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Species Analysis: Gand

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05.09.2014 , 06:42 PM | #1
Recently finished a lot of writing for one of my Final Exams and felt like I needed to unwind so I finished this and decided to post it tonight instead of tomorrow. Enjoy


A xenophobic species long ostracized from galactic life thanks to biology and culture, the Gand are rather unique and mysterious. Hailing from the planet of the same name, the Gand have ventured tentatively into the galaxy, typically alone.

The Gand have shown themselves to possess abilities that make this species physiologically special, but also an enigma to those attempting to understand their culture. Despite these aspects, they've been markedly successful, joining elite military units, becoming elite bounty hunters, and even becoming Jedi.


Insects, from a poisonous world. They do not praise their skills or accomplishments, and they are difficult to surprise. They have the instincts of prey, yet are predators—it is strange.
―Vossk, a former bounty hunter on Nar Shaddaa, to Meetra Surik

The Gand are a humanoid insect-like species native to the planet Gand. The posses the average height, weight, lifespan, and many other human-like physiological factors. They can have various shades of brown, green, or purple coloration and their large, compound eyes could be any of several colors. Perhaps the most remarkable traits of the Gand are their extremely duable exoskeleton and their ability to regenerate lost limbs.

"At least I know you don't snore. Heck, I don't even know if you breathe."
―Corran Horn in regards to rooming with Ooryl Qrygg
Breathers vs. Lungless

Gand Culture
Gand society's most distinct facet is the reference of an individual to themselves in the third person. This is due to a pervasive belief in individual accomplishment determining one's worth. A Gand would begin life referring to themselves as "Gand" or "this Gand" and do so in the third person. As they grew older and accomplished more in life, they'd move on to their family name and eventually their own name all still the in third person. If a Gand became legendary and passes the Janwuine-jika they were permitted to refer to themselves in the first person as it was believed at that point everyone would know who that Gand was when they said "I".

In general, the Gand are considered humble, polite, and even self-depreciating. Arrogance, such as using pronouns without earning the right, is highly despised by the Gand and in some cases can even lead to exile. Gand society is fairly religious, with the Findsmen even worshiping the mists on their home planet. However, they also practiced a system of slavery, in which the Findsmen served as the slave catchers and tracked runaways. Despite their unique and at times primitive and barbaric culture, the Gand are very proficient in the use of technology. Their greatest achievement was the Gand discharger, capable of incapacitating or killing an enemy, though it is a rare weapon even among Gand.

Gand in the Galaxy

"When you come from a planet like Gand, where we've got both ammonia-breathers and oxygen-breathers, you have to be adaptable."
―Zuckuss to Bossk, in regards to Gand biology

Gand, the planet, is ruled by a totalitarian Monarchy that keeps them scattered in primitive colonies across the planet's surface. As a result of their unique culture, totalitarian government, and poisonous atmosphere, the Gand lack significant contact with the galaxy at large and are described at somewhat xenophobic. Most, if not all trade and commerce occurs in space stations above the planet.

There have been a few notable Gand who have left their planet and made their name (literally) in the wider galaxy. Typically these Gand are special amongst their people, mastering war or piloting, event he force in some cases. It is common though, to find numbers of Gand working for criminal elements. This can in part be attributed to exile of the dregs of Gand society or the primitiveness of their world leading them to be more naive or desperate. Whatever the case, Gand in the galaxy are still very humble and polite, despite their occupation or criminal affiliation and tend to be masters of technology and weapons in particular.

Image of a Gand (Breather)
Another image of a Gand (Lungless)

Notable Gand
  • Zuckuss (Bounty Hunter)
  • Ooryl Qrygg (Rouge Squadron)
  • Yuun (Havoc Squad)
  • Vaabesh (Jedi)
  • Tyffix (Jedi)

In this one I trimmed out the history and focused on the species in general compared to the Taung analysis. Also tried a lesser-known species that crosses many eras. Opinions on what species to go for next? Opinions on this species or perhaps on my analysis style in general?
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