself.

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05.14.2014 , 02:02 PM | #26
She got me around 5 times and Im her son....

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05.14.2014 , 02:19 PM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by Rankyn View Post
We have a different name for her, but it's not one for polite company.
cider or cinder cu...yeah no youre right.
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07.09.2014 , 03:26 PM | #28
Gotta say, the nicknames I have for Zinda Kent dont even hold a place in the deepest circles of hell. That being said, Ive got all the bounty stuff done achievement-wise, now im just grinding slips to buy the vendor stuff.

Its true that if you can surpress the terminate and kill off the adds fairly quickly, she can be fairly easy. But I gotta say I think whoever decided to build her as a boss went way overboard on the "cheeky stuff to keep the fight from being just a DPS exchange" bit.
Im a fan of fights that requires some tacts too. Just DPS back and forth aint really all that fun.
But with Zinda Im not sure whats more annoying. The constant ping-pong stuff, getting chucked off the edge, or constantly wading through a sea of glue.
My char is a mid-to-melee range one (scoundrel) but the moment you give zinda some range, she starts spamming terminate right away, and half my interrupts are outta range or on cd. At least Ive learned to time the XS-flyby to have the adds land in the hurt when they appear, which helps a lot, but if youre on alderaan or tattoine and get knocked off the ledge on the safe side, its a hassle to get back in range, cause my CC-breaker is usually allready on CD.
Im fairly decently geared (not OP-geared, but hardmode geared), and a few times she's flat out easy, most of the time its a nail-bite fight, and some times Im pretty sure they can hear my harsh language in Yemen, even tho I live in Scandinavia. Her terminate doesnt one-shot me, but being a lil on the squishy side I often find myself so low on health, im to be considered dead anyways.

Conclusion; as a rule, I just reset the second I see her name in the mission tracker. She's doable, but im simply not really having fun fighting her, and she aint worth the aggrovation when its so easy to do a different one.
And im probably gonna keep doing this until im getting overgeared, or until the ping-pong bs stops, or until the fight doesnt = being pretty much constantly slowed.
Ill admit I made a blunder tho, in the sense that I built the char to be a dps FP-wise for the guild, I didnt really focus on gearing corso or bowdaar well, so im a bit backlogged on that economy-wise. Risha was my fav comp, and thus got the most attention, but that was before I knew Zinda existed xD

So whatever comes first, be it desired nerfs for the spam-of-annoyance, me getting overgeared or me grinding for tank/healer comp gear, im just gonna boicot that fight lol. At least I wont scare the crap outta the missus when I go F****CK!!!! xD

Rafaman's Avatar

07.09.2014 , 03:44 PM | #29
I like the Zinda Kent fight. I have to be on my toes when fighting her even though I know what is coming. These days, I'm rarely decently geared as a lowbie because I don't feel the gear pinch until Voss. So, Zinda can be a chore if I don't interrupt her Terminate, and watch out for her stun and AOE. Overall, it is a good skills test for me to see how I'm doing.

Rullh's Avatar

07.09.2014 , 04:26 PM | #30
For those struggling I would recommend fighting her it Nar shaddaa?. (correct me if im wrong.). at least theres no bottomless pit there, and you got that nifty lil box down the walkway to LOS her if you get knocked out to terminate-range, and cant get back to interrupt it in time =)
Can also yield a nice lil pause from her while you burn down the last health on the adds if you didnt get them right away. =) (she usually takes a few seconds to get there, and will be back in range for melee.)
Also, the narrow walkway with a wall on one side lets you fight her back-to-wall, which signifigantly reduces the chances of knockbacks putting the fight in her favor.

Should you still get knocked off, chances are comp might be lost, or you get to fight the adds alone for a while, but youll take some decent fall-damage. Eitherway you might luck out and regain control of the fight, or you might strike out and the fight resets and "all in" will be on cd :/ Ive had both things happen.